Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 848

Chapter 848 Rebel Blood Phoenix

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“What’s there to be done? Just tell us straight. This old cow here isn’t as smart as you guys,” said a high-ranking God that looked like a cow.

“These powerful alliances will surely sneakily attack the Root of Termination, but this is when their world is least guarded,” said the World Destruction Sheep blandly. “So we’re going to destroy their homeland.”

“Good idea. This way, they would have to retreat,” the cow High God said loudly.

“No, that’s not the goal…” replied the World Destruction Sheep sadly.

“Then is it that we head down to their base camp to destroy their world? The more destroyed the world is, the stronger the Root of Termination will be. That way, they can’t stop fighting and also won’t be able to return,” Gao Peng said calmly.


The World Destruction Sheep gave Gao Peng an impressed look. He hadn’t expected him to guess correctly.

“This is the formation. It requires the King God as the key formation, the high-level Gods as the cornerstone, and other junior Gods as the support. With this formation, the world will end,” stated the World Destruction Sheep confidently.

“We need to divide into three groupstwo to head to Jiutian Shidi, and the last to go to the surface sea,” said the World Destruction Sheep.

Gao Peng’s heart trembled slightly. Currently, the base camp of the human race was in the surface sea plane.

It may have sounded cold-blooded, but Gao Peng had no feelings for Jiutian Shidi. If it was destroyed, so be it, but the surface sea was now the base camp of the human race. His relatives and friends, his everything was there. How could he let it be destroyed?!

“Jiutian Shidi is divided into Empyrean and Ten Mahayana, so the two groups need to take action at the same time. As for the sea of planes, which consists of many smaller planes, just destroy as many small planes as you can. Blue Deer and I will lead the team for Jiutian Shidi; for the surface sea, Phoenix, you can lead that team,” the World Destruction Sheep said to the Rebel Blood Phoenix.

The Rebel Blood Phoenix simply nodded, agreeable to all of these decisions.

“By the way, are you from the Ling Clan?” The World Destruction Sheep suddenly looked at Gao Peng.

The Ling Clan?

“No, I’m human,” Gao Peng explained.

“Oh, that’s the same thing. Anyway, you guys all look the same. I remember you guys were living in Jiutian Shidi, so let’s avoid having you in there. You can go to the surface sea with the Rebel Blood Phoenix,” the World Destruction Sheep said confidently while staring straight at Gao Peng. If the expression on Gao Peng’s face gave the sheep any doubts, it would immediately try to take him out.

Gao Peng was a little confused. It had been 10,000 years since the humans and the Ling Clan lived together in Jiutian Shidi. Its concept of time was a bit unreasonable…

However, this was exactly what he wanted, so Gao Peng nodded in agreement.

“When are we going?” the Rebel Blood Phoenix asked.

“Soon. We’ll set off once they arrive,” the World Destruction Sheep replied.

With a series of booms, a flash of lightning pierced through the night sky and flashed from a distant place.

In the sky, a passage was carved out, and countless horrific aurae descended from a distance.

“Now’s the time. Let’s not bump into them,” the World Destruction Sheep urged.

[Monster Name]: Rebel Blood Phoenix

[Monster Level]: King God

[Control of Rule]: Phoenix Flame rule 67%, Healing rule 71%, Burnt rule 56%

[Monster Grade]: Eternal

[Special Characteristics]: ???

Leaving the Lightning element in space, Gao Peng silently called for Dumby from the bottom of his heart through the Blood Contract.

Maybe it was the extremely long distance between them, but Dumby didn’t reply.

Crossing directly through the plane barrier into the chaotic space, if one looked into the distance, one could see a grape-like cluster growing in chaos.

From time to time, some of the monsters in space were like sharks that had smelled fish.

The Rebel Blood Phoenix could will countless flames from nothingness onto the monsters in space, burning them to ashes in an instant.

In the distance, the tail of a giant beast in that hadn’t come too close swung over and switched direction, trying to fly away as fast as it could.

Easily, with its two sharp claws, the Rebel Blood Phoenix tore a gap in the world in front of it.

As they entered the gap, Dumby finally replied.

“Master, bad news. I heard that my teacher and the rest have joined forces to fight against the Root of Termination.” Dumby sounded hasty.

“Yes, I know,” Gao Peng said in a resigned tone.

“You know?”

“Yes… Listen to me; how many Undead Divine System strongmen are you able to contact now?” Gao Peng asked Dumby, then Gao Peng told it about their plan to kill the World Destruction Sheep.

“Teacher has already set out. Other than my teacher, there are only two High Gods in the Undead Divine System,” Dumby said quickly.

“Bring them here. Every additional drop of power is better than nothing. Don’t tell anyone else. By the way, go to see if Olu is home.” Gao Peng had thought of a reliable teammate. Olu should be at the level of the King God, but it didn’t know its specific strength.

“Let’s build the formation on this plane,” the Rebel Blood Phoenix said softly.

Gao Peng’s heart skipped a beat. Why not choose a place with more level ground?

“It’s a bit hasty to build the formation at any random place, isn’t it?” said Gao Peng.

“You dare question me?” The Rebel Blood Phoenix shot Gao Peng a side glance.

Gao Peng lowered his head. “I dare not.”

“Then tell me, where is a good place?”

“I just think it’d be better to find a more inward position. If you do the formation at the border, you can’t deal the greatest damage,” Gao Peng said.

“That sounds reasonable. Then you lead the way,” the Rebel Blood Phoneix toyingly said to Gao Peng.

Gao Peng’s hair stood on end. It seemed that Rebel Blood Phoenix had noticed him.

It wasn’t only the Rebel Blood Phoenix, but also the watchful eyes of the three High Gods on Gao Peng.

Gao Peng led them towards a deeper part of the surface plane.

“Master, Olu is at home,” Dumby shared the good news.

“Get Olu here. I may not be able to hold this up for long.”

“Your Highness, you cannot leave.” Two Star Giants were guarding the gate of the palace. They were also giving Dumby evil looks. It was all because of this guy that their royalty wanted to go out.

“Get out of my way!” Olu was riding on Dumby’s shoulders, wrapping its arms around its chest.

The Star Giant said hesitantly, “Your Highness…”

With a flash of Olu’s fist, the two Star Giants were knocked unconscious.

When Olu and Dumby were a safe distance away, the two giants lifted their eyelids, looked at each other, and sat up in silence.

Since they hadn’t been able to stop Olu, they could only feign unconsciousness.

“It’s been three days. Haven’t you wasted enough time?” the Rebel Blood Phoenix said.

Gao Peng wasn’t too surprised. Unless they were a fool, one would definitely notice his suspicious behaviour after such a long time.

“What are you talking about, my lord? I’m still looking for a place.” Gao Peng said, sounding confused.

“Hahaha, I have waited for three days to see what kind of reinforcements you could get, but I don’t want to wait now, so you must die.”

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