Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 599

Chapter 599 Forced Herself Into A Dead End

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But now that Li Muyang put it this way, Ah Zhan suddenly felt that perhaps Mr. Moral had chosen to meet Gu Qingcheng in public precisely because of the fact that everyone would think this way.

The more they exposed their relationship in front of others and didnt attempt to hide it, the more others couldnt detect it.

Wasnt there a saying, A true hermit secludes himself in the city center? Perhaps that was the case here!

Little Lu and You Nainai had originally planned to escort Fu Huaian and Lin Nuan back to the presidential suite, then leave after seeing the two of them enter

But after the four of them exited the elevator, Fu Huaian asked Little Lu and You Nainai to go back first.

Fu Huaians arm was held around Lin Nuans shoulder, and Lin Nuan, who was tipsy, leaned into Fu Huaians embrace as if she had no bones.

The effect of the alcohol was so great Lin Nuan felt that her mind was still clear, but her body was no longer obeying her commands. It feels like this body isnt mine anymore!

If you like fruit wine, Ill get them to prepare some at home. Dont drink so much outside again! Fu Huaian reminded her.

Lin Nuan nodded, then flashed a silly grin as she said, Youre so wonderful!

Lin Nuan and Fu Huaian had yet to reach their suite, but in the distance, Lin Nuans blurry vision could make out a svelte lady standing outside their door.

That lady held on tightly to the collar of her opened jacket as she raised another hand to tuck her long chestnut-colored wavy hair behind her ears. She placed a finger on the doorbell, hesitating about whether to press it.

En? Lin Nuan pointed at that lady outside their suite. Fu Huaian, did another pretty lady come to look for you?

Fu Huaian was rendered speechless.

The drunk Lin Nuan had poor eyesight. What pretty lady? That was clearly Chu Xun!

Hearing Lin Nuans voice, Chu Xun turned her head around

She held tightly onto the document file Old Madam Fu had handed her. Seeing Fu Huaian come back with a flushed Lin Nuan, she realized Lin Nuan might be drunk. Her body stiffened. She tried to smile, but she couldnt make herself do it.

Towards Lin Nuan, Chu Xuns initial guilt had slowly turned to hatred.

Lin Nuan felt the same way towards Chu Xun.

After realizing it was Chu Xun, the drunk Lin Nuan didnt bother to mask her emotions. She snickered

Chu Xun had always dressed like a strong woman with a successful career, rarely dressed up in this girl-next-door style that she had chosen today.

She wore a black tight-fit V-neck T-shirt and a navy blue batwing sleeve knitted coat with contrasting red pockets. Below were long black pants that revealed her slim ankles, and a pair of white sports shoes. Her long chestnut-colored curls hung loosely, and the eyes under that airy fringe appeared not as fierce as usual, seeming gentler.

Lin Nuan had always been polite to Chu Xun. This was the woman who once stripped naked in front of her husband and asked but failed to get him to make love to her. If it were another woman seeing her appear at their door, they would undoubtedly give her a good scolding or beating.

Lin Nuans upbringing could be considered excellent. After all, she merely snickered at Chu Xun when she was drunk.

That snicker was extra piercing to Chu Xuns ears.

Her vision fell to Fu Huaians large hand, which was on Lin Nuans shoulder. Chu Xun retracted her gaze and looked at Fu Huaian, saying in an apologetic tone, Im sorry that my cousin caused so much unhappiness, that kids young and spoiled. Ive already lectured her.

Then, without waiting for either of them to speak, Chu Xun hurriedly raised the thick file that Old Madam Fu gave her to give to Fu Huaian. Old Madam Fu asked me to hand you this!

The bright lighting of the hotel shone upon the file, which Lin Nuan thought looked a tad familiar. It was as if she had seen this file somewhere

Lin Nuan realized what was inside, and her dim yet bright eyes turned towards Chu Xun.

She laughed as she said, Old Madam Fu has been gone for so many days, so why is President Chu only remembering to hand this file over to us now? Has President Chu seen the contents?

Lin Nuan was clearly drunk, to the point that her body leaned lifelessly against Fu Huaians, yet her tongue was still so sharp.

Lin Nuans words were to the point, piercing Chu Xuns heart directly.

This was the reason Chu Xun had hesitated.

Old Madam Fu asked her to pass this on, but Chu Xun couldnt help but steal a look.

What Chu Xun saw gave her a scare.

Inside were all of the assets under Old Madam Fus name. She had signed the documents for these assets to be transferred entirely to Fu Huaian and Lin Nuan.

The reason Chu Xun hesitated to hand the file over to Lin Nuan and Fu Huaian was that she was trying to guess Old Madam Fus intentions.

She had already told the Chu family that Fu Huaian likely no longer wished to take over the Kaide Corporation. Chu Xuns father asked her to test him one last time, so she decided to come after all that hesitation.

Since Grandma Fu handed this to me, I naturally know whats inside Chu Xun deliberately answered in a vague manner and only spoke to Fu Huaian. Huaian, my father asked me to tell you that hes willing to transfer all of his Kaide Corporation shares to you at market price, but thats only the shares my father holds. He cant make the decision on others behalf.

Chu Xuns heart was palpitating

If Fu Huaian accepted this, it meant he had his own plans for the Kaide Corporation.

If he refused it, then things would get really tricky.

Fu Huaian gave a slight smile as he took the file from Chu Xuns hands. Does Chairman Chu regard me as a garbage collection center?

Chu Xun paused. No, thats not what my father meant. My father thought you might have plans for the Kaide Corporation, so

So he sent you to test me? Fu Huaian didnt spare her any face and exposed her just like that.

Thats not the case! Chu Xun shook her head and explained. Because of Tianci openly insulting me, my father has already completely fallen out with Grandpa Fu. He said that if you have plans for the Kaide Corporation, our Chu family will lend our full support. So if you have a use for the Kaide Corporation shares, my father is willing to transfer them to you at market price.

Then, I thank Chairman Chu for his kind intentions! Fu Huaians deep gaze was calm and unfathomable. However, I no longer need Kaide Corporation shares.

Gazing at Fu Huaians cold and stern features, Chu Xuns hands clenched by her sides. She summoned all of her courage before speaking up. Are we no longer able to remain friends because of what happened at Tianfu Bay?

The color of blood drained from Chu Xuns cheeks at exposing her own scars like this. Her heart was feeling panicked.

She shouldnt have asked it like that; it was too rash of her. Once Fu Huaian answered that it would be as good as completely pushing her feelings for him into a blind alley.

Fu Huaian remained standing there, with a half-drunk Lin Nuan in his arms. He carefully shielded her, which was a stark contrast to the cold way he gazed at Chu Xun.

He said, Youve exceeded the bottom line as friends.

Fu Huaians voice was magnetic and had a demonic charm, yet it spoke the harshest and most hurtful words.

Chu Xun felt that she had forced herself into a dead end.

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