My Boss Is Scary Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Chapter 101

Wu Qing looked at Li Zi Yun from top to bottom. Though her dressing was similar to what she wore usually, still it looked different. The clothes Li Zi Yun was wearing today was all branded.

"Li Zi Yun come with me. I want to have a word with you in private" Wu Qing was holding Li Zi Yun's wrist and was ready to drag her out but Wang Yu did not let him. He held Wu Qing's arm stopping him from moving.

"You can talk to her in front of me"

Wu Qing scoffed at Wang Yu, "You have known her only for a month but I known her all her life and not everything can be said in front of you" saying that he dragged Li Zi Yun aside. Li Zi Yun was looking at both of them innocently.

When they were aside Wu Qing asked Li Zi Yun, "How is he treating you nowadays?"

"I know you have your doubts about him but you don't know how he treats me"

"And how is that?"

"With utmost care" last night's events had greatly changed the way how Li Zi Yun saw Wang Yu. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wu Qing was not sure if he heard the right words. He had never known Wang Yu was the caring type, "Are you sure? If he does anything to you tell me right away, Brother will not let it go"

"Brother Wu trust me. Even last night CEO was so gentle and caring and"

Wang Yu was eavesdropping their conversation from the side. When Wang Yu heard Li Zi Yun talking about last night, he immediately intervened. This was the third time he was closing her mouth today.

"What!!! Gentle??? What is she talking about?" Wu Qing looked at Wang Yu.

"Nothing Just about me being good and gentle to her And she meant it in a good way"

Wu Qing looked at Wang Yu suspiciously, "What did you do last night? Wait so you were with Li Zi Yun last night?"

"What are you thinking? Why would she be with me?"

Wang Yu hurriedly dragged Li Zi Yun and walked in the front without waiting for Wu Qing. Wang Yu had never been in a situation where he had to cover up what he did. None of his ex girlfriends were related to any of his friends so his personal life was always private. He felt awkward talking about this in front of others.

Wu Qing looked at Wang Yu. He noticed at a hickey on his neck. Li Zi Yun was too passionate last night and she continuously sucking and kissing his neck. Was Wang Yu lying to him? When he looked at both of them, Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu did not seem intimate nor was Li Zi Yun shy around Wang Yu. So it was difficult for him to come to a conclusion.

Three of them reached the restaurant. Li Zi Yun had wanted to come out only because she had been seated at the same place from the morning and had absolutely no interest in eating. She had tried to get up several times, but Wang Yu hadn't allowed her. She initially said yes to Wu Qing so that she can come out to get some fresh air but she did not expect Wang Yu also to follow her. Li Zi Yun was walking between Wang Yu and Wu Qing.

Li Zi Yun looked at Wang Yu and said, "Can you come a bit closer?"


"You smell amazing"

Wang Yu was walking quietly hoping Li Zi Yun wouldn't speak but no. Wang Yu was trying hard to keep a straight face. Wu Qing had a strange reaction in his face and Li Zi Yun walked as if she had said nothing.

When Li Zi Yun sat in the table, Wang Yu sat next to her and Wu Qing sat opposite to them.

Before the food that they ordered arrived at the table, Wu Qing started speaking, "Zi Yun, I would like you to go on a blind date. I wanted to ask you before arranging it"

Li Zi Yun sat quietly and thought for some time. She was already twenty-five and she still had not gone on a date with anybody. All these years her entire concentration was on making a stable life for herself and she did not have time for anything else. It was time she started thinking about dating.

Wang Yu was too quick to answer to Wu Qing, "She doesn't have time for that. Did you forget she is my secretary?"

Li Zi Yun was feeling too confident today, "No I have loads of free time now. Brother Wu I will thank you in advance"

But Wang Yu interrupted again, "Don't forget that you have to work even in the weekends"

"I am too a human being. I want to enjoy my life and am already too old for this. I don't want to die as an old maiden"

"Is this why you wanted to take her out for lunch?" Wang Yu was staring at Wu Qing.

Their conversation stopped only when the food arrived. Li Zi Yun hadn't eaten anything from the before day afternoon. She was feeling a bit hungry but she did not have the appetite to even taste the food. Li Zi Yun was playing with her food and she did not take a single bite. She was thinking about the idea of going on a blind date.

Li Zi Yun asked Wu Qing, "Brother Wu, have you chosen anybody for blind date?"

Wang Yu had cut a piece of steak and was about to eat it. When he heard Li Zi Yun ask this question, he force-fed the steak into her mouth.

"Stop talking and eat, we have work to do"

Wu Qing shook his head. Something was definitely wrong with both Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun. Wang Yu was on his toes today; Li Zi Yun was too relaxed, and she had completely let down her guard. He was happy that Li Zi Yun was relaxed but he felt something was odd in both their behaviors.

Li Zi Yun ate the food unwillingly and she was forcing it down her throat.

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