Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Nine Headed Heavenly Dragon

Chapter 839: Nine-headed Heavenly Dragon
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Gao Yueyue, you shouldnt say that, Da Zi mumbled to itself.

Da Zi, what are you saying? How can Gao Pengs words possibly be wrong?! Goldie said self-righteously.

It didnt forget to add, Am I right, Gao Peng?

Hmmm. Youre quite right. Gao Peng nodded his head in satisfaction.

When did you become a brown-noser? Stand in the front and act as a shield, Flamy said coldly.

Hehe. Desolion and the rest stood at the back and snickered to themselves.

Goldies brow was furrowed tightly. It felt a little embarrassed, lowering its voice and clenching its fists. Flamy, get this straight! Even without you telling me to, I would still stand in the front willingly!

When it was done speaking, Goldie lifted its head high and puffed its chest out as it walked towards the crowd of monsters in large strides.

Desolion muttered to itself, Was this what they called using the most venomous tone to say the most cowardly words?

[Monster Name]: Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon

[Monster Tier]: High-level God

[Control of Rule]: Disaster Precept 44.9%, Seismic Precept 31%

[Monster Grade]: Mythical/Mythical

[Special Characteristic]: Heavenly Dragon (Those that came from heaven were called Heavenly Dragons, while those which came from the ground were called Earth Dragons. The dragons hidden in the depths could overturn heaven and earth.

Passive Effect 1: When the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon leaves the ground, it will have the power of levitation, and its Elemental Resistance will increase during this period as well.

Passive Effect 2: When the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon dives deep into the ground, it has the ability to invade the soil and the force of its Seismic Precept would be enhanced during this period as well.

Nine Heads, One Heart (Passive Effect 1: The Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon will not truly die until all of its heads are severed. Furthermore, its powers will not be affected at all. After losing a head, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon can slowly grow another head in its place.

Passive Effect 2: With every head that is severed, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon increases the hardness of its scales.)

Demon Dragon of Calamity (The Nine-Headed Dragon is the legendary Demon Dragon of Calamity that controls calamities and natural disasters.

Passive Effect 1: Increases the speed at which the Nine-Headed Dragon understands the Disaster Precept.

Active Effect 2: After activating this ability, the Nine-Headed Dragon increases its level of control of the Disaster Precept within a short time.)

[Monster Description]: Starting out as a Monster Dragon of Calamity, it was chosen by the planes will when the plane was entering its demise. The hidden potential of the Disaster Precept in its body was awoken, causing it to ultimately evolve into the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon.

This chap is the top fighter chosen by the Plane Source. Gao Peng continued slowly, But its fine. If the plane has its top fighter, I have my own top fighter, too.

Goldie imperceptibly lifted its head and puffed out its chest upon hearing Gao Pengs words.

Da Zi stood up a little straighter.

Desolion let out a cough and shook the mane on its neck.

Silly placed its tentacles in its mouth and sucked on them for some time. Then, it happily took out some fruit juice and drank its fill. Of course, this has nothing to do with me! it thought.

Fatty Big Sea stood up unhurriedly. Enough, Gao Peng. No need to continue praising me. I know that I can no longer hide it. After all, the brilliance radiating from my body is too dazzling.

Da Zi, Goldie, and Desolion were dumbfounded.

Fatty Big Sea sprang up and leapt into the sky. Stay here for the time being and protect Master well. Wait for me to make a quick trip to the sea!

Rule of Devouringdevour the heavens and swallow the earth!

Fatty Big Sea vanished completely on the spot, leaving behind only a round black hole in the sky that collided with the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon.

The ground shook with a massive rumble!

The nine heads of the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon shot straight into the clouds. The heads rose above the clouds and the sea, just like nine heavenly pillars holding up the sky and suppressing part of the world.

There was a clatter.

The black hole, which possessed a gravitational field of terrifying intensity, collided with one of the dragons necks and forcibly broke it.

Fresh blood fell like rain streaming down. Most of the blood was swallowed up by the black hole.

In the past, Zhu Rong was the only one who dared to knock into Buzhou Mountain. Today, we have Fatty Big Sea Tiny Flowing Light felt the immense urge to recite a poem when it witnessed this grand scene.

That was Gong Gong. I told you to study harder. Goldie picked its nose.

Flowing Light crouched down in place and remained silent.

Goldie, go and help Fatty Big Sea, Gao Peng commanded.

Goldie, who had been waiting for action for a long time, stood on its tiptoes, causing the ground to crumble. Then, it flew out like an arrow that left a bowstring.

After having one of its heads chopped off, now only left with eight, the dragon let out an angry roar.

Demonic light flashed across the surface of its body. In the next moment, a terrifying aura of disaster invaded and shrouded Goldie and Fatty Big Sea.

The power of calamity was a broad concept. It included not only various types of natural disasters, but also man-made ones!

The air in front of Goldie suddenly distorted. Immediately after, Goldie released the punch that it had been saving into the air.

Subsequently, invisible ripples jolted out from within the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragons body. Goldies body fully absorbed the force of the quakes. Through the surface of its body, the force traveled completely to Goldies internal organs. If it had been any other monster, it would probably have ended disastrously. But to Goldie it was all the same no matter where it was hit.

The amazing thing about the seismic power was its ability to travel. With a jolt of Goldies body, this power of calamity spread upwards from its toes to the top of its head. Goldie gave a refreshingly comfortable tremble and looked up with a blank expression.

What had just happened?

At the same time, crowds of monsters from three directions rushed towards them.

Desolion, Flamy and Da Zi exchanged glances and snapped their fingers in tacit understanding.

Of course, the snapping of fingers here actually referred to the snapping of claws in a broad sense. Two claws like steel nails stuck out of Desolions fleshy little paw and rubbed against each other quickly in the air. As for Da Zi, it mimicked Desolions gesture of snapping its fingers. Because Flamy had only one leg on the ground and couldnt lift its leg, it pecked its beak once.

The lightning storm destroyed everything. A series of lightning strikes flashed at a high frequency, turning the west end into a sea of electricity. Many monsters were struck by lightning and turned into burnt coal before they could even scream.

Cold waves at extremely low temperatures engulfed the southern region. The Hurricane rule and the Frost rule were the perfect combination. The light blue cold air waves blew past, leaving behind only countless sparkling ice sculptures on the plains.

Meanwhile, the northern area had transformed into a sea of fire that burned incessantly. The terrifyingly high temperatures set the ground on fire and made it boil, burning it into masses of magma-like things.

Whether they were monsters at the Normal or Quasi God tiers, none of them were able to persist for even a second in the disaster zones of each of the three major elements.

The Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon finally felt fear after six of its heads had been blown off. It didnt know why the destructive power of these two blokes was so horrifying. Furthermore, the Rule of Devouring had both offensive and defensive qualities. Hitting them was like hitting a hedgehog.

Seismic Preceptextreme disintegration.

After using one of the moves of the Seismic Precept, which it controlled the best, a blinding white light enveloped the detestable yellow duck.

Filled with anticipation, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon finally realized in hopelessness that the yellow duck who had stomached its strongest move had merely suffered three negligible scratches on its chest.

I already multiplied more than a thousand passive effects, but you were still able to break through my defense! Goldie was completely shocked that this creature had such an impressive attacking ability.

Upon hearing this, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon felt that there was something wrong with its words. Was it complimenting me? it wondered.

Roar! Although the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon was a high-level God trained by the Plane Source, it hadnt signed anything like a master-slave contract with this part of the world.

It had only attacked this time because the Plane Source had given it part of its power as a reward.

This wont do. These fellows are too strange. Theyre clearly only mid-level Gods, but theyre so powerful. Furthermore, right now, only two of them have made a move If more of them attack The Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragons eyes started to show its intention to back out.



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