Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 842

Chapter 842 A Letter

Chapter 842: A Letter
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The chains on the well all shattered, and a blinding green light shot into the clouds.

Endless green light covered the sky, and the entire Qing Ming region could see this green light.

A dark red sword slowly flew out of the well. The sword had eight sides, each edge where the sides connected to the hilt had a black spike that extended to the ground. A dark brown arm grew out from the bottom of the hilt, holding a thick, dark cloud.

Aside from Qing Ming, the other nine regions all witnessed strange phenomena. The winds and clouds changed their colors, and the world was turned upside down.

An extremely ancient being rose from its sleep.

World Vortex Battlefield, the tunnel that connects Jiutian Shidi and Abyss World. On the other side of the passage, a powerful entity crawling in the dark looked in this direction.

Root of Termination? someone muttered, I cant believe something like that appeared, I dont know if its your fortune or misfortune.

World Bat, go take care of the tunnel.

At that command, wild winds howled in the dark. An enormous green bat spread its wings, lying steadily on the surface of the Spatial Tunnel.

But this green bat didnt pass through the Spatial Tunnel to the world on this side. Instead, dense little holes opened on its abdomen, and a clear, viscous liquid sprayed out of them. The liquid adhered to the surface of the Spatial Tunnel. It dripped down the Spatial Tunnel to gather into a reflective surface. Half an hour later, it became a mirror.

The colors of the Spatial Tunnel gradually paled, becoming nearly transparent.

One day later, this Spatial Tunnel disappeared. Both Jiutian Shidi and Abyss World no longer had a Spatial Tunnel.

The Jiutian Shidi people in the World Vortex Battlefield found in shock that the Spatial Tunnel they wanted to disappear actually vanished.


Why would it be gone all of a sudden?

Familiars who excelled at spatial abilities went to investigate and found that this Spatial Tunnel really did disappear. It wasnt some scheme from Abyss World. Its gone for real.

Its probably got scared off by Root of Termination. I heard that Root of Termination is very contagious, a very experienced live fossil said.

Abyss World, which had been nagging Jiutian Shidi for over 10,000 years, got plucked off so easily. People didnt know whether or not they should celebrate.

As the cataclysm of Root of Termination gradually spread, because of the vast number of Ling Clan people and their relatively weaker strength compared to other races, they can cause more death given the same gains. Therefore the monsters under Root of Termination were most passionate about attacking Ling Clan.

Ling Clan lost many people, and many countries were breached. Some who admired the power of Root of Termination volunteered to be guides.

In a short period of time, with the blessing of the Root of Termination, these guides all obtained great powers. It even allowed them to have a change in nature; many monsters and Familiars gained the ability to fight against much stronger opponents.

Of course, these didnt directly promote the monsters and Familiars strengths. It was more like giving them an extra suit of armor.

With this extra armor, their destructive power was extremely horrid.

Up ahead is Human Clan territory.

Hundreds of figures gradually approached the Spatial Tunnel that connected Jiutian Shidi to Earth Star. Ever since the Root of Termination descended, the humans who were settled in Ling Clan territory gradually moved back to Earth Star. Only a minority stayed to maintain Jiutian Shidis functions.

What do you think well gain in Human Clan territory?

The Great Root of Termination will probably give us even more plentiful rewards.

These hundred people were from Ling Clan. They were all Ling Clan people who submitted to Root of Termination.

Their little remaining conscience prevented them from attacking their own kind.

But its impossible for them to go attack those Mystical Familiar clans.

Going against the Mythical Familiar clans with their meager strength is to seek their own death, so their only option was to bully the weaker Human Clan.

And besides, Human Clan and Ling Clans conflict traces back centuries. Many of them felt more justified after thinking about this.

I heard Human Clan is pretty rich, they made a lot of money from us, a Ling Clan person gave a suggestive smile.

Haha, well go make some cash, another Ling Clan person smiled back.

When these Ling Clan people approached the Spatial Tunnel, a warning came from the sky above the Spatial Tunnel: What are you doing here?

One of the Ling Clan people raised his head, a smile on his face, What are we doing? Youll find out soon enough.

Then, the Golden Spiked Turtle behind him raised its right hand, and countless golden threads shot out of its palm.

Impudent! A deep shout came from overhead.

A brilliant electrical net fell. The region where these hundred people stood became a swamp of thunder.

When the thunder net faded, only charred corpses remained.

This is the third batch, someone jumped down from above and said with a frown.

Another person on the side said, For some reason, lately many Ling Clan people want to enter Human Clan territory.

Maybe theyre seeking refuge.

Doesnt look like it, they look like they have malicious intentions.

Go report this. The borders have gotten more and more turbulent recently.

At this moment, an emerald green silhouette drew near them from very far away.

Wild airwaves rolled towards them, followed by a deafening dragon cry. Its wings transformed the clouds.

Oh, no! A Human Clan patrol became very red, just the aura he sensed made his body weak, and he could only use 60% of his strength.

He used all his strength to press down the button in his arms. Even though this Human Clan patrol used up all his power and fell to the floor limp, he laughed wildly in relief.

News just came from the border, some Mutated Tribe God was found trying to sneak into Earth Star, but clashed with the great Qing Tian Dragon, and was driven away. The newest report sat on Ji Hanwus desk.

Ji Hanwu finished all his work and returned home to see this news. After a long moment of silence, he ordered someone to call over a Ghoul and asked this Ghoul to deliver a message for him.

He contacted Dumby through the Ghoul, then Dumby passed the message onto Gao Peng.

Gao Peng, who had just destroyed his 19th small Plane, clapped his hands.

Although he only destroyed an old Plane that was heading to its death, it was still a Plane.

After destroying 19 Planes, Gao Peng was expressionless, with no sense of novelty at this point.

It just felt like punching his time card and finishing his daily work.

A letter from Grandpa? Gao Peng opened the letter, skimming it quickly.

After reading its contents, Gao Peng narrowed his eyes.

He put the envelope away, then patted Da Zis head. Lets go. Were taking a trip home.

He put the other Familiars into the Familiar Space and mounted Da Zis back. Da Zi was now nearly 1000 meters long, and it had hundreds of wings that blotted out the sky. Its dark purple wings were covered in complex patterns; its colossal body was like a small mountain in the sky. With a sway of its body, it became a flash of lightning that vanished in place.



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