My Boss Is Scary Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Do you hate me?

Li Zi Yun was not a naïve and innocent girl; she knew CEO Wang Yu's reactions were extreme for such very trivial mistakes. And his expression was also unlike when a person looks at the other for the very first time. Whenever her eyes met his, she could feel his gaze chilling her bones.

She was thinking about Chu Yan's words warning her to be careful around him and she looked at her left hand which has been scalded by him. She thought of asking him directly rather than being confused.

Li Zi Yun's position had increased several folds after becoming the Personal Secretary of CEO since she was in direct contact with the CEO. This also earned her the curses of the other women who were almost selected as the CEO's personal secretary. It was the dream job for almost all the women in the company. Most of them were sure she got the job by climbing into the CEO Wang Yu's bed.

Even when Li Zi Yun was walking slowly towards the elevator, she earned a lot of stares and whispers. Most of them blatantly pointed her out. She could hear the whispers 'She is the new Personal secretary of our CEO' and also further questions like 'how did she get the job?', 'wasn't she the most unfavorable candidate?'

Unbothered by the stares she got into the private elevator. Though this seemed arrogant in most of the people's eyes Meng Sen Xi knew she left because no matter even if she explains no one is going to accept the truth in what she is saying nor stop gossiping.

After she reached her desk she continued the work which was incomplete from yesterday. CEO Wang Yu came and all of them greeted him. When his eyes met hers she could see the hatred in his eyes.

After some time he called her to his room. She calmed her nerves and entered the CEO's office wondering what will happen today. He was sitting on his chair waiting for her. Assistant Liu Guang was standing next to him. Liu Guang felt than whenever CEO Wang Yu saw Li Zi Yun he lost his cool and the Wang Yu he knew was not the one to lose his temper.

As soon as she entered Wang Yu yelled at her, "Did you think you were made my personal secretary so that you can enjoy the benefits and do a lousy job on the task in hand?"

She had been in the fiftieth floor for just a single day and she had left office yesterday only after completing the day's work and getting permission from Assistant Liu Guang. So even if the CEO is angry he should yell at Assistant Liu Guang who was in charge of her. She looked at his face; she could see the murderous aura around him.

She was now sure of one thing, CEO Wang Yu hated her. But she couldn't figure out the reason. She took his attacks the first day only because she thought she had made a mistake. Since she hadn't done any she stood calmly looking at him, trying to read his face.

Wang Yu yelled again, "are you listening to me? Or is the elder miss of Li family not concerned about working?"

'Li family? So he has some problem with Li family?'

She asked in a quiet tone, "CEO Wang can I ask you a question?"

Assistant Liu Guang was staring at both of them. One was yelling even when the other had made no mistake, while the other was replying calmly as if she wasn't being yelled at. As far as he knew, Wang Yu's words were like the final order and no one questioned him or talked back to him. CEO Wang Yu was known for his cool way of dealing with everything.

Wang Yu did not expect her to question him. After what happened yesterday he was sure she wasn't the one who talks back. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Seeing that Wang Yu did not speak, she took it as a positive sign and asked him directly, "CEO Wang Yu, do you know me or have I done anything before to make you hate me?"

After she left her home she never identified herself with the Li family, and very few people knew she was the first daughter of Li family. So if he knows she is from Li family it means he had done a background check on her. So he did not mistake her somebody else.

He must have made her personal secretary because of something. But no matter how much she thought about it she had no idea what this was about and she was cent percent sure she had never been in close proximity with him.

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