Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 851

Chapter 851 The Final Chapter

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When the sheep and deer brothers were settled, Olu suddenly paled.

“What’s the matter, Olu?”

“Father, he…” Gao Peng saw panic for the first time in Olu’s eyes.

“Don’t worry unnecessarily,” Gao Peng comforted Olu.

“Master,” Dumby suddenly said. “My teacher, it seems… he’s dead.”

“How is that possible? So many King Gods were left together.” Gao Peng couldn’t believe it.

“My teacher left a soul seal in my body. The soul seal… is now broken.” Dumby’s voice sounded forlorn.

“I’m going to find my father!” All of a sudden, Olu jumped up and ran out.

After Gao Peng and Olu left the surface sea and entered the Chaotic Vanity Space, they stopped in their steps. In the space in front of them, a huge heart was floating. Thick and scary-looking tentacles were growing in all directions from the heart.

A dark wave of red energy was released from the Root of Termination, and the boundary ring that surrounded Jiutian Shidi was directly broken.

Gao Peng could sense that the power fluctuation from the Root of Termination was boundless.

A string of blue characters suddenly appeared in space: You can change the ending.

Gao Peng blinked. Suddenly, his hair stood on end!

Wasn’t that his own golden finger?!

“What are you talking about?”

The font transformed: In actuality, this is your destiny.

“Bah, I don’t believe in destiny!” Gao Peng cursed. “Everything I’ve accomplished up to today was with my own sweat and blood.”

Next was written: Do you believe in yourself?”


The message continued: You don’t even believe in yourself. You are a man with self-awareness. There has never been a free lunch in this world. You pay for what you get.

Gao Peng opened his mouth and suddenly didn’t know what to say.

It was true that there was no such thing as a free lunch. One would eventually have to pay the price.

“What price would I have to pay?” Gao Peng said hoarsely.

“Everything that you have.”


“But why did you select me?” Gao Peng was in a state of confusion.

“Because you are very special.”

“Very special?” Gao Peng smiled bitterly. “That also depends on my own abilities.”

“Gao Peng… We helped you deflect attention and got Silly to help you escape. Run as far as you can,” Fatty Big Sea suddenly said.

“I will protect you, Master!” Dumby said firmly.

After a long moment of silence, Gao Peng said, “There’s no need. You’ve been protecting me all these years. Although I’m the trainer and you’re familiars, I’ve always felt like I was living off of you guys,” Gao Peng said.

“Gao Yueyue, who would protect you, if not me?” Goldie said quickly.

“If you go back, help me tell my grandfather that my biggest regret was that I didn’t accompany him properly,” Gao Peng said, resigned. “If I had known it would come to this, I wouldn’t have wandered around, but rather stayed at home with him.”

“Gao Peng…” Fatty Big Sea and Desolion sensed that something was wrong from Gao Peng’s tone.

“Finally, I want to say… I really don’t regret knowing you. Hahaha.”

Gao Peng said to the golden finger in his mind, “I think I may have figured out what you are.”

The golden finger in his mind didn’t respond.

“You’re an accumulation of the will of the world, just like the plane source, but you’re bigger than that. You’re the accumulation of the whole universe, so since the monsters appeared in this world, you record it, so you know exactly how they evolved. But the monsters that haven’t appeared in this world, like the new monsters that I created with a magic brain, were named by me,” Gao Peng said calmly. “And you gave me the golden finger to deal with the Root of Termination, right?”

The golden finger didn’t respond.

“That isn’t right… If you could deal with the Root of Termination by yourself, why would you need me? The key to dealing with the Root of Termination lies in me?” Gao Peng mumbled to himself.

“You mentioned that I have to give all that I have. That is to say, the key to destroying the Root of Termination lies in me?”

The Root of Termination spread larger and larger until the whole Lightning Elemental World was swallowed up. It was as if a huge black hole existed in the starry sky.

Some of the surrounding planets were swallowed like dust.

The Root of Termination had slowly expanded, fast approaching Jiutian Shidi and even the edge of the Surface Sea…

“Hoo…” Gao Peng heaved a sigh, and a complex smile appeared on his face. “Remember thisI am not sacrificing myself because of you,” Gao Peng said fiercely.

When Gao Peng made up his mind, he felt like he’d been sapped dry inside.

Scattering into numerous beautiful light specks, space was frozen over.

A pair of giant purple eyes appeared above the Root of Termination.

In comparison to the giant pair of purple eyes, the expanded Root of Termination appeared very small. The whole world was covered with purple light.

Under the purple light, the Root of Termination rose to resist, but it was like a boat battling strong waves. Although the Root of Termination resisted desperately, their strengths weren’t in the same league.

With a massive boom, the Root of Termination was destroyed, just like a fragile and delicate crystal sculpture being smashed and exploding into beautiful pieces.

The broken space was like pieces of debris or leaves dancing in the sky.

An intermittent cry echoed between heaven and earth.

Gao Peng had disappeared, leaving behind a bunch of dazed familiars.

Da Zi was shocked, then started frantically looking for traces of Gao Peng. Its tail wagged furiously, its eyes filled with confusion.

How… How had he disappeared after merging bodies?

“Gao Peng is playing hide and seek with us.

“How could he become as stupid as Silly?! Enjoying such naive little games!” Da Zi thought angrily.

With cracking noises, broken bits of space began floating around again.

Da Zi and Goldie became alert and looked over with great hope, but they only saw broken space debris condensing into a glass ball, and the glass ball was empty, nothing in it.

“What are you doing, Silly?” Da Zi became slightly angry. How could Silly be so ridiculous at this point in time?

Silly’s body shook for a while, before it mournfully said, “I… I just want to collect Gao Peng’s scent, so I can smell him when I miss him.”

Da Zi eyes were instantly red. “Gao Yueyue is still around! What do you need his smell for?! I’ll keep the glass ball for you.” Then Da Zi reached over to take the space glass ball.

There was a silver flash as Silly dodged while holding onto the glass ball. “I’m not stupid.”

“You give that to me! Gao Peng is mine! ” Da Zi’s pupils shrank into a vertical line, its wings spread out, and it glared at Silly.

“That’s enough,” said Dumby hoarsely. “Do you still want to fight at this time?” Dumby sounded cold. Its palm shifted into soul mode, then it started to search within space using its full powers in both the Soul rule and the Death rule it would revive its master!

The Death rule transformed into a physical state, and the chains of laws crisscrossed in space.

The flames in Dumby’s eyes soared. “The Death ruleYin and Yang Reversal!”

Some vague shadowy figures appeared in space. They seemed to be attracted by something and floated over after being seduced.

Dumby’s eyes swept around quickly.


“Not him.

“Not him yet.

“Why isn’t he there!” Dumby thought.

The flames in Dumby’s eyes became furious. It waved its right claw. All the shadows in the void were torn to pieces!

It viciously thought, “My master is gone. Why are you guys still around?!”

This was the first time Goldie saw Dumby become angry.

It couldn’t help but quietly step back.

“Then… What shall we do?” Flamy was at a loss, very flustered, and had a strong sense of uneasiness.

This feeling was something it had never experienced before.

Losing the people whom it depended on and losing their only pillar of support was a feeling that terrified Flamy.

It felt helpless.

It was as if a mountain that they had constantly relied on had suddenly collapsed.

All gone, nothing left.

Standing alone in the cold wind, one could only look around and take in the devastation.

“Annoying baldie, where should we go?” Without their master, Flamy instinctively stuck to Goldie.

Goldie had truly become a stunned duck. It stood in its original position, hearing and reacting to no one.

“I don’t know.” Goldie was in a daze. It had been following Gao Peng all this time, anywhere he went. Its parents left it when it was very young, so Gao Peng was to it, like a father.

“Gao Peng is gone. Where else can I go?” Goldie said suddenly.

“Let’s go find Gao Peng?” Flamy persuaded Goldie.

“How do we find him?”

“Gao Peng is such a scheming man. He must be alive!” Flamy said to Goldie.

Goldie’s eyes lit up with fighting spirit.

“Gao Yueyue must be alive!”

“Gao Peng… Gao Peng, you don’t want me anymore,” Stripey murmured to itself. “Are you angry that Stripey didn’t listen?”

“I want to find a way to revive my master,” Dumby said firmly. “Master can definitely be resurrected! Death is not the end!”

After that, Dumby turned and left.

“Dumby,” cried Da Zi.

Dumby stopped in its steps, hesitating for less than two seconds, then continued walking off without turning back…

After the war, the Ling Clan, who went through the Root of Termination disaster, suffered a lot of damage, and the human clan took the opportunity to rise.

The top existence in Jiutian Shidi had disappeared, and a new round of wars broke out due to a lack of resources.

To avoid fighting, the Ling Clan fled to Earth Star and was later integrated into the human race.

Five hundred years later, the human race, which had been developing for a long time on the Surface Sea, had grown into a giant. Under the leadership of Ji Hanwu, the first federal governor, the human race had entered a new golden age.

At the same time, the army of Terracotta Warriors revived in the tomb of Earth Star’s first emperor also ended the expedition to the Surface Sea and returned to the human race in the 300th year. Although the army of Terracotta Warriors didn’t ever merge with the human race, they also reached a collaborative relationship.

“Your Excellency, the third Royal Veterinary Army successfully occupied the Baihu Swamp and subdued the Ghost Car Clan.”

“Your Excellency, General Da Zi has defeated the Emperor Nanqi Mountain, the Spine Star Ape.”

One by one, the battle reports were sent to the general combat room.

White hair meticulously swept back, steady and sharp eyes like an eagle’s stared at the sand table.

A small steel ball fell away from fingertips and knocked down the last blue flag on the table.

There was a gentleness on the cold face.

“We’ve done well to win the eastern war zone, but we shouldn’t take it lightly. We should still be wary of the counter-attack of other Mystical Familiar Clans.

“By the way, let’s have a celebration party for the soldiers in the evening. Aside from the necessary defense crew, everyone can join in.”


It was a starry night.

Under the night sky, bonfires were burning in the grassland. The soldiers celebrated around the bonfires and toasted one another.

In a remote corner, no one dared approach a purplish-gold ten thousand winged dragon lying on the hill. When the night wind blew, the mighty dragon curled up and looked at the galaxy.

The members of the party were tired and had gone back to the tent to rest, but Da Zi was still lying on the ground looking up at the sky.

Suddenly, Da Zi seemed to return to the scene where it first met Gao Peng.

Locked in a glass box, it had hidden nervously in the corner of the box.

A little boy had come up curiously then was scared away.

“Wow… What a big purple centipede!”

“This is our family’s new partner. Little Peng, give it a name.”

“Ah, who me…? But I don’t know how to give names.”

“But you will eventually learn how to give names.”

“Then let’s name it Da Zi.”

“Okay, it’s called Da Zi then,” said the mistress gently.

“Da Zi, I don’t have my parents anymore, they don’t want me…” the little boy cried bitterly while holding the box.

“They don’t want me. Will you leave me?” The little boy’s snot was smeared against the glass box.

The feelers of the centipede in the box waved around. It thought that the little boy was too silly.

Later, it turned out that the boy really was silly. He would kick away the quilts when he slept, and Da Zi often had to cover him again.

“In the end, I became like you. I learned to rub my chin like you. I learned to cough like you. I learned to snore like you. But… Where are you, Gao Peng?”

“Whoo… Whoo, run, run.” Three youths were running wildly through the dense jungle.

From time to time, they would look back nervously towards a huge black shadow that was dashing forward and slamming into numerous trees.

“We’re done for. We can’t possibly outrun a red wolf!” One of the fat boys was in tears.

“There’s a chance that the red wolf has an injured left foot. Fatty, give it a shot, don’t give up!”

A strange booping sound could be heard.

There was a flash of silver, then the red wolf chasing the boys had its head cut off.


“Dumb mortals, congratulations on being saved by the great Silly.” A silver jellyfish floated down from the sky.

Not waiting for them to mock its name, the jellyfish continued, “But I don’t just save any random person. You have to pay a price for this!” The jellyfish’s voice echoed throughout the woods.

The three of them were immediately nervous.

The boy in the middle clenched his fist, then stepped forward. “Take me if you need a reward.”

“No, no, no, I don’t want you.”

The silver flash blipped past. The fat one screamed and then grabbed his pocket. The juice he had been carrying in it was gone!

“Well, I’ve already got my reward. You may leave.” Silly took a deep sip of the juice and smacked its lips repeatedly. It was a familiar taste. As though it had remembered something beautiful, the jellyfish floated reminiscent in mid-air.

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