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  • My Beautiful Commander

  • Author(s): neha_
  • Genres : Romance -  Female Protagonist
  • Status : Ongoing
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    My Beautiful Commander8 votes : 4.25 / 5

My Beautiful Commander summary:

Xia Lian, a 21st century military doctor died in an explosion and found herself transmigrated to the body a 12 year girl.. her mother died and her father abandoned her and her little brother for another woman.. But she strives to provide a bright future for her younger brother and herself.. She slowly makes herself stronger so that no one can bully her and her brother.. Many admire her for her strong and free personality.. Even the cold and aloof general falls head over heals for her.. but she does not accept love as she only has her brother in her eyes.. but he does not give up as he realized that he is in love with this weird and strong woman.. Note: Pic credits goes to webnovel team. The story is set in a fictional era.. Release rate: 14 chps/week Connect with me on Discord: neha_#4373 https://discord.gg/FhuJQwk

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My Beautiful Commander Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 2: Help!!2 months ago
Cultural details2 months ago
Glossary2 months ago
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