Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Send You On Your Way

Chapter 843: Send You on Your Way

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I swear I saw the High God thats protecting Human Clan! A Ling Clan High God Tier Monster Trainer vowed.

Thats why Im telling you to collaborate with me. The entire Human Clan will be ours. I heard there are billions of them. If we sacrifice them, how much reward do you think well get from Root of Termination? Tell me if youre coming or not.

Ming Shuji, I think you are being rash, the blue-haired man who sat across him said with a frown.

Rash? Youre the one being slow. I dont know how someone with your personality became a High God. You didnt compete back then, and you still wont compete now! This is a dog eat dog world! What are you waiting for?

No, I just need to think everything through before I do anything, the blue-haired man said slowly.

Is that why you havent built an empire after all these years? Of the five of us back then, only you and Xue Jian didnt build empires. Xue Jian didnt because hes aggressive and not fit to be emperor, but you? You were the strongest of us, Ming Shuji sneered. Now the three of us have become the emperors of super empires, but you continue to live in this desolate village. Who knows your name now? Who remembers you?

But the other two just died recently, the blue-haired man said slowly.

Ming Shuji was about to speak but halted himself.

You were also defeated, the blue-haired man continued.

Ming Shuji suddenly got up, a deep frown on his face, Can you not talk about it?!

I beat you back then, the blue-haired man took a sip of tea.

Just waste your entire life in this mountain! Ming Shuji scoffed, descending the mountain without hesitation.

Looking at Ming Shujis back, the blue-haired man had a profound expression. He smiled without saying a word.

After Ming Shuji was far away, the blue-haired man opened his mouth and spat out a white slug. The slug had a yellow horn on its head. Its two long tentacles were densely covered with eyes. It was like a white tongue he stuck out of his mouth.

The tip of the slug became black. The blue-haired man swallowed the slug, his eyes profound.

Leaving Garlic Mountain, Ming Shuji got on his Familiar and headed in the other direction.

Riding on his Familiar, Ming Shuji muttered to himself, I can only execute the backup plan. Ming Shuji furrowed his brows. Those Mythical Familiars are not easy to deal with. Otherwise, he wouldnt come to seek Chen Shengyin.

A certain Ling Clan country was currently experiencing natural disasters. Fire fell from the sky like rain, and the world became a boundless sea of flames.

In the center of the sea, a One-Eyed Demon Bear with dark red hair stood in the city. It was nearly 100 meters tall, like a small dark mountain.

The demon bear scooped with its paw. The ground that had been boiled into lava was scooped into its mouth like a spoon of soup. The scarlet lava streamed down its beard onto its chest.

What are you doing here? Do you want to break the promise? One-Eyed Demon Bear asked cautiously, You promised me.

No, I want to talk about another collaboration, Ming Shuji said without a change in expression. The Familiar beneath him sprayed acid to kill off the Mutated Tribe nearby.

A hint of doubt showed in One-Eyed Demon Bears eyes.

Youre back, dont you want to go inside? Ji Hanwu asked as he patted Gao Pengs shoulder.

No, Im dirty, I dont want to contaminate them with ill fortune, Gao Peng shook his head.

No one will dislike you.

I cant convince myself.

Gao Peng put his hands in his pockets, then told Silly to put the food and clothing Grandpa brought into its space.

Ill go take care of that guy, Gao Peng said.

Two days later, in the sky above Mingyu Country territory, Ming Shuji and One-Eyed Demon Bear slowly approached the Earth Star Spatial Tunnel.

All those infected by Root of Termination will possess a special power.

Having this power allows infected individuals to sense each other.

They can sense each others presence.

Ming Shuji felt a being who was no weaker than himself approaching at high speed.

He went blank for a second and secretly complained. The cake is only so big. Its not enough to split between more people.

After it got closer, Ming Shuji finally saw the newcomer.

It was somewhat like a crocodile but was rounder and had two feet. It looked very strange.

Hello friend, you look unfamiliar, Ming Shuji approached warmly.

They felt a thick aura of Termination from this Monster. The aura of Termination cannot be concealed nor imitated, so Ming Shuji didnt suspect this guy even though hes never seen it before.

But Ming Shuji was given the cold shoulder.

Fatty Big Sea just nodded in greeting. Ming Shuji was a little unhappy, but he was secretly glad that this guy didnt seem to be here for a share.

But then Ming Shuji sensed something was off. Why was this guy following him around?

After some hesitation, Ming Shuji flew over and said to Fatty Big Sea, If you have something to say, please just tell me. Theres no need to tail us.

One-Eyed Demon Bear approached too. The two High Gods sandwiched Fatty Big Sea from the left and right.

Fatty Big Sea said in a low voice, I just happen to be heading in the same direction.

Same direction?

Could this guy also be headed to Human Clan?

Ming Shuji went blank for a second. Before he could react, this deformed fish before him opened its giant mouth, and he was suddenly enveloped by darkness. A strange attraction from every direction pulled his flesh, making him unable to move.

Not only that, all the elemental and rule waves in the air were engulfed. This made all his precept power useless. He could only smash at this cage with pure physical force.

What are you doing?! Ming Shuji was shocked and infuriated, it used the Engulfment Rule.

This type of high tier rule is extremely rare, and its very tyrannical.

But even more unexpected was that he would get attacked by surprise.

Because they were both subordinates of Root of Termination, in most situations, they wont attack each other. Root of Termination doesnt support this either. If it gets out of hand, Root of Termination will punish them.

Turning his head, Ming Shuji was waiting for One-Eyed Demon Bear to help him, but he didnt know One-Eyed Demon Bear was engaged by another High God lion.

You cant kill medont, dont do it, Ill give you all my treasures.

Engulfment Rule slowly infected his body, and Ming Shuji felt himself getting weaker and weaker. Engulfment rule was engulfing his power.

Dont youdont you fear Root of Terminations punishment? Ming Shuji said with difficulty.

Punishment? No, no, no, I think youre mistaken, Fatty Big Sea said provokingly, Not all employees are the same to the boss. Excellent employees like me get completely different treatment from the likes of you.

Engulfment Rule suddenly emitted a blinding eerie light. Ming Shuji let out a shrill cry, lying on the ground and resisting the infection of Engulfment Rule with all his power.

Behind him, Da Zi poked out its head quietly, a cunning smile on its lips.

A light purple bolt of thunder that was nearly undetectable slowly approached Ming Shuji along the ground.

The moment this thunderbolt hit Ming Shuji, it flared up like a raging dragon. Exploding lightning covered the sky and earth.


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