Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Convention

Chapter 846: Convention
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Gao Peng withdrew his gaze, and Fatty Big Sea also withdrew its gaze.

Gao Peng, this cats not simple, I didnt even notice it coming, Fatty Big Sea warned Gao Peng through the Blood Contract.

I know, Gao Peng said calmly.

Thats not all he knew. After Gao Peng saw this cat, he glanced at its attributes out of habit. He only saw its name, tier, and control of rule. Everything else was question marked.

[Monster Name] White Tiger

[Monster Tier] King God

[Control of Rule] Speed Rule 80% Gold Rule 79%

[Monster Grade] ???

[Special Characteristics] ???

It probably has to do with Black Tortoise. Gao Peng was secretly worried. He wonders how long this White Tiger has been here. Fatty Big Sea didnt get rid of all of Black Tortoises Yin energy before.

Gao Peng suddenly had an idea, If its not exposing itself, then lets play along.

Dont be rash Fatty Big Sea reminded Gao Peng.

Dont worry. I never act recklessly. Only Goldie and Da Zi do that.

Gao Peng said this and walked under the tree.

White Tiger lowered its head to look at Gao Peng.

This little tiger is so adorable, Gao Peng exclaimed, Wheres your daddy? Wheres your mommy?

Oh, theyre not around, then can you come and let uncle hold you? Gao Peng jumped up and grabbed the White Tiger.

Gao Peng felt clearly that the moment he grabbed White Tiger, White Tigers muscles tensed.

This isnt a neighborhood kitty, but a White Tiger that can take off your head in one swipe.

Gao Peng didnt want to do this at first either, because this kind of action is very abrupt and dangerous.

But Gao Peng thinks he has to make a full performance. White Tiger didnt expose its identity because it doesnt want to. For the game to continue, Gao Peng can only play along.

Normal people would grab and pet a cute and ownerless tiger, wouldnt they?

White Tiger rolled its eyes and was about to escape when a demonic hand quietly climbed up to White Tigers chin.

Fingers tickled White Tigers chin.


White Tigers eyes were profound, looking into the distant mountains.

It unconsciously let out purrs from its throat.

The moment it let out a purr, White Tiger abruptly stopped itself. A hint of embarrassed anger flashed across its eyes.

It jumped out of Gao Pengs arms and vanished.

Itran away?

Gao Peng chuckled.

Then he looked down at his palms and even sniffed them.


He just petted a King God White Tiger, this feeling

On a tree far away crouched a little white tiger who was looking down at Gao Peng, who still sat on the tree. When it saw Gao Peng lift his fingers to his face and take a sniff, White Tiger shivered.

It raised its claw and was about to clear the stain from this world.

But the claw never fell.

After taking a long look at Gao Peng, White Tiger turned to leave.

Hiss, Da Zi got near Gao Peng and lowered its head, rubbing stubbornly against Gao Pengs shoulder, Its been so long since youve scratched me.

Your shells getting tougher and tougher, its hard for me to scratch, Gao Peng said this but scratched Da Zis sturdy head anyway.

Youre back, White Tiger. I discussed with Green Dragon, and were going to team up with the old guys in Jiutian Shidi to fight Root of Termination, Roseflinch said to White Tiger.

White Tiger nodded, Meow, you guys make the decisions, just notify me.

Then White Tiger vanished.

Why did White Tiger leave again? What if it gets caught by Root of Termination? Roseflinch said unhappily. High-level forces are already rare now.

Its fine, Green Dragon said, shaking its head, Root of Termination cant catch it.

Youre always on its side! Roseflinch humphed.

Green Dragon was silent.

Seeing how Green Dragon acted, Roseflinch became exasperated again.

Three months have passed since the last time.

Gao Peng, when can we go back? Im so bored. I want to watch cartoons, sitting on Stripeys head, Da Zi said with boredom.

It didnt study seriously and didnt recognize Chinese characters. Every time Stripey mentions teaching it, it changes the subject.

Patience, patience. Black Tortoise died, so were probably the culprits. Thats why we cant go back for now, Gao Peng said helplessly.

After the first two days passed, he finally found out what happened Black Tortoise couldnt escape its ill fate.

Gao Peng knew whether he wanted to take the blame or not, he had to.

No wonder White Tiger would come to them. But what Gao Peng didnt understand was that White Tiger didnt do anything to them.

Could it be that White Tiger thought I looked like a good person?

Oh, Da Zi lowered its head in dejection.

All the electronics they brought are out of battery, and they cant watch cartoons either.

Goldie was sitting on the side, reading a pinyin version of Water Margin with childrens illustrations.

Desolion lay on the floor. It had the trait of feline animals, and it likes to bathe in the sun. Playing is unimportant. As long as its willing, it can sleep the whole day and repeat the next day

Liuguang was playing hide-and-seek with Silly. Silly used its spatial abilities to move around continuously, but Liuguang merged into the shadows and sought out Sillys shadow from all locations.

Goldie scoffed at them. It was working out. Dragon Ant switched to King Kong and Power mode to temper Goldies body. Getting beaten effectively increased control over King Kong Rule. This was a very magical phenomenon.

Stupid baldy, you ran around in the short time that I shower. How did you get so dirty again? I finished showering, go shower, Flamys voice came from the distance.

Goldie coughed, lowered its head, and jogged out under everyones suggestive gaze.

Gao Peng, how about I charge the batteries! Da Zi suddenly jumped up in excitement.

How would you do that?

Thats simple enough, Im the God of Thunder, whats a little battery-charging? Da Zi was very angry, how dare Gao Yue Yue doubt me? It wasnt mad that Gao Peng didnt let it do so, but that Gao Peng doubted! It!

Youve changed, Gao Peng, youre no longer the Gao Peng who always praises my cleverness.

No, I think your decision is somewhat rash. Why dont you take more consideration? Gao Peng convinced tactfully.

No need to consider!

Ten minutes later.

The storage battery emitted an undetectable noise before smoke rose out of its two ends

Da Zi glanced at Gao Peng with guilt.

Realizing that Gao Peng didnt seem to blame it, it became justified, Why didnt you stop me earlier?!

Gao Peng, ???

Even if I did, you would probably try it secretly

Gao Peng was too lazy to argue with this idiot, so he just said the same thing he said hundreds of times before, Ill definitely stop you next time.

Hmph, Da Zi raised its head proudly, feeling like it gained another victory against Gao Peng.

A minor issue like breaking the battery is no longer significant.


Space distorted, Silly crashed into Da Zis face with a slap, then vanished in a flash.



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