My Boss Is Scary Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Chapter 100

When Wang Yu entered the office building with Li Zi Yun and Liu Guang on either side of him, everyone was looking at them. Li Zi Yun always arrived alone in the morning, but today for the first time she came to office with Wang Yu. Li Zi Yun's phone buzzed continuously. After hearing everything from Li Cheng Zhi, Fu Ming Zhu was waiting to taunt Li Zi Yun. She had been waiting for twenty-five years for this. If Li Zi Yun is ruined, then all the problems in her life will be over. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"You cold blooded vixen you got what you deserved. How dare you hurt my daughter using Wang Yu? Now who do you think will look at you?"

When Li Zi Yun saw this message from Fu Ming Zhu, she couldn't control her laughter. She showed the message to Wang Yu. They were mid way to the elevator and many employees were waiting quietly for the CEO to go to cross them.

"CEO look at this. This woman has found out it was you who"

Wang Yu closed her mouth and dragged her to the elevator holding her shoulder. Meng Sen Xi was watching this from a distance. His blood was boiling.

Wang Yu called the doctor immediately, "How long before the drug breaks down in her system?"

"She may be high for a day or two and she will be low on energy or depressed for two days after that maybe even until a week."

Wang Yu that thinking that he should have taken the drug. It was getting hard to control Li Zi Yun when she was high. Even now, all the employees were staring at them. He did not mind them seeing it but if word gets out then the only person who will be in danger was Li Zi Yun. So he preferred keeping a low profile.

Mrs. Wang called Wang Yu after seeing the news that he left the party with Huang Nian. She wanted to ask him if that was the truth. She knew about her son very well. He would not have taken Li Zi Yun to the party if he was even the slightest bit interested in Huang Nian or ready to marry her. So she guessed there must be something wrong in the news released. His mother was continuously asking him a lot of questions, but Wang Yu ended the call with a sentence.

"I was with Li Zi Yun last night"

Mrs. Wang did not ask anything more than that. She knew her son would not lie to her about this. She did not want to read between the lines nor assume anything so she thought of asking Li Zi Yun the next time she meets her.

Just like last week, Li Zi Yun's table was inside Wang Yu's office room. She was so hyperactive the whole day but her concentration was not at work. Wang Yu felt like Li Zi Yun being drugged was his mistake so he did not say anything even when she was sloppy at work.

Wu Qing came to meet Wang Yu in the office in the afternoon. When he entered Wang Yu's office, he saw Li Zi Yun sitting there.

"Zi Yun" he called out when he saw her sitting there in deep thought.

Li Zi Yun hadn't seen Wu Qing for some time.

"Brother Wu Qing" she said excitedly. Before Li Zi Yun could jump out of her seat, Wang Yu held down her shoulder.

"Be good and sit here quietly" Wang Yu got up from his seat and walked towards Wu Qing.

"Come let's go out and speak" he said with his hands on Wu Qing's shoulder.

"Why are you controlling her?" Wu Qing had seen Li Zi Yun in the gossip section often nowadays and since he treated her like his sister, he was a bit worried about her.

Wu Qing had wanted to talk with Wang Yu about some business issues. After discussing about that, he wanted to know what happened in the party.

"Did you really spend the night with Huang Nian?" he was curious because he knew that Wang Yu was not interested in Huang Nian.

"No I did not. You can have her if you want"

"Stop joking. Tell me the truth"

"No I did not leave with her. That's all you have to know for now"

Wang Yu was having second thoughts about telling the entire truth. He knew that Wu Qing cared for Li Zi Yun and if he told anything about Huang Nian drugging Li Zi Yun, he knew that Wu Qing wouldn't stay quiet. Wu Qing had been lecturing him continuously since the last incident with Li Zi Yun and he was not ready to hear some more from Wu Qing.

On his way outside, Wu Qing asked Li Zi Yun, "Did you have lunch?"

Li Zi Yun had no appetite so she did not eat anything from morning; she just shook her head no.

"Come I will treat you to dinner"

Li Zi Yun immediately stood up to leave. Wang Yu hadn't allowed her to leave her table from the morning and she found it very boring. She knew this was not how she usually behaved but she found it difficult to control herself. Wang Yu thought that it was better to not let her be alone for a week.

"Thank you Brother Wu. I am coming with you"

Wang Yu stopped them, "You are not going anywhere. (He pointed to the lunch packs on the table) Food is ready for us; Wu Qing can have lunch alone"

"No I am going with Brother Wu"

Wang Yu closed her mouth. Wu Qing found Wang Yu's behavior very suspicious.

"I am taking her with me, you can't stop me"

"Wait I am coming with you both" Wang Yu said to Wu Qing. The doctor had warned him that it may take more than a day for the drug to wear off and he was not ready to leave her with Wu Qing.

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