My Boss Is Scary Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Li Zi Yun

Li Zi Yun was quite surprised when she was called upon for interview and questioned if she was interested in working as the personal secretary of CEO Wang. She has been working in the company for barely 3 months and she knew that not anyone could become the CEO's secretary. The standards and expectations were high to fit the position of Personal Secretary of Wang Yu, the CEO of Wang group of industries.

She was one among the five people interviewed and she was the one with the lowest experience and educational qualification. Though she graduated from a top university in her country, still she was lacking in comparison to the other possible candidates who had a master's degree either from an elite college abroad or the ivy leagues. So of course she was surprised she was even considered for this position.

Li zi yun was the eldest daughter of the Li family. The Li's were among the wealthy families in S city and Li Shu Chen, Zi Yun's father was the CEO of Li family companies. Zi Yun was the eldest child of the family and adored by her parents and grandparents. But all this changed at the age of 13, when along with her father's parents and her mother she met with an accident which killed them and she was the only survivor. She was in hospital for a month after the accident but her father never came to visit her even once. When she returned home her father had already remarried and her step mother even had a daughter who was of her age and son who was a year younger to her.

Her step sister and step brother were her father's favorite now and she was now no longer treated like or even considered as family. All her expenses were cut off and her father never gave her money and blamed her for the death of the people on the family and labeled her as 'bad luck'. Since she had been introduced to the society at the age of 12 i.e., before the accident, in order to save face in public he let her continue her studies in the private school along with her step sister.

After her mom died, Zi Yun was always punished in the name of being disciplined. A cane was kept ready and her dad always turned his anger towards her. She was punished by even being made to stand in the sun for long hours, and also in rain. When she gets sick she was treated and then again the punishment started after she got well. In the beginning she used to cry and beg him, trying to reason with him. But as time went on she came to know her words and tears were of no use and she endured it without shedding even a single tear. She started doubting if she was really her father's daughter.

When Zi Yun was in senior middle school she liked a guy named Chan Sheng. Her step sister who was always ready to take away everything from her nagged her mother Fu Ming Zhu and had a marriage alliance made between her and Chan Sheng crushing the options of ZiYun to even like a guy.

She studied well knowing that that is the only way she could escape from that hell. While her step sister was sent abroad to pursue her studies she was not given a cent. At last when she completed her high school she left home. She had nothing to lose and nobody to love her. She studied through scholarship and worked part time for managing her expenses.

After completing her studies she found a job in a small scale company, before getting selected to work in Wang group of industries. Though she wanted to take this opportunity and move to a higher position she was not sure if she was qualified enough for this. The salary and her power would increase drastically but also her working hours would increase. She was weighing the pros and cons in her mind. She was a little interested in the position but looking at the other candidates she let go of all hope. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

In the CEO's office Wang Yu was looking at the information of the five secretary candidates. He had selected the candidate in his mind. He was waiting for the moment she will finally come under his direct control.

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