Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Game Plan

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The three countries treasuries were raided clean. There was no need to worry about any missed treasures with Moneymaker around.

Moneymaker even found the smallest treasures buried thousands of yards underground.

The news of this event exploded a week later. News of the three big countries fall ignited the entire Ling Clan.

These werent little shrimps; these were the top God-tier monster trainers of the entire Ling Clan, and they had the honorable status of kings.

In Earth Star terms, it was like the heads-of-state of three mid-sized countries had all suffered misfortunes simultaneously.

And besides, in Jiutian Shidi, the status of king was even more honorable than head-of-state, because heads-of-state shifted over terms, while kings had the position for life.

The Mutated Tribe appeared in Jiutian Shidi again?

Its our Ling Clans misfortune The Human Clan that we drove out of Jiutian Shidi 10,000 years ago are back. A gloomy sigh came from the valley.

Master, are you going to come out of retirement? asked a green-skinned lad.

Inside the cottage house, a haggard elder coughed and said in a vigorous voice, Of course I am! Come to the back hill with me.

The green-skinned lad said with surprise, Really?

Master had never let him go to the back hill in the past. Whenever he was found sneaking there, he would be beaten. As time went on, the green-skinned lad didnt dare to try anymore.

Yes! The elder took down the bamboo hat on the wall and put it on his head, then he opened the door to leave the courtyard.

The lad followed his master, looking around every now and then.

Oddly enough, he knew his master was a noble person, but he didnt know just how noble.

He just knew that Masters name was well-recognized in Kuayan City, which was at the foot of the mountain. All the families in the city treated Master with great respect. Every ten years, Master would find an apprentice in the city. This year was the fifth year of his apprenticeship; he had never seen any other senior apprentices.

Were here, a voice rasped, pulling back the little apprentices thoughts.

Before them was a blood-red hill.

Before you, I took over 1,000 apprentices. Masters voice rang in his ears.

The lad shook. All these senior apprentices were gone now. Where had they gone?

Youre good. Youre diligent, quiet, and smart. I wanted to keep you, Master said calmly. But this time, I have to wake my old partner up early, so

Master, no need to say anything more. I understand. the lad walked before the elder and knelt down, making three loud bows.

I come from a poor family, so it was hard for me to even feed myself. Master found me and gave my family 100 pieces of Ling gold, so my parents and younger siblings no longer have to worry about food. Thats already my greatest fortune. Even if you cut me up on a board, I wouldnt be worth a single piece of Gold. You have treated me as your own all these years. Why would I resent you for this?

The elder glanced at the lad, then nodded and said, Then walk up the hill and kill yourself.

After living for more than 10,000 years, he had seen all kinds of people. The lads words were touching, but they only made a ripple in the elders heart that quickly died down.

Yes. The apprentice rose and climbed up the hill. He pulled a broken sword from the hill and slashed his neck with it.

Blood splattered out and dyed the hill green. The lad fell to the ground, blood gushing out of his cut trachea.

That was a loyal one, the elder sighed. What a shame.

As blood streamed down the hill, the hill rumbled and shook.

The peak split open from the middle, and a tall crimson-armored general strode out. The sawtooth sword he dragged on the ground gave off a fierce red light, tinting the entire sky crimson.

Young Master, a letter for you. A skeleton with flames in its eyes presented a letter.

Dumby opened the letter, skimming the contents quickly. A flame flared on its palm, burning the letter to ashes.

After the skeleton walked away, Dumby said quietly, Rest assured Master, Dumby will certainly complete the mission.

That night, after Dumbys meditation ended, it walked into the inner lobby. Teacher, I need your help, Dumby said respectfully.

The Death Master opened its eyes. What?

I need to kill a God, Dumby said.

Go. Sa Xi will assist you. The Death Master closed its eyes once again. It didnt ask who Dumby needed to kill.

Because it was the master of death, it brought others to their feared ends.

Senior Sa Xi. Dumby came to a cemetery. At the center of the cemetery was a luxurious tomb as tall as a mountain. It was carved with lavish decorations, colorful deer heads hanging on its four points.

The door of the tomb opened slowly, an eerie blue figure floating out.

This figure wore a blue cape. Its thin body only had a layer of skin. It wore a gold-trimmed cashmere blouse, its manners elegant. It held a staff upside down in its left hand.

Its little Dumby. Are you in trouble? Sa Xi said with a smile.

Senior, I want to catch a Medium God alive, Dumby said.

Oh, thats simple. Sa Xi had thought it would be something difficult, like killing a King God. In the end, it was just a petty matter like this. Sa Xi is willing to serve you.

Ever since its last defeat, the Ocean Holy Lion made the decision to seriously practice its rules. Times changed. Once it obtained success in its rules, it would take revenge.

Although it was named the Ocean Holy Lion, it didnt live in the bottom of the ocean, but on a barren island in the ocean.

There are countless such barren islands in the ocean.

The Ocean Holy Lion found a random island to make its new post.

The ocean in this region gradually grew violent because of the Ocean Holy Lions existence. Thick thunder clouds gathered in the sky.

Beneath the thunder clouds was a violent windstorm.

Ive been feeling uneasy over the past few days, the Ocean Holy Lion muttered to itself. But I dont have enemies. The only enemy I have is that guy I met last time. Could it be him?

The Ocean Holy Lion became cautious, knowing that the Human Clan was cunning. They could be plotting something against it.

Ill move somewhere else. The Ocean Holy Lion got up and stretched, extending its forelegs and arching its back like a bow. It opened its mouth wide and yawned.

Oh, look at that beautiful body. What a beautiful little lion. Too bad itll be a cold corpse very soon. The temperature on the island suddenly fell.

Frost corroded the entire island so that even the sea outside the island was made completely of ice. The rain that fell from the sky turned into hail.

From the outside, it looked like an eerie blue light had enveloped the entire island, blurring everything inside.

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