Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Eve

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“Silly! You fool!” Da Zi said angrily.

A loud whizzing noise could be heard.

Flowing Light quietly appeared on Di Zi’s shoulder, its small eyes filled with sincerity. “Da Zi, let’s go after Silly together.”

Da Zi curled up its mouth. “I’m not so childish. I stopped playing this game of hide and seek with Gao Peng after I turned a year old.”

Gao Peng’s eyes filled with confusion. “I’ve never played with you. It has always been you hiding yourself in unknown places. You would only appear at dinner time.”

“I don’t care. You did play with me.” Da Zi snorted.

Flowing Light scratched its head. Why was Da Zi so strange recently?

“Forget it!” it thought. Flowing Light continued to run after Silly.

Gao Peng’s chest ached suddenly. He lowered his head, and a lifelike mark on his chest suddenly emerged. It was glowing with a faint black light.

This black light was very strong and radiated outwards.

Gao Peng felt a pang in his chest. This was

“Do you feel it, Master?” Desolion raised its eyelids.

Fatty Big Sea stretched. “Gao Peng, we are being summoned.”

“It’s a really unpleasant feeling,” Fatty Big Sea said schemingly.

The Lightning Elemental World was covered with endless waves of black fog. The fog kept rolling in, releasing an extremely aggressive aura.

“Roar…” A deep and loud animal chant reverberated throughout the Lightning Elemental World.

Two monsters were fighting in front of the space passage, blocking the entrance.

“Excuse me,” a soft voice said.

Gao Peng sat on top of Fatty Big Sea with a smile, smiling at the two monsters fighting.

As soon as Fatty Big Sea appeared, a frightful chill descended upon the whole space.

All the monsters nearby seemed to have fallen into a cold abyss. Their bodies were frozen, and they were stunned with unknown terror.

The roaring of the beast disappeared, and everything instantly became quiet.

All the monsters trembled and kneeled on the ground, shivering and staring at Gao Peng.

This feeling was pretty good.

Gao Peng had a smirk at the corner of his mouth. He patted Fatty Big Sea’s head with his left hand. “Don’t scare the kids.”

Fatty Big Sea emotionlessly looked around, the corners of its mouth unconsciously opened, and a row of densely sharp teeth gave everyone the chills.

“Get out of the way, children, or uncle will start eating dinner,” Fatty Big Sea said with a sly smirk, its voice sharp and devilish.

As if they had seen a powerful demon who suddenly descended, these monsters fearfully ran away in a panic.

“Here’s another big guy.” Deep in space, a group of powerful beings gathered together, looking in Fatty Big Sea’s direction.

“Very arrogant.”

“But also very strong.”


Suddenly, there was a deafening boom in the distance.

Countless blue teeth and claws were stirring about in the center of a huge wave. A throne was held up by the Water element, and on the top of the throne sat a ferocious beast with a huge opening on it that looked like a nightmare.

“Weaklings, get out of the way!” Fatty Big Sea said in a domineering tone.

Upon seeing Fatty Big Sea’s arrogance, these Gods wore constipated looks. They were angry but withholding their words.

If they were able to beat it, they would definitely try. But the problem was that they couldn’t beat it in a fight.

Gao Peng saw distinctively that this was just a group of beginner and medium Gods, none of them High Gods.

But behind the monsters, Gao Peng saw a deep purple whirlpool spinning.

It looked like the High Gods were supposed to enter the space behind the whirlpool.

It was only when they moved closer that these creatures saw Gao Peng sitting on top of Fatty Big Sea.

So young!

This was most people’s first impression upon seeing Gao Peng.

While it was possible to extend one’s life through certain means or even to simply look young, humans couldn’t fake the vibe from their bones.

These Gods also included a small number of strongmen from the Ling Clan.

To take the side of the Root of Termination also required a mindset of taking a gamble. It was better to be the head of a chicken than the end of a phoenix.

Of course, the chicken’s head here only included their familiars, as beasts and other monsters weren’t included.

But what was this? Where did a High God monster trainer come from?

Why had they never heard of him?!

These Ling Clan monster trainers gave forceful smiles. Looking at Gao Peng, who was sitting on the top of Fatty Big Sea, they watched him enter the whirlpool tunnel.

Only those High God-level and above had the qualifications to enter the world behind the whirlpool.

After entering the vortex, 13 pairs of eyes were watching him intensely.

After sensing Gao Peng and Fatty Big Sea’s breath, they looked away.

This also meant that they were the 13 lowest-ranked High Gods.

Among them, the most prominent ones were the three gods on top. On the left was a World Destruction Sheep, on the right was a Lightning Arc Emperor Deer, and in the middle was the Rebel Blood Phoenix.

These three were the King Gods, while the rest were High Gods.

“I don’t even know why we were brought here,” grumbled Gao Peng to himself.

Gao Peng had a headache. From his previous encounter, he found that the Root of Termination didn’t have a brain, which was to say, no intellect.

It only had an instinct. It was a kind of embodiment similar to heaven.

The World Destruction Sheep knelt on the ground devoutly and looked up at the Root of Termination.

After a long while, the World Destruction Sheep looked up again and said, “The termination of the world is unstoppable. This is an irreversible trend. All existences that want to reverse the trend will be torn apart by the torrent of fate.”

Gao Peng had an even bigger headache.

Why did the sheep sound like a cult leader?

“All things have an end, and we abide by fate and witness destiny, ” the World Destruction Sheep said slowly. “I have learned from the Root of Termination that there would be opposition. We need to stop them. When the great Root of Termination destroys the world, we will follow the root and escape together.”

What was it saying?

Gao Peng narrowed his eyes.

According to it, there were some people who had united to work against the Root of Termination, and they needed to stop those people?

“But these few people with us are barely enough, so we would be offering ourselves as food,” Gao Peng pondered.

Besides a Black Tortoise, there were also a Green Dragon, a White Tiger and a Sparrow as three of the four sacred beasts. These were three King Gods, not to mention the ancient monsters that could have been hidden with the other groups and the other terrible existences in Shidi.

“Even if I’m optimistic, these numbers go beyond my ten fingers!” Gao Peng exclaimed in his head.

If one thought about it, there was no future into which to follow the Root of Termination.

“Just us, trying to stop those guys from Jiutian Shidi? With our strength, we’d just be committing suicide.,” the Rebel Blood Phoenix said. “And it’s said that there are also strongmen from the surface sea plane joining in.”

“We don’t have to do it directly.” When the World Destruction Sheep opened its eyes, its white irises had turned green. “We just need to blindside them and do one thing when they’re attacking.”

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