Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Burning Goldie

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“Sir, do you really want to start killing?” Gao Peng said in a low voice.

“You’re just going to watch it kill me? Since it wants to kill me, it could also kill you,” Gao Peng said to the other High Gods.

“There’s no use in trying to create discord.” The Rebel Blood Phoenix sneered.


Behind him came Flowing Light. Olu, who was holding onto Silly’s shoulder, also landed beside Gao Peng.

“This is the guy?” Olu jumped to the top of Da Zi’s head, overlooking the Rebel Blood Phoenix.

“You called out a big fish. Now even a King God is tempted to not participate in the siege for the Root of Termination.” The Rebel Blood Phoenix’s smile looked even odder.

“Was there something that I missed or didn’t think of?” Gao Peng thought. He was feeling uncomfortable.

“Sure enough, there’s a traitor among us.” The World Destruction Green Goat and Lightning Arc Emperor Deer jumped out from one of the High Gods, the Devil Sack Ghost Tree.

“It’s a good harvest. There’s actually a King God,” said the Lightning Arc Emperor Deer with a smile. “Otherwise, it would be a bit troublesome to let this baby grow up.”

Gao Peng’s face suddenly changed, and a sense of absurdity rose in him.

Three King Gods were sneaking up against him, a single person?

“The Root of Termination is under siege now. Aren’t you going to help?” Gao Peng wore an ugly expression.

“Don’t worry. It’s better to die together.” The World Destruction Green Sheep laughed heartily.

“Before enjoying the fruits of our labor, we should solve the internal turmoil. The two High Gods you killed the other day.” The World Destruction Green Sheep smiled. “At that time, I sensed that you were up to no good. As expected, you’re secretly a rebel.”

“Sigh…” Gao Peng let out a deep breath. “Olu, I’m sorry to have involved you.”

Olu had its arms around its chest.

Without speaking, two long and thin golden beams shot out from the back of its shoulders. The beams expanded outward into a pair of metallic-looking wings.

Gao Peng tightened his jaw. All he could do now was give it his best shot!

Calling out Goldie, Dragon Ant, and Fatty Big Sea, then retracting Da Zi into the familiar space; the four familiars appeared at the same time. They radiated a brilliant lightthe four familiars had combined.

The power of the familiars could be demonstrated only when there was a breakthrough to the level of God or above. When there was a Beginner God among the familiars, Gao Peng could be combined with two familiars at the same time, and when there was a Middle God, Gao Peng could be combined with three royal beasts at the same time, and so on. Presently, Gao Peng’s limit was to combine with four familiars.

Compared to the High Gods, Gao Peng should have been invincible, but it was his first time facing King Gods.

This time, Goldie was the main body of the combination, because Goldie was the strongest of the four familiars and Gao Peng’s only hope to turn the tides on this battle.

“Gao Peng, you ultimately still chose the strongest, me,” Goldie declared proudly.

“What are you so proud of, bald guy?” Fatty Big Sea rolled its eyes.

“Huh? This power.”

If Da Zi’s power wasn’t enough to impress them, Goldie with its combined strength definitely would.

They had the Death rule, the rule of Devouring, the Soul rule, the Disaster precept, the King Kong rule, and the Thousands Transformation rule.

The Thousands Transformation rule, when combined with the Death rule, increased the Death rule’s power. Although the composition of the rule wasn’t as simple as one plus one, the power after the double-up rule was, to a certain extent, almost near the threshold of a King God.

Goldie raised its fingertip and shot out a gray beam.

A High God was hit directly in the chest.

Its soul decayed immediately, and light blue smoke came out of its seven orifices.

The Death rule: death!

The World Destruction Sheep slit its eyes. This guy’s Death rule wasn’t low; it could even pose a danger to the high-level familiars.

Destructive green lightning lashed out, along with a continuous ring of blue lightning that came down from the sky.

With a boom, Olu lifted its fist to help but was obstructed by the Lightning Arc Emperor Deer.

With a wave of his hands, Gao Peng defended himself with a round shield formed by the Rule of devouring.

The green lightning quickly engulfed the solidified round shield that was created by the rule of Devouring.

The rule of Devouring, although it could swallow all elemental attacks, had a limit.

With a bang, the Devouring rule shield exploded, and the remaining green lightning that was under ten percent landed on Goldie’s chest.

At the last second, the Devouring godhood transformed into the King Kong rule to protect Goldie’s chest.


Gao Peng shared Goldie’s sense of touch.

Looking down, there was a blurred mess of flesh and blood on the chest’s surface, and one could even faintly see the ribs inside.

Gao Peng heaved a long sigh. Even though he had a combined King Kong rule and Goldie’s own element resistance, it had still suffered such an injury. The World Destruction Goat’s attack was truly terrible.

In fact, if it could break through the King God level, it would have another choice. If Gao Peng could have chosen Silly as backup, he wouldn’t have been in such a bad state.

But unfortunately, time waited for no one.

It wasn’t like all villains would simply wait for the protagonist to be fully prepared before challenging them.

Goldie’s three passive strengths, the Dragon Ant’s Thousands Transformation rule, Dumby’s rule of Death, and Fatty Big Sea’s rule of Devouring were his current best choices.

“Stars and Gods’ Captive.” Olu clenched its fists and burst into dazzling light.

Boom after boom rang out.

The divine light connected the sky and the earth. Except for the area where Gao Peng was stationed, everyone was covered by the divine light.

The rest of the High Gods were pierced by the divine light, and the area became like a hornet’s nest.

The High Gods before the King Gods had almost no ability to resist. If the double-up from the Thousands Transformation rule hadn’t taken effect, even the four familiar would have found it difficult to fight against the key Gods.

In the face of an attack where the other High Gods could be killed, the Rebel Blood Phoenix looked on coldly.

Gao Peng’s heart grew cold. “I’m afraid all of them hate each other, but they didn’t take any action because everyone’s strengths are so close,” he worried in his head.

“I’ll deal with this fellow. You two, deal with that little kid.” The Rebel Blood Phoenix moved to attack Gao Peng.



In the surrounding space, blood-red flames rose out of the sky, and the flame twined around Gao Peng’s body unceasingly.

“Unless you die, my phoenix flames will never go out,” the Rebel Blood Phoenix turned its head to avoid the Death rule attack.

On the other side, Olu was in a fierce fight with the World Destruction Green Sheep and the Lightning Arc Emperor Deer.

The phoenix flames were attached to the surface of his body. Gao Peng evoked the rule of Devouring to suppress most of the flames’ power, but even though it was weakened, the phoenix flame would burn Goldie until there was an open wound.

Goldie’s originally red-tinted body became a deeper shade of red, looking just like a roasted duck.

On the contrary, the Rebel Blood Phoenix wasn’t in a hurry. It merely continued to use the phoenix flames to cook Gao Peng.

“I’d like to see how hard your tortoise shell can be.”

Goldie firmly closed its eyes, crossing its arms to protect its face, but allowed the phoenix flame scorching the flesh on its body. Its red veins glistened like gemstones.

Feeling the steady growth of strength in its body, Goldie’s breathing became increasingly more even.

“Gao Peng, do you want to take it down?” Goldie prompted.

“No… humph… Wait…” Gao Peng, who had been holding back, took a deep breath.

He was now being burnt alive by the flames. Even Gao Peng didn’t know the reason for his persistence.

But his reason was very complicated.

If he lost, it wouldn’t mean only him losing his life. Not only him, but all of his relatives and friends would die with him.

If he had to undergo such a painful burn, he needed to smash this guy no matter what! Otherwise, all the pain would be in vain!

“Goldie, isn’t it painful for you?” Gao Peng, after confessing his pain, could only distract himself in other ways.

“It’s all right,” Goldie said indifferently.

“It’s okay… humph…”

“I’ve already gotten used to it. It’s not the most painful.” Goldie laughed stoically.

“…” Gao Peng suddenly froze.

“I’m used to it,” he realized.

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