Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Shidi

Chapter 841: Shidi
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The Hundred Faces Dragon had devoured all the flesh and blood of the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon. Furthermore, it also thoroughly analyzed its godhood. In the process, it didnt experience any resistance at all.

The flesh and blood attached to the surface of the Hundred Faces Dragons body and coagulated into a gigantic silkworm cocoon that was red in color.

They took the red silkworm cocoon with them when they left. Gao Peng knew that this plane was already on the way to its demise. All the beings on this plane would face the omens of the planes decay.

Thereafter, a portion of the monsters would leave this plane through the Spatial Tunnel or the Spatial Rift.

Some of them would die en route during the migration, but in the end, a few of the monsters would successfully continue the bloodlines of their own clans in an unfamiliar world.

The continuation of life was a different kind of miracle.

Traces of this plane would perhaps remain in another way.

During this process, perhaps sacrifices would have to be made, and perhaps there would be suffering and tribulations. However, the fruit that was borne in the end would be delicious.

Intense rays of light suddenly burst out of the red cocoon on the Hundred Faces Dragon.

Master A disjointed voice was conveyed to Gao Pengs heart through the Blood Contract. Thought Seizing

What?! There was a minute change in Gao Pengs expression.

Meanwhile, inside the red cocoon, an overbearing consciousness came back to life in its physical form. All the souls of the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon were shattered. Every piece was broken up in each inch of its flesh.

Rome was definitely not built in a day. Its absolutely impossible to accomplish this in such a short time.

Bonding the body and soul can only be completed over a long period of time. This means that the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon had the intention to do so for a very long time, Fatty Big Sea said with a frown.

Its even possible that the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon thought of using this method to escape the control the plane had over it a long time ago.

It may have failed, Goldie said resolutely.

You dont say. If it succeeded, it wouldnt be in its present state. Fatty Big Sea gave Goldie the side-eye.

Goldie said no more.

Although I dont know how the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon managed to break its soul into pieces, merge the pieces into its flesh and then put the pieces back together again, I know that there must be side effects from doing so, Fatty Big Sea said with certainty. The soul is a very fragile and exquisite thing. Right now, the soul of the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon is probably in a weak condition. If its soul were complete, the soul of the Hundred Faces Dragon would be suppressed for sure. A stalemate like this wouldnt be happening.

Can we help it? Gao Peng asked.

I dont know. Its very difficult for us outsiders to butt in on an exchange between souls of that level unless a God well-versed in Soul attributes makes a move.

Well-versed in Soul attributes?

Gao Peng thought for a bit. Among the familiars with him, no one was well-versed in souls. Even if the Magical Brain was Psychic, Psychic attributes and Soul attributes were two vastly different things.

Dumby, who was the only one well-versed in Soul attributes, wasnt around either.

Gao Pengs eyelids twitched. Through the Blood Contract, he had sensed earlier that the Hundred Faces Dragon wasnt in a very good condition.

He believed that if the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon hadnt reached a certain level of preparedness and certainty, it wouldnt have made the decision to seize the Dragon Ants body either

If there was still a way, it was probably only this one.

Gao Peng muttered to himself internally.

Although it was a little risky, he couldnt be bothered anymore.

Gao Peng closed his eyes and connected to the consciousness of the Hundred Faces Dragon through the Soul Chain.

In the illusory soul space, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon, whose heads were emitting red light, twined around the body of the Hundred Faces Dragon. Its nine heads separately wrapped around the body of the Hundred Faces Dragon, wanting to swallow it whole.

Give me your body. I think that its best that I undertake the task of spreading my reputation as the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon far and wide! the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon said greedily.

The Hundred Faces Dragon didnt let out a peep. It crossed its arms and protected its head, refusing to let the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon devour it whole.

Why are you still resisting? Why do you think I used Thought Seizing on you? If I wasnt at least 80 percent certain, how could I possibly try to use Thought Seizing on you? the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon said in a deranged voice. This flesh and blood, these bones, every ounce of power belongs to me. Now that youve merged my physical body with yours, I am you and you are me. Thats why my soul can use its power to the fullest extent! Im a high-level God! How can a mere mid-level God like you go up against me?!

The moment it finished its sentence, a red imprint shone on the Hundred Faces Dragons brow.

The imprint burst with blinding light. The body of the Hundred Faces Dragon immediately bloated, and the Soul Power within it instantly multiplied.

In the spirit sea, souls appeared in their original state. The more powerful the soul, the larger it was physically.

Before this, the Hundred Faces Dragon wasnt even half as large as the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon. However, following the sharp rise in its Soul Power, the physical size of the Hundred Faces Dragon increased dramatically.

You? The Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragon was flabbergasted. Could Soul Power multiply exponentially like this?

Slight tumult surfaced in the eyes of the Hundred Faces Dragon.

Upon sensing the breath of its master on the other end of the Blood Contract, the Hundred Faces Dragon looked up. A faint smile appeared on its face.

This is what Ive been waiting for.


The red cocoon swiftly shriveled up, the color on its surface progressively turning duller. Everything was cleanly absorbed by the Hundred Faces Dragon inside.

The figure of the Hundred Faces Dragon lay on the ground. The surface of its body was covered with elaborate and dull flower patterns. Its physical size had increased by about one-third compared to before.

The biggest change was the appearance of a pair of wings on its back. The wings were made of hard black barbs.

Apart from this, a pair of crooked dragon horns had grown out of the top of the Hundred Faces Dragons head.

Gao Peng, the Hundred Faces Dragon? Fatty Big Sea asked cautiously.

It has probably succeeded, Gao Peng said with certainty.

Fatty Big Sea only heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Gao Pengs words.

The Hundred Faces Dragon opened its eyes and used both arms to support itself as it sat up from the ground.

It first swayed its slightly heavy head. Thereafter, under the nervous or watchful gazes of the various familiars, it stood up and walked to the space in front of Gao Peng.

It got down on one knee and lowered its head in loyalty. Thank you for taking action, Master.

Everything I have comes from you guys, so you dont have to thank or not thank me for anything. As long as its my familiar, Ill take action no matter whos facing a situation like the one earlier, explained Gao Peng with a smile.

The Hundred Faces Dragon looked at the white hair on Gao Pengs temples and lowered its head solemnly.

The information about the planes facing imminent destruction, which Dumby had given to Gao Peng, mentioned a total of 17 planes. Encountering a situation like that of the Nine-Headed Heavenly Dragons plane was an extremely rare instance.

The majority of the planes that were about to be destroyed all had no Gods, since it was very rare for a high-level God to be born from a plane after all.

It had been said the power of the plane source could create high-level Gods. Although the plane source was very precious, in reality, it was still the innate talent of the monster itself that was the most important.

Talent was the number before the number zero. Without talent, the number would always be zero.

The topography of Shidi was bizarre. The Qing Ming region was located in the western part of it. In it, the Qing Ming region was the highest region in the entire Shidi area. Furthermore, the further one headed west, the higher the terrain was, hence the phrase entering the Qing Ming region vertically.

To most of the living beings in Jiutian, Shidi was an extremely mysterious place, because the living beings in Shidi wouldnt easily appear in Jiutian.

There was a Soul-Sealing Well in the Qing Ming region. Although it was called a well, in reality, it occupied an area of more than a hundred miles. Its surface area could compare to that of a huge lake. The mouth of the well was covered in many overlapping chains that passed through it, and the well itself was pitch-black and bottomless. A stone tablet stood erect beside the well with the words Soul-Sealing Well written on it.

A scarlet palm smoothed over the words on the stone tablet. A single-horned strange figure that was over 30 feet tall, had no features on its face, and looked as if it had been painted in blood, mumbled, I cant believe the Root of Termination appeared again as you said. Old partner, perhaps its time for us to fight alongside each other again.




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