Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 822

Chapter 822 Storm Saint Lion

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[Monster Name]: Ultimate Black Dragon

[Monster grade]: Mythical/Mythical

[Monster Level]: Level 85

[Monster Attribute]: Dark

[Special Characteristics]: Dark Demon Shell (The Ultimate Black Dragons body is an illusion. In the black fog state, the Ultimate Black Dragon is immune to all physical attacks. After using the Dark Demon Shell, the Ultimate Black Dragon will switch from the black fog state to the black demon state. In this state, the Ultimate Black Dragon will lose its passive immunity to physical attacks.

Passive Effect 1: After activating the Dark Demon Shell, the Ultimate Black Dragon loses immunity to physical attacks, but at the same time, it will have immunity against most elemental damage, and the Ultimate Black Dragons power will increase in this state.)

Breath of Death (The breath of the Ultimate Black Dragon will have two extreme additional effects: ultra-low temperature and ultra-high temperature.

Phase 1: The target will suffer from ultra-high temperature erosion within a short time after being exposed to the Breath of Death.

Phase 2: Ultra-high temperatures will be converted to ultra-low temperatures in a very short time.

Phase 3: The above two conversion effects can be continued thirteen consecutive times in a row.)

Ultimate Darkness (Once the Ultimate Black Dragon has embarked on the Path of Usurpation, the Ultimate Black Dragon can devour various dark attributes to strengthen itself.)

[Monster Description]: Originally a White Dragon, it mutated and evolved into the Ultimate Black Dragon after swallowing an egg from the black fog, and thus entered the Dark-type Path of Usurpation.

After the demise of the Late Night Butcher, the girls face turned pale.

The death of her familiar led her to face severe backlash.

The first victory for the City of Hope swept away the publics disappointment, but they didnt have the complacency that theyd had in the beginning.

Immediately after that, the next two Saint-tier battles saw one win and one defeat, with a final win in the Saint-tier battle at a score of two to one.

Presently, the three tiers of King, Overlord, and Saint had each had two victories.

Then the human race was defeated zero to three in the Quasi God battle.

This was different compared to the previous three tiers battles, as those three saw them completely losing to their opponents.

The unfathomable Time typea Mingyu Celestial Beast, the powerful and undefeatable Tyrant Dragon Devouring Ape, and the ever-mysterious Dream Wandering Ghost.

This is our true strength, Rong Shengyi said slowly. In the next few God-tier battles, Ill clearly show you the gap between us. Your ancestors were expelled by us from Jiutain Shidi, and now you will see the same thing happen again.

Gao Peng rubbed his ears and placed his right hand in front of his eyebrows to look at the sky. What a pain.

What? Rong Shengyi frowned.

I said Whos acting up here? Its painful to watch. The edges of Gao Pengs mouth lifted slightly.

Rong Shengyi was silent. His face darkened.

We havent even begun the battle, and youre already talking so much? Gao Peng said lightly. Lets go. Who should go first?

To own so many God-tier familiars at the same time, you are indeed very talented and lucky. If you were in our Ling Tribe, you would surely be great and famous. Unfortunately said the leader of the Stormy Country.

Unfortunately, there would be the demise of a genius that day.

You can choose your familiars, said the leader of the Stormy Country.

Gao Peng thoughtfully glanced at the giant green lion lying beside the Stormy Kingdoms leader.

Then Fatty Big Sea, you go, Gao Peng directed Fatty Big Sea.

There were many godhoods for Fatty Big Sea, so its ability was relatively well-rounded, and Gao Peng didnt need to worry about it being restrained.

Wait, I think this seems a bit unfair. Gao Peng rubbed his chin and stared at the three people. I have so many familiars. Why should I still have a fair one-on-one duel with you?

Erm, then do you have any other God-tier trainers? Rong Shengyi smiled kindly.

At the same time, he was reminded that this kid had three God-tier familiars while he only had one. If Gao Peng were able to choose one of the three, Rong Shengyi might not have been able to beat it.

Gao Peng was deep in thought for a moment, then raised his head to give a harmless smile. Well, lets just do thislets simply decide the outcome in a single game. You three attack together.

The three leaders of the country grew solemn.

This boy is incredibly arrogant.

Do you think so little of us?!

I advise you to retract this sentence.

The three of them had good reputations, and they were well-known to the entire Ling Tribe. They had never been so offended before!

Even the best-tempered person would become angry if they heard such words.

Im serious, Gao Peng defended. Im afraid that I might accidentally kill your familiars.

With a rumble, the giant green lion lying next to the leader of the Stormy Kingdom opened its eyes, and a hurricane rose around it. The furious hurricane blew its hair, and its royal blue pupils flashed with a strange look.

Desolion, do you feel it?

I feel it. It has the same look as the Holy Ocean Lion. Desolion stood up, its cold eyes staring at the Storm Saint Lion without fear. Master, although I dont know why they always seem to like giving me this look, I want to swallow them up now!

The edge of Desolions mouth cracked open, showing its scary-looking teeth.

Take a step back, Gao Peng said to the others.

Ji Hanwu glanced at his grandson anxiously, then led the crowd to retreat.

Even if you arent useful on the battlefield, at least dont become a liability for Gao Peng, thought Ji Hanwu regarding Desolion.

The leader of the Stormy Kingdom didnt hesitate to merge with the Storm Saint Lion, and the lion roared in a low voice. Ocean Saint Lion, do you know its whereabouts? The storm saint lion approached with sturdy steps. Come, merge with me!

Dragon Ant, merge with Desolion, Gao Peng said to the Dragon Ant.

The Dragon Ant nodded and immediately merged with Desolion, whose breath became stronger after combining.



A blue lion and a white one went at it, fighting so hard they resembled a ball. Storm and ice scattered around, mountain peaks were blown away by hurricanes, and ice froze the ground.

On the other side, the people of the City of Hope only saw the scene before the outbreak of the battle. When the battle was about to erupt, the broadcasting familiars had turned and fled.

Looking at the vanishing vortex in the sky, many people in the City of Hope were worried about the battles outcome. They couldnt help anything and only focused on praying for victory, for they were unsure what would happen if they lost the battle.

At the same time, the City of Hope sent their federal government to guard the city to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the current state of confusion.

Yu Zhenming watched Ji Hanwu leave, not only because Ji Hanwu needed some time off, but also because the Quasi God trainers of their country would need some time.

So the final result depends on us.

This world eats the weak and defends the strong. Its a pity that youre from the Mutated Tribe.

Yu Zhenming and Rong Shengyi spoke in unison.

In their opinion, combining the two familiars would allow them to compete with the leader of the Stormy Kingdom and Gao Peng. What could Gao Peng do now? Use his head to battle?

In their confident eyes, Gao Peng opened his arms and contorted space.

One, two, three, four, five horrors fell from the sky!

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