Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Allied Armies Of The Three Nations

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You killed him. You meant what you said. Very decisive. The Azure Dragon looked at the corpse of the Blissful Buddha lying on the ground.

Should I have kept him alive for the new year? Gao Peng retorted.

Hahaha, the Azure Dragon broke into loud laughter. But you must still be careful. The location of the exit has already been revealed.

Hn. Gao Peng nodded his head thoughtfully. The Blissful Buddha was just a small interlude. It was the people outside who really merited serious consideration.

He created a hole at the back of the Blissful Buddhas head and dug out the Godhood inside.

Dark Child, can you take out the power in his body only, without damaging his body?

Dark Child was confused. What kind of request was this?

I mean that you shouldnt cause any damage to his body, even if he turns into an ordinary stone, Gao Peng said.

In that case, Ill try my best.

In the end, all of the energy in the Blissful Buddhas body was sucked out, including all the Godly power in his body.

It left behind only his ash-gray body, which was not even as solid as granite.

After arranging its position and clearing away the debris on the Huan Mountain, they found a place on the mountain for the Blissful Buddhas body.

When the townsfolk near to the Huan Mountain awoke the next day, they suddenly discovered that the Blissful Buddha, who had been missing for a few days, had abruptly returned to the Huan Mountain.

The color of the Buddha had turned dull and gray.

His hands were cupped together and placed on his knees. His head was tilted slightly downwards as he gazed straight ahead. There was a red urna in the space between his eyebrows.

Numerous people were cheering. They surged forward and gathered around the Buddha to burn incense and worship him.

At Jiutian Shidi.

Many thanks to His Majesty the great for his help. The Ram Sun was drenched in cold sweat.

In actual fact, he had been continuously sending his men here to seek out their so-called unknown enemies.

In truth, after finding out from Lord Di that there was a huge possibility that these unknown enemies would bring calamity upon his family, he had considered simply giving up before.

However, after a series of complex internal emotions, he nevertheless decided to search for the next unknown enemy.

First, it was possible that his subordinates had already exposed the location of the Ram Clan. Even if he did not sound out danger, it could still befall their clan. So, he did have the intention of altering the prophecy.

Ram Sun was a little anxious when they were unable to find the unknown threat even after mobilizing creatures of Quasi God tier.

His Powerful Ghost King was definitely a Familiar of Quasi God Tier. The fact that he was unable to find any abnormalities was the hugest abnormality.

He suspected that there might be God Tier creatures, so he decided to make a report to Mingyu Country to inform them that there was an unknown powerful creature of the God Tier within the territory of Mingyu Country.

But the moment His Majesty arrived, a strange golden creature of God Tier appeared from the mountains ahead.

Fortunately, His Majesty personally made a move and injured the strange creature.

Ram Sun secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, he had always been careful.

In the end, the strange creature disappeared right in front of them. As there was no Spatial Elemental wave, it was probably through the Spatial Tunnel.

Unexpectedly, there was actually a Spatial Tunnel hidden at the borders of Mingyu Country. Furthermore, there were even living beings of God Tier inside.

Yu Zhenming stored away his Familiar and said gravely, I have to thank my beloved official Ram Sun this time. I did not even know that there was such a huge fish lurking right under my nose.

Your Majesty is completely right. Ram Sun appeared loyal and devoted.

Any leader of a force would be unhappy upon finding out that there was actually an unknown existence hidden below his nose, who was powerful enough to pose a threat to his own camp.

Did that secret border only have that one God, or did it have many Gods?

At the exit of the secret border, Yu Zhenming gazed at the exit of the valley ahead. He was in deep thought for a long time but did not ultimately enter rashly.

Send some people to cordon off this area. Notify me if anyone comes out from inside.

As Yu Zhenming was the king of Mingyu Country, it was impossible for him to stand guard here 24 hours a day.

Mingyu Celestial Beast, lets head back first. Yu Zhenming turned around to leave and glanced at the entrance fearfully.

The people in the Earth Star were worried that the people from the mutated tribe would discover them. On the other hand, the mutated people did not know what unknown danger was hidden inside. Right now, one side was holding a piece of straw to attack the wolf on the other side, and both sides were afraid.

After waiting for a few days, Gao Peng realized that the mutated people had not barged in directly.

As he looked at this wide Spatial Tunnel, Gao Peng scratched his head and ultimately decided not to go out for the time being.

Gao Peng suddenly came to the realization that in some sense, his camp was situated in the shadows while the mutated people were out in the open.

They themselves had news regarding the mutated people, but the mutated people were completely unaware of what was happening on their side.

Since the mutated people had not barged in directly, it meant that they still had their concerns. They were still afraid.

He sent Goldie, Da Zi, and the rest out to understand precepts.

Before the day war came, any improvement in their abilities was welcome.

Gao Peng handed to the Dragon Ant the Godhood which he had stripped from the Blissful Buddha, for him to understand. In no time, the Dragon Ant separately analyzed the two types of precepts from the Blissful Buddha to the same peak extent as the Blissful Buddha had controlled them.

Of course, as the precepts had been used up due to the transformation, in reality, the Dragon Ant did experience some wastage during the process, and he could not compare to the Blissful Buddha.

Furthermore, unless the Dragon Ant spent time on his own to understand the precepts, or found a Godhood that was of a higher level than the Strengthening Rule and the Golden Light Rule for him to understand, his level of understanding of these two types of precepts was forever stuck at the current level of 9%.

The Dragon Ants Thousands Transformation Godhood gave him the flexibility to constantly permutate, but it also made it more difficult for him to improve.

Thirteen days later, news came from the Spatial Tunnel. The mutated people outside sent a Familiar to deliver a letter, which indicated their intention. They hoped that they would be able to cooperate with the forces within the secret border. They also hoped for the Familiars to engage in a friendly match. Regardless of the outcome of the match, they would give all the territory located near to the secret border to the forces within the secret border.

Naturally, cooperation was definitely out of the question. Even if Gao Peng wanted to cooperate, as soon as these mutated people found out that the people within the secret border were humans, they would terminate the cooperation, including voiding all the agreements that they had reached previously.

Refuse cooperation. This was Gao Pengs view, which was the same as that of the higher-ups for the humans.

But we can accept their proposal for a friendly match among the Familiars, Gao Peng opened his mouth to say.

This could very well be a scheme, You Xuanming said.

Of course I know theres something amiss, Gao Peng said coolly. But even so, whats the point in refusing it?

Even if we reject it, they will think up ways and means to test the ins and outs of our operations. Rather than wasting our efforts on having a battle of wits and courage, why dont we just lay our cards on the table, Gao Peng said. At the same time we can also see exactly how large the difference is between the younger generation and the mutated people of the same level.

Gao Peng was only in his thirties. Appearance-wise, he only looked to be about 24 or 25 years old. The words younger generation sounded a little strange coming out of his mouth.

The higher-ups lowered their heads and discussed in soft voices. In the end, they accepted Gao Pengs decision.

They refused to cooperate with the mutated people, but they accepted the proposal for a friendly match among the Familiars.

Initially, the mutated people had planned to have three friendly matches; one for each of the three tiers, the Saint Tier, the Quasi God Tier, and the God Tier. Their intention was probably to end the fights after roughly subduing the other party in each battle within the same tier.

But Gao Peng felt that these three tiers were too high for the humans. Although there were Monster Trainers at Saint Tier in the Earth Star, they were few and far between. Whatever the outcome, they would not be able to gain any information.

Furthermore, all of the Monster Trainers at Quasi God Tier belonged to the tribe. There was not even one Monster Trainer at Quasi God Tier from the Earth Star.

Gao Peng was the only Monster Trainer at God Tier, so he was the only one among the humans who could take the field.

As a result, by Gao Pengs request, they expanded the range of tiers within which the friendly matches would take place among the Monster Trainers, to include the Emperor Tier and the Overlord Tier.

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