Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 Ill Provide For You

For Gu Qingchengs death to seem believable, he had to go into hiding.

Yun Liuli knew that they wouldnt be able to see each other for a few years, and they wouldnt even be able to contact each other. Since Gu Qingcheng was going to "die", he had to be like a "dead person".

"Well agree on this. When my hair reaches my waist youll come back!" Yun Liuli choked up as she looked at Gu Qingcheng. "Youll come back and marry me, and Ill provide for you!"

Gu Qingcheng nodded, replying, "Okay! Ill wait for you to provide for me"

Yun Liuli bit her lip, and tears threatened to spill from her eyes once more.

She buried her head in Gu Qingchengs chest again and secretly wiped her tears with his shirt before looking up at him. "I wont give up until I have you. Ill wait for you, no matter how long it takes. If you dont come back for a day, Ill wait for a day. If you dont come back for the rest of my life, Ill wait for you for the rest of my life! I mean what I say, Gu Qingcheng! So dont make me spend the rest of my life alone"

Gu Qingchengs heart ached at her words.

"Okay, I promise!" Gu Qingcheng replied. He tapped on the phone screen and continued, "Remember to study them well!"

Yun Liulis ears turned red. She didnt think Gu Qingcheng was like that!

He told her to study those things well with a straight face!

But Yun Liuli was still pretty happy to hear that. After all that showed that Gu Qingcheng really wanted her too!

Yun Liuli nodded. "Dont worry. On our first night together, Ill make sure you have a wonderful time!"

Wasnt the guy supposed to say this to the girl?

Gu Qingcheng reached out to stroke Yun Liulis hair. "I believe you!"

So long as Yun Liuli was there, the night would definitely be wonderful, and Gu Qingcheng would never forget it!

"Then, will you have to avoid me after I go back to school tomorrow?" At this moment, Yun Liuli suddenly thought to ask an important question.

"Ill have to start making preparations soon" replied Gu Qingcheng.

He had to start preparing to create conflict between him and Cen Mo, and he would need time for that to build up before Cen Mo killed him, which he only had one chance to do.

Gu Qingcheng didnt want to involve Yun Liuli in those matters.

"Then, I want to stick to you today!" Yun Liuli looked at Gu Qingcheng pitifully.

She was really upset. After today, she would have to wait until her hair was long before she could see him again

That was worse than taking Yun Liulis life.

Gu Qingcheng agreed to her request and cuddled with her while watching a cartoon together on the couch, even though he hadnt eaten his lunch yet. The young lady trying not to wipe away her tears with her sleeve was a pitiful sight.

"After you leave can I still come to the Cloud Top Condominium?" asked Yun Liuli.

The apartment smelled like Gu Qingcheng, so when Yun Liuli missed him, she could sleep on his large bed She thought that would perhaps make her feel better.

"Isnt this place already yours?" Gu Qingcheng gently stroked the young ladys hair as she laid in his arms. "If you want, you can move out of the dormitory and stay here instead. Its safe here."

Yun Liuli held back her tears and crawled back into Gu Qingchengs arms

They were watching "Crayon Shinchan" on TV. Yun Liuli would always burst out into laughter every time she watched the show, but now, it didnt seem so funny anymore. In her sadness, she suddenly found that Crayon Shinchan was a pervert.

The innocent Crayon Shinchan was criticized for no reason.

Lu Jinnan was injured, and Bai Xiaonian had planned to send him home on her way back. However, he insisted on going to her house instead, as there was no one around to take care of him at home. He further justified himself by saying that his father was now staying over at Bai Xiaonians house.

The tense expression on Bai Xiaonians face only relaxed after hearing Lu Jinnan crack such jokes

Bai Xiaonian said, "Youre injured because of me and Xiao Nuan. Ill bring you back to my house and take care of you until your injuries heal but leave my house after that so that we can part on good terms!"

In her heart, Bai Xiaonian continued, telling him not to get injured because of her again.

Lu Jinnan knew that Bai Xiaonian always had an unforgiving tongue. It was already a good thing that she relented and said he could stay at her house to recuperate, and that he didnt have to shamelessly pester her any further.

As such, Lu Jinnan nodded. "Okay, Ill recuperate first!"

His answer was vague, but Bai Xiaonian didnt ask further and instead continued to drive silently.

When they reached Bai Xiaonians house, Lu Jinnan became the center of attention!

Bai Xiaonians fathers heart ached at the sight of Lu Jinnan. He glared at Bai Xiaonian and asked her if she had fought with Lu Jinnan

Lu Jinnans father, who was unaware of what really happened, advised Bai Xiaonians father, saying, "Forget it, Old Bai! As elders, we shouldnt meddle in the couples affairs!"

Lu Jinnan then explained to them what had happened, causing Bai Xiaonians fathers heart to ache even more. "You suffered these injuries to save Xiao Bai and Xiao Nuan"

Then, Bai Xiaonians father ordered Bai Xiaonian to let Lu Jinnan sleep in her room instead of on the couch.

Bai Xiaonian refused!

Very well. Bai Xiaonians father would let Lu Jinnan sleep in his room, and he would sleep in the living room

Bai Xiaonian was rendered speechless.

Lu Jinnan openly hogged Bai Xiaonians bed, and Bai Xiaonian became his personal maid after her father pressured her to do so. One moment, she would pour water for him, and the next moment, she would bring him fruits!

Lu Jinnan had become the Bai familys little baby, while Bai Xiaonian was now like the wild grass on the side of the road.

Bai Xiaonians attitude could sometimes be bad when her temper flared up. Lu Jinnan would shamelessly whimper in pain, and Bai Xiaonian would then be lectured by her father.

After Bai Xiaonian had a few strokes of luck, she told herself that her father was a sick person and that she couldnt make him angry!

So, Bai Xiaonian looked at Lu Jinnan with resentment, as if he had snatched her father away!

Lu Jinnan facepalmed as he watched Bai Xiaonians father defend him. He wasnt acting as planned

He and Bai Xiaonians father had already agreed on him standing on Bai Xiaonians side no matter what. Why was he standing on his side now that he was injured? He was clearly attracting hatred for him!

Lu Jinnan thought he had better find an opportunity to talk to Bai Xiaonians father. Otherwise he would be doing him more harm than good.

That night, Bai Xiaonians father made dinner, and Lu Jinnans father was in charge of serving the rice and side dishes. Since Lu Jinnan was injured, Bai Xiaonians father shouted from the kitchen, "Bai Xiaonian, Lu Jinnans injured. Do you expect him to clean the table? Come over here and help!"

The door to Bai Xiaonians room was kept open at the request of her father. He said this was in case Lu Jinnan wanted to drink water or something, and they couldnt hear him while preparing dinner and no one would respond to him.

She was sitting in front of her study table and was organizing program materials. When she heard what her father said, she frowned and slammed the door. Her blood was suddenly boiling to the point where she couldnt calm down.

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