Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Mrs. Fu Is So Smart

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To an author, their greatest fantasy was to watch their characters come to life from the books!

It would be accurate to say that Lin Nuan satisfied Shu Xins fantasy.

Even Su Manman and the male lead were a little different from the characters Shu Xin had envisioned.

But Lin Nuan, she was the previous reincarnation of Feng Wuluan, no doubt about it!

On the way, Lin Nuans elbow was leaned against the car window as she watched the reversing scenery outside the car window. After she managed to calm her feelings down from the impact of the trailer, she thought of Song Yao, as well as Old Madam Lins birthday banquet, which was to take place tomorrow.

Lin Nuan recalled that Old Madam Lin was strict with her education when she was young; she also remembered her warm smile. Lin Nuan looked troubled at the thought of this.

All those years, Old Madam Lin had genuinely doted on Lin Nuan. Even if she was strict, it was for Lin Nuans good.

She remembered a line Old Madam Lin often used to say

"Our Lin family doesnt have a tradition of favoring sons over daughters. Even if our Nuan Nuan gets married in the future, you must come to accompany and stay with me, this old woman!"

After so many years, ever since Lin Nuan found out she wasnt a daughter of the Lins, Lin Nuan had never been to see that granny who loved to study books on flower cultivation with her presbyopic glasses again, that granny who was strict and loving to Lin Nuan.

"Its Old Madam Lins birthday banquet tomorrow. If its not convenient for you to show your face, Ill get Little Lu to send a gift in my name."

Fu Huaians voice cut off Lin Nuans train of thought. She turned her head to see Fu Huaians side profile.

Now that everyone knew Fu Huaian and Lin Nuan had gotten married, if Fu Huaian were to send a gift over, the Lins would know it was as good as Lin Nuan sending the gift

Lin Nuan didnt reply to him. Fu Huaian stopped the car at a red light and smiled as he gazed at Lin Nuan. "The Lins and the Kaide Corporation are going to have business dealings together in the near future, so its perfectly normal for me to send a birthday gift."

Lin Nuan indeed wasnt planning to go, so she didnt reject Fu Huaians good intentions and nodded. "Ok"

"The day after tomorrow is Fu Tiancis engagement party, attend it with me" Fu Huaians index finger rapped the steering wheel inconsistently. "The day after that, Ill be going on a long leave after I arrange things at the company. Ill then be able to take you and Tuan Tuan out for fun. Where do you want to go?"

Although Fu Huaian didnt approve of Fu Tiancis engagement to the Mus daughter of Pengcheng, he had to go through the formalities and bring Lin Nuan to attend the engagement party.

Lin Nuan didnt have any plans at work for the time being, and Miss Xia was also taking a two-month break, so Lin Nuan could take this opportunity to relax somewhere, as well as think about which TV station to choose.

"Lets go to Dubai. I was browsing a drawing book with Tuan Tuan the other day, and Tuan Tuan really wanted to visit The Lost Chambers Aquarium!" Lin Nuan blurted out where Tuan Tuan wanted to visit without even thinking about it

The traffic light changed to green, and Fu Huaian started driving, looking ahead.

"Im asking where you want to go. Were just conveniently bringing along Tuan Tuan"

Lin Nuan was rendered speechless.

Arent you afraid your son will be sad if he comes to know this?

Outside the car, the rain had gotten heavier, pitter-pattering on the car window.

The phone in Lin Nuans bag vibrated. She dug around in her purse and found her phone. She glanced at it and saw a message from Fang Yan.

Fang Yan had sent Lin Nuan the schedule for appearances of "The Exorcists" cast members on variety shows.

Lin Nuan appeared to be looking at the schedule attentively, but she was speaking to Fu Huaian. "Lu Qili came to look for me today. She threatened me with Tuan Tuans parentage"

Fu Huaian frowned. "When did this happen?"

"Today at noon, when the magazine was interviewing you" Lin Nuan suddenly turned her head to look at Fu Huaian, smiling brightly. "I recorded our conversation, do you want to listen to it?"

Because of Lu Qili, Lin Nuan felt so vexed she didnt even watch Fu Huaians interview.

It seemed like she got mad.

Fu Huaian turned his head to look at Lin Nuan. It was a red light again, so Fu Huaian stopped the car. "How did she threaten you?"

Lin Nuan played the recording.

With the soft music playing in the cafes background, Lu Qilis sneering and sarcastic voice could be heard from the phone.

"Did you know Fu Huaian used to love Lu Xiangsi with his life?"

"This, Ive heard. Miss Lu isnt the first woman to tell me this."

The recording continued playing, but the traffic light turned green, and the cars behind them had already started blaring their horns!

Only then did Fu Huaian start the engine and listen on with a grim face.

After the recording finished playing, Lin Nuan blackened her phone screen, a pleased look on her face. "With this recording, if Lu Qili dares to expose the fact that Tuan Tuan isnt our child, I can turn the tables on her and claim that after she wanted to slander Tuan Tuan as not being your son, she simply slandered Tuan Tuan as not being our son!"

Lin Nuan had always been smart; Fu Huaian had never doubted that.

After Lu Qili, who knew of Tuan Tuans parentage, approached Lin Nuan, she had the foresight to see what was going to happen in the future.

"Mrs. Fu is so smart!" Fu Huaians eyes were all smiles, praising Lin Nuan the way he did Tuan Tuan.

Lin Nuan was rendered speechless.

Lin Nuan was praised, but she wasnt happy. Was he coaxing her like she was a kid?

"Are there any more Wang Qilis and Li Qilis around you?" Lin Nuan adjusted her position and put her shoulder bag on the console as she asked, "So that I can be mentally prepared. How many more people will I need to deal with?"

"Mrs. Fu is quite jealous" Fu Huaian grinned.

"Very jealous indeed!"

Fu Huaian hadnt expected Lin Nuan to admit it in such a forthcoming manner. He turned his head to look at Lin Nuan and was surprised to see that Lin Nuan didnt dodge from his gaze but was instead staring back at him with those clear eyes of hers.

It seemed like she really got mad

Separated by the console, Fu Huaian reached out his hand to grab Lin Nuans petite one.

Lin Nuan was considerate of the fact that Fu Huaian was driving, so she only mildly struggled and didnt break free, allowing Fu Huaian to continue holding her hand.

"Ill compensate you when we get back!" Fu Huaians eyes were churning with emotions on top of that hint of a smile.

As he finished his sentence, Fu Huaian squeezed Lin Nuans petite hand.

Lin Nuans heart rate slightly accelerated, and her ears turned red as she retracted her hand from Fu Huaians large hand. "Who was referring to this?"

"Ill arrange an assistant for you" Fu Huaian suddenly said to Lin Nuan. "This way, no one will harass you again."

Even though he said assistant, it was probably someone to serve as assistant and bodyguard.

"No need." Lin Nuan smirked. "Why should I stop people from coming to look for me because of you? Ill take the chance to find out how great your charm is. Even after announcing the fact that youre married, there are still so many people coveting you! Let a few more like that come to me, and Ill take the opportunity to train my eloquence."

When a woman spoke like that, she was clearly talking out of spite. Fu Huaian could sense that Lin Nuan was angry.

Fu Huaians phone vibrated. He picked it up and glanced at it, then casually tossed his phone onto the dashboard.

Lin Nuan had a sharp eye and could see that it was Lu Qilis name

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