Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 833

Chapter 833 Erosion Of The Plane

Chapter 833: Erosion of the plane
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Gao Peng! I remember this place! Da Zi said in surprise.

When have you been here? Gao Peng asked.

Do you remember the last time I was swallowed by a spatial rift, and later I found a place with a lot of delicious food? This is it! Da Zi licked its lips happily, its eyes filled with excitement.

Gao Peng, let me show you. Da Zi couldnt wait to show off and whizzed off.

The silver lightning horse running in front was suddenly bitten in the tail. It neighed a couple of times in horror. Da Zi inhaled deeply, and as though it was a blob of jelly, swallowed the lightning horse. It burped, twitched its tail, and gently let out a fart

Thats my stomach growling. Da Zis face blushed.

Uh-huh, yes, yes, thats your stomach. Gao Peng nodded appeasingly.

The same moment that Da Zi entered this space, deep in space, a great being woke up.


Something strange seemed to be in the air.

Maybe youre confused. This is a once-in-a-century meeting of space. The Mystical Familiar Clan has a contract with us.

Wait, doesnt this centipede look familiar?

Da Zi rampantly dashed around like a greedy glutton that would never be satisfied.

Da Zi, who had advanced to the God level, was now faster than ever. Wherever it passed, only the roar of thunder could be heard, and an empty tunnel was left behind. It ate every trace of lightning.

It had been eating in this same manner before, but it was a mystery why it had grown a hundred pairs of wings even though its general appearance hadnt changed otherwise.

Deep in space, two old fellows were gossiping.

Is it also a beast from Empyrean? I dont think Ive ever seen it.

What kind of beast is this? A greedy winged centipede?

It looks a little bit dragon-like, so maybe its a mixed-race dragon.

But this time, they didnt drive Da Zi out, because Da Zi had snuck in illegally the last time, whereas this time, it came in through the proper channel.

Lets eat. Anyway, the Lightning Elemental World is too big for it to eat, right? one of them mumbled to itself, sounding not entirely confident.

Just eat casually. We have more than enough food, a big fellow said generously.

They smiled as they watched Da Zi devour thunder and lightning. What caring elders they were.

After a day, the smiles on the elders faces gradually disappeared.

After two days, the elders were of the opinion that young people shouldnt be eating so much.

Three days later, the elders were wondering if this young fellow had been through a traumatic experience.

Burp. Da Zi gave a loud belch.

Youre finally full? Gao Peng asked with concern.

Da Zi suddenly felt that Gao Peng was acting strange. Didnt I just burp? Of course, I must be full! it thought.

Gao Yueyue, are you thinking that I eat too much? Da Zi said in a loud voice.

A bored Gao Peng, who had spent the past three days watching Da Zi, replied, Not really. Youre merely obsessed with certain things.

I want to sleep for a while. Da Zi wanted to find a quiet place.

But then it realized that there would be no difference to where it rested because there was no land in this space, nor were there any floating objects or shelters.

Go ahead and sleep. Ill stand guard, Gao Peng said.

Da Zi gave a grunt in acknowledgment, then absorbed the lightning around it, forged a thunder cloud, and wrapped it around itself. Its two dragon claws crossed in front of it. Its dragon head rested on the claws while it opened its eyes and looked straight ahead.

Da Zi fell into a deep sleep, and at the same time, its whole body was continuously integrating and digesting the power it had just absorbed.

This power was very rich, so Da Zis body was strengthened at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

This is really an insane ability. Gao Peng was almost speechless.

He felt an aura of horror developing within Da Zi.

It was like wild weeds growing wildly, uncontrollable and aggressive.

In the process, Da Zis power was gradually increasing. Within it, there was a strong aura.

Suddenly, the whole world trembled.

There was horrifying energy emitting from deep within the ground.

A disastrous and decaying energy radiated from the depths of the plane.

Huh? This breath! Deep in the Lightning Elemental Plane, a green horned sheep that was wrapped in a shield of thunder and cutting through space landed in the abnormal space in front of it.

The air in front of it was penetrated by a mysterious force. Rotting energy was radiating from that circular dent.

An endless stream of decaying energy came from the other side of the round hole.

This energy had a pungent smell, like the smell of rotten meat that had been left in a trash bin for a week.

Resonating thumps, the deep sound of a beating heart, could be heard from the hole.

With a crackle, a faint spark of thunder condensed between the sheeps sharp horns.

The energy then shot forward, like a shooting star that covered the sky.

The area where the round hole was located was shrouded in green lightning and the endless roar of thunder.

When the thunder gradually faded, the area where the round hole had penetrated was broken, with many holes.

Dense pore-like holes were scattered in the air, and those with a phobia of small holes would probably have their hair standing on end.

A large amount of rotten energy spewed out from these holes.

Over time, the nearby area was highly corroded, and the non-existent space, which was supposed to be invisible, released a foul odor.

This is what is this? The Green Lamb was very shocked and didnt know what to do.

Previously, whenever it met with a threat, it could just use its lightning powers to shoot at it!

Whether one liked it or not, everything would turn to ash.

This time, it didnt work at all, because the smell grew worse when it was shot at.

Like an injured body, it could only be treated with medicine, and one would find it impossible to heal the wound with a knife.

Try using healing thunder. A blue deer had quietly appeared next to the green sheep, its entire body pure blue. The two horns on top of its head seemed to be two crystal clear pieces of blue coral, and blue lightning beads revolved around its body.

The blue beads that revolved in thirty-six different rings around it shook slightly.

The area that was exposed to the blue light exuded mysterious energy.

After half an hour, the blue light slowly dissipated into the air.

This pollution and erosion in the area had been alleviated to an extent.

Useful, but not very effective, the blue deer said tiredly.

What then? If it continues to spread like that I cant stand this smell.

This force has a corrosive effect. It seems to have a very strong destructive effect on space, but I dont know if it has any effect on flesh.

Why dont you try?


I think it should be fine.

Then you go touch it.

I think you might be a bit crazy!

Then, you short-horned sheep, what do you propose?

Lets look for Boss. Maybe Boss will have a better idea.



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