Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Freedom

Chapter 840: Freedom
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Roar! The Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon let out a final frenzied roar before its tail swept across the land and plowed the earth to form ravine after ravine.

The invisible trembles became substantial and swept in all directions. Not far away, a monster that had been frozen in ice was instantly jolted into countless ice particles that dissipated into the air.

The Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon let out an angry roar in warning before turning around to escape at breakneck speed. Its remaining four heads drilled into the earth, causing an immense hill to bulge out of the ground. Smoke and dust floated out of the mound.

Gao Peng opened his mouth to say, Flowing Light, follow it closely and dont lose it. Dont do anything for the time being. Once weve settled matters here, well catch up with you.

The Disaster Precept of the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon had a very large impact on Fatty Big Sea, because one of the precepts that Fatty Big Sea controlled happened to be related to the Disaster Precept.

The most important thing apart from the Disaster Precept was that the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon was a member of the dragon family. As long as the Dragon Ant devoured its flesh and blood, it could take a part of the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragons power for itself. If it could obtain its complete corpse, even cloning it to become the new Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon wouldnt be a problem.

In a way, to Gao Peng and the rest, this Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon was worth at least as much as the plane source of one whole world.

Flowing Light nodded. It melted into the shadow beneath its feet and slunk after the dragon, leaving behind Gao Peng and the rest to reap the harvest.

As if it was aware of the fate it was about to face, various natural disasters rained down as rapidly as a thunderstorm.

This is just its final struggle, Gao Peng said calmly.

After half an hour, at long last, the plane source there could no longer persist. It was extracted from space strand by strand.

As if a barrel of gunpowder had been ignited, that part of the plane suddenly went berserk.

Cracks split open in space. This was the plane sources natural disaster that could cause the greatest damageSpatial Rift.

Silly, who had been hanging down from the top of the tree, didnt need a reminder from Gao Peng. It tossed aside the empty bottle, flipped over, and flew up in a dashing manner.

Rip, rip!

The Spatial Rift that had just begun to form in space was forcibly pushed back in.

The plane source was shocked.

Gao Peng let out a yawn.

The other familiars were each going about their own business. This had been the case for the previous few plane sources as well, because the Spatial Rift itself would cause irreversible damage to the plane.

This was different from those Spatial Rifts that occurred naturally. This was a Spatial Rift triggered and created by the plane source itself, so both the impact and damage it caused the plane were immense.

Therefore, a plane wouldnt create a Spatial Rift unless it was forced into a corner.

Unfortunately, Silly was the only God with the Space attribute. The impact of the Spatial Rift on Gao Peng and the rest was also nearly negligible.

The black heart pulled out silk-like bands of light one after another. Da Zi and the rest waited in line in an orderly manner and went up one by one to take their share.

Leave a little bit. One part belongs to Flowing Light. Youre not allowed to be greedy, Gao Peng reminded them.

I definitely wont be greedy. Da Zi huffed haughtily.

Gao Peng gave Da Zi a side-eye. Put it back! Who said you could safeguard it? Pass Flowing Lights share to Desolion for safekeeping.

Da Zi immediately grew anxious.

Gao Yueyue, do you doubt me?!

Youre right. I simply dont believe you. I think that youll definitely sneak a bite, Gao Peng said with certainty.

Da Zi had no response to that.

Da Zi glanced at Gao Peng, feeling wronged. It found a place and hugged itself, jabbing at the ground with its claws. It treated this piece of land like it was Gao Peng.

Ill jab you to death! Jab you to death!

After stealing everything away from this plane source, the black heart vanished into the air with satisfaction. Through a channel, it simultaneously transmitted a sense of contentment to Gao Peng and the rest.

It seemed to feel that they had done pretty well during this time and were extremely outstanding employees!

Gao Peng felt that all of this meant nothing. Instead of showering me with compliments, it would be more practical for you to give me an actual reward, he thought.

Just when Gao Peng had formed this thought, the black heart contracted inwards. It emitted a mass of dense, black smoke swiftly thereafter. The next moment, a vivid and lifelike black lotus imprint appeared on the chests of Gao Peng and his familiars.

Along with it, a thought was conveyed to their minds through the black lotus imprint.

This imprint was called the Black Lotus of Doomsday. One of its functions was to increase their destructive power towards elements, while another was to give them a chance to call for help.

This meant precisely that Gao Peng and the rest had entered the Root of Terminations field of vision. Naturally, it wouldnt let excellent workers like them die easily, so it would give them a reward for self-preservation.

They had only one chance to summon the power of the Root of Termination through the Black Lotus of Doomsday.

Gao Peng wasnt sure exactly how much power it had

Far away in the sky, an incomparably massive black lotus flower was blooming in midair.

The sky was dyed black as the black lotus flower bloomed magnificently in midair and slowly rotated in the sky.

As the black lotus flower spun around, countless fine cracks formed in space. This was quickly followed by a terrifying wave that exploded in the air.

Everything in its path was destroyed and shattered through and through.

Just like a landscape painting being wiped clean, nothing but pure white was left behind at all.

The black and the white created the perfect contrast: the black lotus flower and the white canvas.

Only pure white was left at the place where the black lotus flower had blossomed.


Going in Flowing Lights direction!

Gao Peng was slightly stunned. He quickly rushed over with his familiars in tow.

A strange breath still remained in space. A breath like this

When Gao Peng arrived, the only thing he saw was a pit of extremely frightening proportions.

A massive snake was lying in the huge pit taking its last gasp. Three of its heads had exploded, leaving only one last head still attached to its neck.

On the other side of the huge pit, Flowing Lights small body crouched down on the ground. There was an expression of complete confusion on its face.

In the beginning, it had been smoothly tailing it, but the Root of Terminations power that suddenly emerged in its surroundings exposed it.

At the most critical moment, a black lotus flower flew out of its chest and caused an earth-shattering explosion.

The present scene was the aftermath.

Dragon Ant, its your turn.

Sure. The Dragon Ant flew down. The Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon lying in the pit widened its eyes and stared at the Dragon Ant unwaveringly.

In its last moment of life, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon was very calm. It didnt bellow furiously, nor did it roar crazily.

Dont let my power go to waste. Come on, take everything I have. Let my reputation as the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon resound throughout the various heavens and kingdoms, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon said in a low voice.

The Dragon Ant stopped in its tracks. Do you know how powerful I am?

Im a God with Dragon attributes. Do you think I wouldnt know? the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon said calmly.

A hint of madness flashed in its eyes. Then, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon suddenly roared before rushing towards the Dragon Ant.

The Dragon Ant retaliated on reflex. The last head of the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon, which was already an arrow at the end of its flight at this point in time, was pierced through.

After twitching twice, the flesh and blood on the surface of the Dragon Ants body peeled off swiftly. They both entered the body of the Dragon Ant frantically, causing its power to increase sharply.

The Dragon Ant looked at the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon in a daze. It noticed that there was a hint of freedom in the dragons eyes.


Its a God nurtured by the plane source of this part of the world. Although its powerful, it couldnt leave this plane for its entire life, Gao Peng said.

Lets go. This plane is no longer worth anything. Lets go to the next plane. Gao Peng turned to leave.

The Dragon Ant lowered its head.

The Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragons last words surfaced in its mindLet my reputation as the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon resound throughout the various heavens and kingdoms!

That probably wont take more than a day



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