Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 838

Chapter 838 Wasteland World

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In reality, the Root of Termination’s impact was finally spreading.

It was basically the source of a calamity. All of the monsters who were exposed to the source became its accomplices. Within a short time, many planes were attacked, and a shocking event even happened among the mutants. The Shengluo Empire was attacked by a powerful existence. The most powerful mythical animal of the Shengluo Empire, the Son of the Dragon King, fell, and the Shengluo Empire was severely damaged. More than 80 percent of its cities were completely ruined.

All the dynasties bordering the Shengluo Empire also experienced different degrees of loss. Among them, the most devastated kingdom was burnt to the ground.

“Something huge happened over at Jiutian Shidi. Many countries experienced calamities. For the next few days, you have to fortify your defenses. This is especially important for the tribes at the borders.”

“I understand.”

After the meeting ended, Ji Hanwu dismissed everyone with a wave and went alone to his office on the top floor. There was a letter on his desk. It was already open with a paperweight on the top right-hand corner.

“Grandfather, forgive your grandson for not being able to return at the moment. Some unforeseen events happened during my journey.

“But please don’t worry about me. I’m fine for the time being. Furthermore, please bear in mind that accidents have been happening very often recently. You must be very careful. If anything urgent crops up, you can contact me through Dumby.”

Ji Hanwu’s eyes were filled with worry. He didn’t know what had happened. Little Peng hadn’t explained it either.

“We’re on the fifth plane.” Slight ripples ran through the Spatial Tunnel. Gao Peng led the group of familiars out through the Spatial Rift.

All of the main familiars behind him had already advanced to mid-tier Gods. If not for the fact that there was a high requirement, at least 30 percent understanding of precepts, required to break through to a high-tier God, perhaps one or more of Gao Peng’s familiars would have been able to reach that level.

“Progress is still too slow. If we can only go up against the high-tier Gods with the power of the Root of Termination, we’re no match at all for Lord-level Gods.”

Gao Peng was still not satisfied with the speed at which his familiar’s powers were increasing at that moment. It would be better if their powers could increase faster.

“Hm? This plane.” Gao Peng’s expression changed slightly. This plane was different from the deteriorating planes they had encountered before. Although this plane was in its final days as well, it hadn’t declined yet. Instead, some unexplainable changes had occurred.

Clouds were cast overhead and the sun was setting in the west. Under the setting sun, distorted and mutated monsters loitered without direction on the land and bellowed.

“Roar” A bloody figure pounced on them.

Goldie lifted its right hand expressionlessly. Before it even exerted any force, the bloody figure had already been slapped into minced meat.

Upon witnessing Goldie’s might, the remaining bloody figures forcibly braked.

These were three monsters that looked like dogs. However, they were each covered in pitch-black fur, like an armor made of blood mixed with mud. Their bloodshot eyes were incomparably murky. Several bony spikes were growing haphazardly under their fur, making them look particularly terrifying.

They looked a little like Zzmbie Dogs that had been exposed to biological hazards, but they were physically bigger than Zombie Dogs and didn’t have the characteristic viral infection that Zombie Dogs had.

“There’s a city there.” Gao Peng gazed into the distance with his eyes narrowed.

A few towers in the city stood tall at the end of the faraway horizon.

Gao Peng and the rest hurried to the city. They realized only after going closer that it was just a land of ruins. The ruins of the city had turned into the nests of various mutated monsters.

Dens had been built on the spires of buildings one after another. A living thing that looked like a pterodactyl was crawling in its den and let out a piercing cry from time to time.

Xiao Cao extended its body, and its numerous roots swiftly took root and germinated, pervading the nooks and crevices of the ruins. In the blink of an eye, it spread across the entire city like a giant net. “Master, there are no living humans in the city. I only found this.”

A few tentacles that had stretched out were carrying a skeleton. The leather coat draped over the skeleton was already utterly worn out. There were many tiny holes that had been bitten by moths.

“Why did you drag someone else out?” Gao Peng’s face twitched.

“He was being crushed by a few rocks.” The dandelion on Xiao Cao’s head swayed gently in a show of protest.

“In that case, bury him again,” Gao Peng said.

They buried the skeleton in the soil, but in the process, the swaying motion caused a small notebook to fall out of his pocket and onto the ground.

Gao Peng picked up the notebook and patted off the dust on it. He didn’t know what material it was made of, but it hadn’t been damaged even after such a long time.

Gao Peng opened the notebook to find words that he didn’t understand

The writing became even more haphazard the more he flipped. They were like the nonsensical words of a madman. The force of the pen had even pierced through the paper. He could imagine how frenzied the person who wrote these words down had been in his last moments.

They traveled on this plane for a few more days. No one discovered any humans existing in this corner of the world. However, they did discover traces of migration in another Spatial Tunnel. It seemed that several people had left this world, which was unsuitable for survival, through the Spatial Tunnel.

Gao Peng didn’t go in and disturb them.

“According to the information that Dumby gave me, this plane is probably close to destruction. But the reality I’m seeing is different,” Gao Peng mumbled to himself.

Fatty Big Sea opened its mouth wide and laid sprawled out on the ground. Its mouth was facing the sky as it stared fixedly at the sky.

“What are you doing?” Gao Peng frowned.

“I’m waiting for food to fall from the sky.” Fatty Big Sea stared at the sky with single-hearted devotion.

A large mutated bird flew across his head. All of a sudden, the bird seemed to spasm before it fell out of the sky with its wings stiffened. It fell right into Fatty Big Sea’s mouth with exact precision.

Fatty Big Sea chewed loudly, crunching the bones.

When Fatty Big Sea finished eating, he suddenly noticed Gao Peng staring at him unwaveringly. He instantly felt goosebumps all over his body. “Why are you looking at me so strangely?”

Fatty Big Sea’s body shrank into a ball, and it used his arms to cover its lower body. It didn’t know why it had done so, either. In any case, it suddenly just wanted to cover it.

“Do you think that these mutated monsters were created by the plane source?” Gao Peng said indistinctly.

“What does that have to do with me? I just think that the bird I ate earlier didn’t taste good.” Fatty Big Sea spat out the corpse of the bird. “It tasted completely burnt.”

“Gao Peng, are we going to continue dealing with this plane? If we’re going to, let’s make a move. If we’re not, let’s go to the next one.”

“We’re not dealing with it. This plane source is more complete than the four others before it.” Gao Peng shook his head.

“But it seems that there are no more Gods on this plane.” Fatty Big Sea licked its lips.

The moment he heard this, Gao Peng had an idea.

Then, his eyes met Fatty Big Sea’s eyes.

“This plane is more complete than the previous four planes. I can’t say for sure how complete it is either, but we’ll probably reap much more from it,” Gao Peng said in a low voice.

“Got it!” Goldie was itching for a fight. It had been eager to have a go at it for a long time.

“All right. Let’s begin then.”

Mass after mass of black fog floated out of Goldie’s chest, along with the chests of Gao Peng and the rest. They subsequently merged to form a black heart above their heads.

After the black heart formed and took shape, the sky was filled with dense, dark clouds. Lightning shuttled back and forth in the clouds in a frenzy.

A low rumble rang out

On the horizon far away, a wave of monsters was approaching slowly. The gigantic monsters roared, and their rampant murderous aura solidified into clouds.

The dark clouds in the sky floated towards them. The approaching clouds brought with them the buzzing sounds of wings flapping.

Fissures didn’t stop spreading in the land beneath their feet. Weird creatures came out of the ground one after another.

An endless tide of monsters rushed inwards, with Gao Peng’s location as the center.

“Is this what it feels like to be against the world?” From the summit, Gao Peng looked upon the scene.

He shook his head and said calmly, “It’s a pity that they’re a bit too weak. They don’t even have a God-tier monster.”

When he finished speaking, the ground split open, and nine black figures broke through the soil like rising mountains. The black figures hid the sky and covered the earth as they shot downwards. This section of the world was shrouded in shadow. Shouts that seemed to emanate from dragons and snakes came from above their heads.

Gao Peng was stunned into silence.

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