My 100 Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Third Young Master Ye Was Provoked Vi

"Get out." Tang Ling dismissed Lil Hu out of the office right away.

On the other hand, after ending the call, Ye Lanchen walked toward Chu Wuyou right away and pulled the woman into his embrace, before lowering his head to kiss her firmly on the lips.

The woman tensed up at the unexpected kiss. She thought of pushing the man away, since they were outside after all, but she sensed something was wrong with him.

His kisses were too violent and fierce. She could also feel a hint of anxiety and concern coming from the man.

It was only until she was running out of breath and he began to pant that he finally loosened his grip. However, that did not stop him from giving her more kisses on the face.

With a sense of urgency.

"Whats the matter?" The woman appeared confused. He was still perfectly fine just minutes ago; why did he change after the brief phone call?

Instead of replying to her question, his hands around her waist tightened and his kisses became more eager.

"Who called earlier?" Normally, she would not question further into his personal affairs but the man was acting too strangely right now that she had to raise her doubts.

It was evident that he had been provoked.

But who had the ability to provoke this man right here?

She knew for certain that something must have gone wrong on the phone call earlier. Who called and managed to provoke him?

She reckoned an average person would not be able to do that.

The man stopped kissing her and held her gaze with quiet intensity. After a brief moment of consideration, he said gradually, "Tang Ling."

There was not much emotion revealed on his face when he said that, even if he could hear the thumping of his heart. He wished to find some answer from her right now.

In actuality, he suspected if Tang Ling and her knew each other all along. Perhaps Tang Boqian did not exist. Perhaps Tang Ling made that up just to confuse him.

Perhaps she was one of Tang Lings colleagues. Was there something between the two of them?

"Tang Ling?" The woman raised her eyebrows in confusion.

This caught her by surprise. Given the mens relationship, what would have happened that upset Ye Lanchen so badly?

"Do you know Tang Ling?" He could not resist asking the question.

The woman lifted her head to meet his eyes, blinking blankly before finally replying. "Isnt that your Big Brother? You brought me to meet him twice."

She knew something was fishy based on his tentative tone but she replied honestly anyway.

"Before that? Never?" Another surge of anxiety passed through him.

He knew Tang Ling would not have any inappropriate thoughts about Chu Wuyou after knowing she was his wife.

What if the two of them knew each other way before? What if Tang Ling had already fancied Chu Wuyou before this?

He knew it was not easy to forget about past relationships.

He thought to himself earlier that he would not give up easily if Tang Ling decided to fight with him for the woman.

Nothing would make him give up on her.

"I didnt know him before that. Youve only brought me to meet him twice." She was reminded of the first time he brought her to meet Tang Ling hence she understood what was playing on his mind. Ye Lanchen had definitely set up the meeting to scheme against the two of them thus she figured there was no need to explain further.

"Thats it," she added nonetheless.

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