Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 834

Chapter 834 An Eroded Termination

Chapter 834: An Eroded Termination
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The green sheep and blue deer crept into the spatial mezzanine, and when they came to the Place of Deep Sleep, they found no one.

Where is Boss?

Where did Boss go?!

What should we do if Boss isnt there? That thing is too mysterious.

Thats not important. I just want to know what happens if life comes into contact with this thing. I have an ominous feeling about this.

Hey. The Thunder Fury Condor who was chasing a lightning source flew over.

The bat-like source of lightning had rushed into a hole in space in a panic.

The Thunder Fury Condor turned its body in time to stabilize itself, and from above, looked down at the dense holes in the space below.

It sensed threatening energy from these holes.

At the same time, it became alert to the possible danger.

What is this?! The Thunder Fury Condor looked at the thing in front of it in horror.

A dark purple head emerged from the hole, its ears stretching backward and blue veins bursting on its forehead.

Creakily, it squeezed out an inch at a time.

On its wings were dozens of mouse-like ever-shifting protrusions on the huge wing, which was muscular.

Its slender-tipped tail made a sound like a steel whip, and a terrifying storm formed with its body movements. A purple power source emitted from the insides of the bat.


The Thunder Fury Condor was completely stunned.

What was this?!

Why did it look a bit like the lightning source it had just been chasing?


The bat monster roared, then disappeared in the next moment. It suddenly appeared in front of the Thunder Fury Condor.

With a massive boom, the Thunder Fury Condor felt a pang in its chest and lowered its head to see an arm pierced through it.

Its heart twitched in excruciating pain as it watched its heart being dug out alive.

How had it suddenly become so strong?

Were one step too late.

A flash of green lightning shot over from a distance, and the bat monster was scorched into a pile of ashes.

The green sheep appeared behind the Thunder Fury Condor. We were a step too late.

The blue deer sighed and asked the Thunder Fury Condor who had yet to die, Do you have any last wishes?

I I want to live, the Thunder Fury Condor said with hazy eyes.

Sorry We cant help you with that.

Wait! the green sheep exclaimed.

The monster who had just been shot down into a pile of ashes by the lightning was healingwhat a frightening healing ability! The green sheep had never seen anything like this. The monsters breath wasnt strong, but it could heal even after being attacked.

Its blue crackling thunder was a power that could even shatter elements.

Along with a rumble, there was another lightning strike.

This time, the bat monster that was lasered into a ball of flesh was cleanly dealt with, but the rotting round hole behind it remained all the same.

The hole exuded a foul smell, and lightning couldnt remove it. At the same time, the round hole was expanding rapidly, the rotting atmosphere becoming stronger and stronger

Twenty days later, when Da Zi woke up and spread its wings, its bones gave off a symphony of crackling sounds, and its breath soared slightly. Its Lightning rule had increased from four percent to seven percent, which wasnt too bad.

There was a strange boom in the distance.

Strangely, since yesterday, no other monsters have been spotted. Gao Peng felt like something wasnt right.

It wasnt only monsters; those thunder elements and spirits who liked flowing in the air hadnt appeared either.


Gao Peng took a breath and could finally see a horrifying figure in the distance.

A body that was thousands of yards long, like a little hill, was flying over. Countless strands of lightning intertwined with its four thick hooves. The ferocious pupils shone with a brutal breath, its upturned lips revealing a set of sharp white teeth.

The top of its head had a pair of red backward spiraling horns, and there were thunderclouds everywhere.

Run! Gao Peng shouted.

Without Gao Peng telling Da Zi to react, it was already moving when it saw the monster.

Heads up, turn around, and fly! it thought frantically.

Roar!!! The aggressive sound was heard from behind, and the whole world was completely trapped.

A very strong green bolt of lightning shot out from behind him, and Gao Peng was unable to move. He could only watch the lightning moving closer and closer.

In the next moment, he lost consciousness.

When Gao Peng woke up, he didnt know how long it had been.

Surrounded by a gray fog, he seemed to be lying on the ground. As he was lying on the ground, he looked up and saw a rooted tree limb hanging down like a ginseng tentacle.

Im not dead? Gao Peng thought quietly in his heart.

But soon, Gao Peng found something wrong. He realized that all the familiars in the familiar space had been summoned!

Suddenly sitting up, Gao Peng felt a chill run down his back.

The familiars were his trump card. How could he not be nervous now that all his cards had been mysteriously unveiled?

Gao Peng, oh, youre awake, Da Zis voice sounded near him.

Gao Peng turned around and saw Da Zi, Goldie, and Silly looking at themselves worriedly.

At that moment, their appearances had changed. Goldies body had become bulkier and more aggressive-looking. The dragon horns on top of Da Zis head had split into two, and the color of its mane was deeper.

Generally, except for Silly, the appearances of all the familiars had seen some changes, becoming more ferocious and brutal looking.

Even Silly was no exception. Silly had turned a shade of cold silver. Twenty-four feelers started to dangle, and the tips of each feeler had changed from an ellipse shape to cone-shaped.

Silly came up to Gao Peng and told him immediately, Gao Yueyue, Ive become uglier.

Master, you woke up once, summoned us out during that time, then fainted.

Whats going on..? Gao Peng clenched his right fist. He could clearly feel a huge force in his body that he wasnt able to use.

Look there, Master, Desolion motioned to Gao Peng for him to look a certain direction.

Gao Peng turned around and saw


Deep within the gray sky, where the dark clouds were hovering, at a corner of one of the clouds, there was a giant being with its scaly claws exposed.

It looked like a brain flower or a peeled walnut.

When Gao Peng blinked his eyes, the body of the giant being seemed to have changed again and formed a heart.

It wasnt anything Gao Peng could understand. Gao Peng realized that he couldnt even see its attributes.

[Monster Name]: Root of Termination

[Monster Level]: ???

All familiars including itself had an additional situation to deal with: Erosion of Termination.

The Erosion of Termination contained a seed with the power of termination, capable of the worlds destruction. It drew strength from the destruction to increase its own strength.

Ruin! Armageddon! Let the world return to endless chaos! An unquestionable voice spoke in Gao Pengs mind, guiding him to end everything.

But then Gao Pengs expression slowly began to change Whoever heard the voice and their familiars should follow the instructions and complete the task, but why had the command from the voice seemed to fail here?



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