Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Black Tortoise

Chapter 844: Black Tortoise

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Ming Shuji, who was shrouded in lightning, let out cries of pain. Da Zis Thunder Rule had strong destructive power after it became a High God.

Even among all the rules, Thunder Rules ranks as one of the most destructive.

One-Eyed Demon Bear was caught up in battle with Goldie but suddenly saw two monsters ganging up on Ming Shuji. It raised its head nervously and let out a growl of warning.

At the same time, it backed up slowly.

If youre here, you might as well stay. Gao Peng, who had merged with Fatty Big Sea, glanced at One-Eyed Demon Bear.

A faint smile on its lips, it opened its hand, and a white light enveloped vanity space in the distance. The vanity space behind One-Eyed Demon Bear distorted, a colossal behemoth descended with a crash.


The ground split open, and lava toiled.

Scorching heatwaves came from behind One-Eyed Demon Bear. This aura was similar to One-Eyed Demon Bears own aura, and One-Eyed Demon Bear recognized itLava Rule!

That was also the main rule that allowed it to become God.

Roar! With an angry roar, One-Eyed Demon Bear swung its thick arms backward and punched wildly.


Shattered rocks flew.

But the guy behind it didnt move an inch, and it stood firmly in place.

After turning around, One-Eyed Demon Bear finally saw this guys appearance.

It raised its head with some effort and stretched its neck. So tall.

From this angle, it couldnt even see the entirety. But purely based on its strong senses, One-Eyed Demon Bear somehow realized how terrifying the size of this things true form must be.

This size.

One-Eyed Demon Bear couldnt help gulping.

In reality, size doesnt equate to power. But from a general standpoint, size can also reflect a physical phenomenon, especially when the large opponent is similar to you in strength.

Thats when theres a very awkward situation.

For example, now.

One-Eyed Demon Bears hundred-meter tall body suddenly burst with an agility that contradicted its size.

It rolled on the ground like an agile fatty.

Its column-like arms dug into the ground. With the reaction force, One-Eyed Demon Bear changed directions and ran outwards.

The ground before it suddenly split open, and a mass of lava spewed out.

The lava was nearly golden, unlike ordinary lava. It emitted a terrifying heat the moment it was in the air. Then this mass of lava became a giant golden hand that lashed at One-Eyed Demon Bear.

One-Eyed Demon Bear didnt dodge at all but ran at it. The golden lava adhered to its skin like a thick armor.

A hint of cunning flashed in One-Eyed Demon Bears eyes. Fool, you must not know that one of my controlled rules is Lava Rule. This bit of lava might cause damage to other Gods, but its like going home and taking a bath for me.

The ground beneath continually cracked, lumps of lava spewed out. The lava all adhered to One-Eyed Demon Bears skin.

After the lava dried, it became grey magmatic rocks.

There were more and more magmatic rocks, and they got heavier and heavier.

One-Eyed Demon Bear finally realized something was wrong. It became slower and slower as if carrying a giant turtle shell. And this turtle shell was becoming increasingly heavy at a terrifying rate. At the same time, a mysterious gravity came from underneath that suppressed its speed.

A large shadow blotted out the sky. One-Eyed Demon Bear raised its head and saw darkness overhead. Everywhere it looked was shrouded in endless darkness.

A giant mountain chain fell from the sky.


Ah! Ming Shuji let out a shrill cry. He used all his strength to resist the power of engulfment. He was defenseless against the power of thunderbolts that ate at him.

He could only watch these thunderbolts tie him like poisonous snakes.

His body shook, the power of thunderbolts pillaged his body, the power of engulfment waited for a breach.

Ming Shuji looked extremely unwilling. Who is it? Who is it that wants to kill me?

Somehow, Ming Shuji suddenly remembered what Ning Daochen said to him a few days ago.

The two of them died.

I probably cant make it past today.

Ming Shuji was unwilling, if I die toowill that Ning Daochen say with scorn The three of them died?

Finally, with a wail, Ming Shuji lost his defense. The power of engulfment ate at his body like poisonous snakes.

Endless eerie light covered Ming Shuji.

When the eerie light faded away, Ming Shuji was no longer to be seen.

Fatty Big Sea appeared in the distance, chewing on something, its eyes cold.

The sky darkened, an intense and fatal aura appeared in the vanity space.

The vanity space was shattered by a tentacle. Through the shattered vanity space, one could see a terrifying figure which surpassed cognition hiding in the dense clouds on the other side of space.

Root of Termination!

For Root of Termination, High Gods were already terrific fighters, because above High Gods were King Gods. Any King God is a being that can easily create a Divine System anywhere.

If God Tier is the top in any Plane, then King Gods stand at the top of the food pyramid over multiple Planes.

Even if Gao Peng took a dozen old Planes root power from Root of Termination, his team was still made up of only High Gods. Theres a big difference between them and King Gods.

Gao Peng could feel that Root of Termination observed them through a special method.

At the same time, the Terminating Lotuses on Gao Peng and his Familiars chests all flashed.

The lethal threat that shrouded overhead just faded slowly before an emotion named warning was transmitted into their Mental Seas through the Terminating Lotuses.

Gao Peng understood what it meant.

Just this once.

Hm? Root of Terminations lackey, a faint voice came from the distance.

With every word, its voice got a bit louder. When it said the last word, it appeared overhead.

It was a giant bronze-red tortoise with a black dragon head lying on its back. Its thick tortoiseshell was covered in dragon patterns.

You became a High God at such a young age and will probably have great futures as a King Gods. Why did you become Root of Terminations lackey? Black Tortoise was very disappointed.

Since youre already on the wrong path, then I shall

Before it finished its sentence, Black Tortoise vanished in place. The black dragon that was lying on the tortoiseshell opened its giant mouth and jumped at Fatty Big Sea.

The wet and cold black dragon was less than ten centimeters away from Fatty Big Sea, its sharp fangs dripped with a black liquid. The extreme chill ate at Fatty Big Sea. Fatty Big Seas entire head was frozen in deep-ice.

But Black Tortoise could not advance an inch more. A hundred root-like tentacles pierced the vanity space and tied Black Tortoise firmly from the other side of space.

A satisfied emotion came from Root of Termination. It seemed to be pleased that Gao Peng attracted such a fat piece of meat.

Gao Peng was bewildered, I just want to make some cash and run, do you want me to become more and more of a thug?


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