Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 Not Giving Her A Chance

"Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Xiaonian to Dad, I count every extra day I get to live as a blessing. Im very content. I just want to see that you have someone to depend on, and my mind will be put at ease!"

Bai Xiaonians father then patted Bai Xiaonians hand and turned around to make the bed.

Actually, Bai Xiaonians father could somewhat tell that it was indeed as Lu Jinnan had said, that he did something unforgivable, hence why Bai Xiaonian was so firm in getting a divorce.

But Bai Xiaonians father could see how attentive Lu Jinnan was towards his daughter. He felt that other than himself, Lu Jinnan was the person who loved his daughter the most in this world!

Moreover, he understood his own daughter well! Bai Xiaonians father dared to wager that if Bai Xiaonian didnt have feelings for Lu Jinnan, he would chop off his head and let others play soccer with it

Bai Xiaonians bark was worse than her bite, and that had been the case since she was little!

Moreover, Lu Jinnans father was really very fond of Bai Xiaonian!

Over this period, Bai Xiaonians father had given this much thought. If the two kids didnt reconcile before he died, based on Bai Xiaonians rotten temper and obstinate character, Lu Jinnan might tire of trying to win her back and stop chasing or coaxing her. What would she do then?

Once he died, there wouldnt be anyone taking care of Bai Xiaonian. She would be left all alone. When she cried at home, there wouldnt even be someone handing her a tissue!

She had been spoiled since she was young and couldnt even fold her own blanket properly! How was she going to live!

Lu Jinnan was mature and steady, excellent at both his career and at taking care of the everyday living.

Only with such a person by Bai Xiaonians side would he have no worries!

So long as they could get together, even if he died he wouldnt have to worry about Bai Xiaonian.

Bai Xiaonians fathers eyes reddened. After laying out the blanket properly, he straightened his back and massaged his waist before warning Bai Xiaonian ferociously, "Stop throwing a tantrum at Lu Jinnan, do you hear me!"

Every time Bai Xiaonians father mentioned the subject of death, Bai Xiaonian would yield with no strings attached. She nodded, then watched as her father exited her room. She then heard her father talking with Lu Jinnan.

"Jinnan, Ive laid out the bed. Sleep in Xiaonians room tonight"

"Dad, how can I let you help me lay out the bed?"

"If you were to go to Xiaonians room and lay out the bed, theres no doubt she would chase you out"

Lu Jinnan was speechless.

He was unable to rebut that.

Bai Xiaonians father even made a gesture to cheer him on at the end of their conversation.

He seemed to be saying with his expressionyoung lad, I can only help you this much!

Bai Xiaonians father then returned to his room quietly

After Bai Xiaonians father returned to his room, the entire place became quiet.

Lu Jinnan walked to Bai Xiaonians door. Looking at Bai Xiaonians back view as she sat at the desk, he said, "Ill take the blanket and pillow out with me"

Bai Xiaonian said nothing. She was focused on the computer screen, deep in her thoughts.

Lu Jinnan thought she was working, so he didnt interrupt her. After folding the blanket and picking up the pillow, he was prepared to leave. That was when he saw Bai Xiaonian get up. She took out a blanket and laid it on the floor, then pulled her pillow and blanket off the bed and said, "I dont wish to upset my dad. You can sleep on the bed, and Ill sleep on the floor"

"Ill sleep on the floor!" Lu Jinnan said.

To Lu Jinnan, being permitted to stay in Bai Xiaonians room was already a huge improvement and concession. Lu Jinnan wasnt planning to reach out for a yard after taking an inch.

Lu Jinnan placed his blanket and pillow on the floor and said to Bai Xiaonian with a smile, "My injury is merely superficial. My leg isnt broken or amputated. Ill sleep on the floor!"

Bai Xiaonian didnt stand on ceremony with Lu Jinnan. She tossed her pillow and blanket back onto the bed.

Seeing Bai Xiaonian close her laptop and walk out of the room, Lu Jinnan asked, "Why arent you resting at this hour?"

Bai Xiaonian ignored him

After working until 5:30 am, when Bai Xiaonian returned to the bedroom, she saw that Lu Jinnan hadnt slept either. He was sitting at the desk and looking through Bai Xiaonians photo album from her childhood.

Hearing the door open, Lu Jinnan turned around. He looked much more spirited than Bai Xiaonian.

He closed the photo album and asked, "Done with your work? Sleeping now?"

She had been dragging it out working outside until this hour and he was still awake?

Bai Xiaonian didnt say a word to Lu Jinnan. After getting some clothes, she went into the bathroom to bathe.

Bai Xiaonian was used to taking a shower before bed if she worked deep into the night

After Bai Xiaonian took her sweet time to shower, she came out and didnt see Lu Jinnan in the room. Instead, she saw a note on the photo album, telling her that he went out to buy breakfast.

He had folded the blankets on the floor and neatly stacked them on the chair. Bai Xiaonian climbed into bed and pulled the blanket over her, closing her eyes, but she couldnt sleep.

It was because of what her father said, as well as because of the child they lost.

While she was lying on the bed and watching as the skies brightened up, she heard Lu Jinnan returning with breakfast. She also heard her fathers astonished voice as he hurriedly asked Lu Jinnan to sit, for his leg was injured.

Bai Xiaonian had no idea if it was because of the passing of time, the gradual healing of her pain of losing her baby, but towards Lu Jinnan her heart was starting to soften.

It wasnt that she was deliberately finding excuses for Lu Jinnan, but based on Lu Jinnans personality he couldnt possibly have ignored Hong Jinyun back then. Although he had a vicious tongue, he was actually a very soft-hearted man, sometimes overly sentimental and loyal.

Bai Xiaonians tears slipped past the bridge of her nose. She sniffled and wrapped herself firmly with the blanket, hand gripping the clothes at her abdomen tightly.

If the two of them hadnt acted out of spite back then If, after Lu Jinnan asked her to stop making a fuss back then, she was able to swallow her pride and tell him she wasnt being difficult but was calling him because she was pregnant, would he have gone to her right away? Could their child have been saved?

It was both their fault that the baby was lost!

Bai Xiaonian had been pinning the entire blame on Lu Jinnan, hence denied the possibility of a future with Lu Jinnan.

She wiped her tears with a blanket and asked herself if she was the perfect example of the saying, "a good woman fears a pestering man."

Last night, Yun Liuli and Gu Qingcheng slept next to each other the entire night. Yun Liuli went to school with reddened eyes and dark undereye circles the following day.

At the Cloud Top Condominium, Yun Liuli had cried in Gu Qingchengs arms countless times. It was like they would be parting forever or something. In the end, she only left because Gu Qingcheng urged her to.

In the car, she secretly grumbled about what a heartless man Gu Qingcheng was. God knows when they would get to meet again. Despite that, he had heartlessly sent her to the elevator, not giving her a chance to get close to him!

However, when she recalled the way Gu Qingcheng asked her to work hard before leaving and his words about how he needed her to provide for him when he returned in a few years time, Yun Liuli felt hot blood coursing through her veins, driven by motivation!

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