My 100 Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 427

Chapter 427 The Test Results Are Out

Life was unpredictable!!!

It truly was!

Madam Xi rushed home immediately after getting the DNA test results. She retrieved a piece of paper from an envelope wedged in the bottom most drawer of the wardrobe.

She positioned both pieces of paper side by side for a comparison.

However, she quickly found out there was no need for that because none of those data matched at all.

In other words, that boy was definitely not Xi Jis child.

An intense rage stormed across the womans face. Her eyes narrowed as she said through gritted teeth. "Shameless woman, how dare she claim the children she had with some savage man to be Xi Jis. Horrible. Such a horrible woman!"

Right this second, Madam Xi swore that she would never forgive that shameless woman. Of course, she would also not let those two wild children off the hook.

As for that mysterious savage man, she would find ways to locate him and later invite him to join the party.

She put away XI Jis test results properly, back into the bottom drawer of the wardrobe, before making a phone call. "Find out something for me."

She knew that person would be able to achieve it.

Qin Yutong came crawling back to Xi Ji with children she had with another man. The latter must be a good-for-nothing, useless person. According to her experience, those kinds of men were the easiest to take advantage of.

Therefore, Madam Xi would have her ways to oppress Qin Yutong as long as she identified the man in question.

She wanted the other woman to be utterly discredited. On the other hand, the two little ones would become wild children that everyone despised.

Of course, with Tang Ling gaining the control behind this, the person Madam Xi hired would surely find out about the "truth".

Three days later in Tang Lings office.

"Big Boss, the Gu family is really shameless and vicious." Lil Hus face changed as a whole range of emotions lashed across it. "Theyre obviously targeting you."

Tang Ling lifted his eyes to look at the enraged man. Instead of being affected by the anger, the corners of his lips twitched into a smile.

This caught Lil Hu by surprise. Why was Big Boss smiling again? He realized the man was smiling much more lately.

But how could Big Boss still do so in this situation? Was he not worried at all?

"Big Boss, this is a critical time. The Gu family is obviously the mind behind this arrangement, passing over the thorny cases accumulated over the years to Corps Commander." Lil Hu who was already anxious became more frustrated upon witnessing the smile on the other mans face.

"Commander Gong said all these fine words about how solving these cases would be a great accomplishment but what if it turns out to be a failure? Does it mean a promotion is out of the question? Not to mention the possibility of a charge for incompetence. Big Boss, this involves the life and death of the Tang family. Are you not worried at all?"

"Whats there to worry about?" Unperturbed, a look of nonchalance washed over Tang Lings face.

Indeed, this would have been a matter of life and death.

However, the situation had changed because the Tangs had Chu Wuyou on their side now. The woman was an expert in this field, not to mention the best among the rest.

Wuyou could have solved the thorny cases deemed impossible by others.

Therefore, he saw this as an opportunity blessed to the Tang family by the Gu family.

She was probably coming home in the next few days. The only downside of this was that the woman would risk having her identity exposed. Of course, the disguise on her face should be removed too.

Everyone in the Tang household was good looking. He thought the disguise she had on was a nuisance to look at.

He wondered if Ye Lanchen thought the same. How would that young lad react after seeing the womans true appearance? In fact, he was already looking forward to that.

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