Mr Fu I Really Love You Chapter 600

Chapter 600 Why Are You So Likable?

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Gazing at Fu Huaians tall and broad figure, the corners of Chu Xuns eyes turned moist.

She had always known that Fu Huaian was heartless towards women who had designs on him. Once upon a time, she had felt glad about this.

But now, when this heartlessness was applied to her, Chu Xun only felt as if a knife was piercing her heart. It hurt so much that her body couldnt take it. She supported her limp body against the wall, feeling like she would collapse to the ground otherwise.

Taking another look at the intoxicated Lin Nuan in Fu Huaians arms, no matter how Chu Xun looked at it, she felt that Lin Nuan was putting on a demonstration against her! Mocking her! Ridiculing her!

Having suffered a huge blow to her pride, Chu Xun fought back the urge to cry. She kept swallowing down her saliva in an attempt to soothe the painful sensation in her throat as she opened her mouth again

Lin Nuans mind had begun blanking out due to the effects of the alcohol, and she was displaying the unhappiness she felt in her heart on her face.

How dare Chu Xun brazenly speak of that incident where she had stripped naked and tried to seduce her husband? Did she regard Lin Nuan as a dead person?

But Fu Huaians performance was considered satisfactory to Lin Nuan. She didnt wish to waste her breath with Chu Xun, so she simply looked up at Fu Huaian and said, "Im tired"

"Anything else?" Fu Huaian gently stroked Lin Nuans arm to soothe her, his attitude towards Chu Xun bland.

Chu Xun shook her head, then feigned calmness with a smile as she stuffed both hands into the pockets of her knitted cardigan and grasped the phone inside. "Sorry to have disturbed you!"

Chu Xun turned around and was prepared to leave when she saw Lu Jinnan pushing Bai Xiaonian towards Lin Nuan and Fu Huaians suite.

"Yo, President Chu!" Bai Xiaonian didnt bother hiding the fact that she was sizing up Chu Xun, even laughing faintly. "I didnt expect President Chu to to change her style into something like this suddenly! From the back view, I thought it was our Nuan Nuan! I was about to berate her for revealing her ankles like this for vanitys sake on such a cold day! Who knew that it turned out to be President Chu! I nearly scolded the wrong person!"

Chu Xuns expression turned even darker because of Bai Xiaonians words.

Bai Xiaonian was implying that Chu Xun was imitating Lin Nuans appearance.

"Such a style is pretty common. Surely Miss Bai wouldnt mistake every girl who dresses like this as your best friend!" Chu Xun retorted with a dark face.

Chu Xun was in a rotten mood and didnt even give face to Lu Jinnan, directly clashing with Bai Xiaonian.

"Of course I wouldnt mistake other people for her, but President Chu is way too similar to our Nuan Nuan. Such as the back view, as well as the taste in men! Except, President Chu your style has always given off the vibe of a capable woman, so why did you suddenly change it? Or rather, why did you suddenly change into Nuan Nuans style?"

Bai Xiaonian sized Chu Xun up once more as she sneered. "For President Chu to come dressed like this to look for Nuan Nuan and her husband, other people cant help but think that President Chu is trying to imitate our Nuan Nuan in order to grab her husbands attention. Or perhaps, youre here to test if Nuan Nuans husband likes Nuan Nuan or merely this type of girl!"

Bai Xiaonian openly exposed her, hiding nothing.

Even Lu Jinnan felt embarrassed for Chu Xun!

Lu Jinnans mouth was wicked enough, but looking at his lover, he felt that he had to concede defeat to her.

Bai Xiaonians body leaned to the right, with her right elbow on the armrest of the wheelchair. Her ravishing facial features carried a hint of a smile, but that smile was only on the surface, making her look bewitching.

"Miss Bai, do not judge others by yourself!" Chu Xun clenched her hands tightly. She only managed this comeback after a good while.

Bai Xiaonian chortled, her relaxed expression contrasting Chu Xuns stern one. "President Chu, just take it as me judging others by myself! So long as youre happy"

Lu Jinnan was speechless.

His lovers mouth was scarier than his!

Chu Xun felt so awkward that she almost couldnt hold her footing. She ended up fleeing with a panicked heart.

"Arent you afraid Chu Xun will pick on you when you return to the TV station? Thats your president, your top boss" Lu Jinnan sounded helpless.

"By the time I recuperate, shell no longer be my top boss. Ive got to make use of this opportunity to rebut her"

Supper hung by Bai Xiaonians wheelchair wheels. Bai Xiaonian and Lu Jinnan had accidentally chanced upon these seafood noodles when they were out. Bai Xiaonian thought they tasted rather good, so she insisted on buying Lin Nuan a packet for dinner.

Bai Xiaonian looked at the giggly Lin Nuan in Fu Huaians arms and sighed. "Looking at Nuan Nuans silly expression, shes had too much to drink, eh?"

Lin Nuan rarely got drunk like this. She was a person with self-restraint and wouldnt allow herself to indulge in alcohol, no matter if she was sad or happy. She only drank so much today because the fruit wine tasted too much like a sweet beverage.

Bai Xiaonian was reassured about the way Lin Nuan behaved when she was drunk.

When this child drank more, she liked to giggle. As for Bai Xiaonian she transformed into a lustful demon when she had too much to drink.

Fu Huaian supported Lin Nuan with one hand and opened the door with the other. "She did drink a little too much."

After Lu Jinnan handed the supper to Fu Huaian, him and Bai Xiaonian didnt hinder them from resting, going back to their own room.

After entering the room, Fu Huaian held the supper in one hand and supported Lin Nuan with the other. As for the file from Old Madam Fu, he held it under his armpit as he kicked the door shut with his leg.

They walked to the sofa, and Fu Huaian set the supper Bai Xiaonian brought on the coffee table. He then helped Lin Nuan sit down, letting her rest against the back of the sofa. He removed his suit jacket and tossed it aside, then unbuttoned his shirt and said, "Ill bring you a cup of hot water. Be good and sit here."

Lin Nuan nodded at Fu Huaian seriously, her slow expression a little adorable.

Fu Huaian smiled at such an obedient Lin Nuan.

When Fu Huaian came back with a cup of hot water, Lin Nuan was holding the file Old Madam Fu gave to him, but she had yet to open it.

"Drink some hot water" Fu Huaian sat on the coffee table and handed Lin Nuan the cup of warm water. On second thought, fearing that Lin Nuans hands werent steady enough to hold it, he directly held the water to her mouth.

Lin Nuans petite hand grabbed Fu Huaians firm wrist as she took a sip. She then looked up at Fu Huaian, whose long legs couldnt even extend between the coffee table and the sofa. "Say, why are you so likable?"

Fu Huaian gazed at the drunk Lin Nuan and didnt say anything as he held the water to her lips again. Lin Nuan obediently lowered her head and took another sip, then raised her head at Fu Huaian as she said, "So many people come and try to snatch you from me. So annoying!"

"Im not a casual person. Its not like anyone who wishes to snatch me away could succeed in doing so!" Fu Huaian then held the water to Lin Nuans lips again. "Take a sip!"

The drunk Lin Nuan was even more obedient than Tuan Tuan. She delicately took a small sip, then looked up at Fu Huaian with those bright and sparkly eyes of hers, smiling. "Right! Youre not a thing"

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