Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 837

Chapter 837 The Power Of Termination

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Da Zi turned to the side and glared at Silly.

It stared unceasingly until Silly felt embarrassed and quietly shifted backward and bumped into Stripey’s leg.

With a whoosh, it hid behind Stripey’s leg and removed itself from Da Zi’s view.

Silly waited for a long while before quietly taking out a glass of juice from its space, but it was suddenly attacked by a mysterious force.

Its hands shook, causing the orange juice to spill to the ground with a splat, splattered all over.

When the plane source emptied, the entire world would become like a dried old tree, hollowed from the inside out, leaving only the rotten trunk waiting to crumble.

And the rate of the plane’s collapse was accelerating.

“So this is what it is…” Gao Peng muttered to himself. The speed of the collapse of the distant space gradually sped up. A large chunk of earth and stone was sucked into the sky and whirled out of the plane.

Outside the plane, many giant beasts in space were enjoying a rich and gluttonous feast.

Mountains peaks, rivers, and earththey ate everything.

“Let’s go. This plane is going to end. If we don’t go now, we’ll have to face those monsters.” Gao Peng patted his lapel, looking slightly disappointed.

The Root of Termination seemed pleased with the completion of Gao Peng’s task. The black heart contracted inward, then two streams of gray gas flew out of it and were injected into Da Zi.

Da Zi roared. Having just devoured the plane source, which made it grow by a great deal, its mastery over the Thunder rule now soared to 23 percent.

In this process, most of the energy scattered and disappeared, and only a small amount was absorbed by Da Zi. Otherwise, a destroyed plane would have released a lot more power.

With the increased energy from the Root of Termination, Da Zi could feel its power skyrocketing. This was a very magical increase in power. The increase of physical strength was minimal, and it wasn’t an increase in the mastery of the rule, but nonetheless, it brought about a wonderful change.

It was like it was wearing a layer of spiky armor that significantly increased its defense and damage.

When its dragon tail swept across the ground’s surface, the ground suddenly cracked, and dust rose quickly. Where it had passed, the land cracked and a deep ravine was left behind by the blow.

This level of destructive power made Gao Peng sit up and take notice.

Not only Da Zi, but all of the familiars had an increase in power. This was also described by Gao Peng as the power of termination.

It was a bit like the opposition of existing world forces. In fact, on its own, the destructive power wasn’t too strong, but as it was forged to go against the forces of the real world, the meeting of the two conflicting forces would create a terrifying level of destruction.

“Master.” In the distance, a figure was approaching, traveling a few miles with each appearance. Within a short breathe, it was standing in front of Gao Peng.

The lanky Dumby was wearing an engine-red cloak, and its burly shoulders supported the cloak. The soul flame in its eyes burned slowly, and it had a strong presence.

“You’ve become stronger.” Gao Peng lamented that Dumby’s mastery of the Death rule had been increased to ten percent, and it was in the threshold of Medium God, which proved its rapid progress in a short time.

“My teacher has taught me well,” Dumby said in a deep voice.

Fatty Big Sea was filled with envy. “Your teacher is really good to you. He dissected the Death rule completely and taught it to you step by step.”

“Master, what’s the matter with you guys?” Dumby noticed that something was wrong with his master and Goldie. There seemed to be heavy power weighing over them.

Gao Peng shared the current state of himself and the others with Dumby. Shocked, Dumby hastily said, “Master, I will ask my teacher to destroy the Root of Termination.”

“Your master may not necessarily be a match for the Root of Termination.” Gao Peng shook his head. In fact, he had originally thought about whether he should ask Dumby’s teacher for help.

But after comparing the strength of both sides, Gao Peng felt that the Death Master might not be a match for the Root of Termination.

If one couldn’t defeat the Root of Termination, then they could be harming their own party.

The Death Lord had not looked down upon Dumby, and in turn, even helped and accepted it as a disciple. Gao Peng wasn’t one who exchanged evil for good, even if it could lead to his doom… That was his own philosophy.

“Then what?” Dumby was at a loss.

“I’m glad that I left you with the Death Master and didn’t take you with me,” Gao Peng told Dumby reassuringly. “This way, not all the familiars will find themselves in this state. I won’t be heading back until I resolve this issue, so we need you to take care of the humans. I also need you to carry some messages. They all know that you’re my familiar. I can’t be certain about other people, but I know that Grandpa will believe you.”

Listening to Gao Peng’s ‘final’ wishes, the soul flames flickered in Dumby’s eyes. “Dumby understands.”

Finally, Dumby also knew why its master had asked it to collect information about the plane that was about to be destroyed.

When these planes were on a verge of collapse, all the monsters that could escape would start to flee, and all the resources that could be collected in the planes would be extracted, making these planes valueless.

The low value of the land was like that of a dilapidated building that no one would glance at twice.

“There are that many planes on the verge of destruction?” Gao Peng was a little surprised, as he hadn’t expected there to be so many endangered planes that he hadn’t heard of before.

“My teacher told me that in fact, many planes contain a limited source of power. Although they increase naturally, they can’t match the speed of collection of monsters in the planes.” Dumby shook its head. “So when the natural growth rate of the plane’s source energy isn’t able to keep up with the speed of consumption, things go downhill.”

Gao Peng felt a sense of familiarity when he heard this. “Your teacher’s ideology is very advanced. Ordinary Gods don’t think so much. After abandoning one plane, they move onto the next. After all, the life of a God is very long.”

After a pause, Gao Peng said with emotion, “Your teacher actually cares about these things.”

“I heard that part of the reason why my teacher set off the Undead Catastrophe was that he wanted to eliminate some of the Gods to create some form of protection.”

But the teacher had failed in the end.

“If he succeeded, he may not have taken you as an apprentice,” Gao Peng said meaningfully.

There was a reason for everything.

Dumby nodded in silence.

“He’s too radical, fighting head-on. His enemies are all Gods…” Gao Peng didn’t continue what he wanted to say.

Maybe there were other truths to what had happened in the past. The possibility of such ideas wasn’t something that he could guarantee.

Gao Peng took a long look at Dumby and understood one of the reasons why the Death Master had accepted Dumby as an apprentice.

Maybe he had also passed on some of his ideology and desires to Dumby.

“We’ll make a move first. You can go back and learn more from your teacher,” Gao Peng said to Dumby before bidding it farewell.

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