My Boss Is Scary Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Chapter 102

Li Zi Yun somehow emptied her plate. She enjoyed eating but today she felt like it was torture. The food was delicious but it was like chewing pebbles for her. She excused herself and left for the restroom since she felt nauseous.

The moment Li Zi Yun left her seat, Wu Qing said to Wang Yu, "Don't you dare touch her"

Wang Yu replied coolly, "I did not touch her. You can ask her yourself"

"Then what is it on your neck?"

"Do you think I can force someone to give me a hickey?"

"So Li Zi Yun was with you last night?"

"Stop making wild guesses. Neither is she nor I a kid. So don't question about my private life"

"Tell this to me when you cancel your engagement with Huang Nian. I don't mind you playing around with other woman, but don't even think about Li Zi Yun in that way"

Li Zi Yun was feeling uncomfortable and queasy. She puked everything she ate just now. She vomited everything including the water she drank. She was in so much pain; her chest, throat and stomach were hurting like hell; her eyes were red and watery. After she got everything out of her system, she was feeling a little better but still she felt awful. Li Zi Yun somehow managed to come out of there.

Li Zi Yun was feeling utterly tired and dehydrated. She slowly walked towards Wang Yu and Wu Qing. Wu Qing saw Li Zi Yun approaching them. She looked pale, weak and completely drained of energy. Li Zi Yun's posture looked like she was about to fall down any moment.

"Zi Yun "

Wang Yu looked at the direction Wu Qing was calling. He rushed towards Li Zi Yun and held her. Li Zi Yun's eyes were teary and her face was drained of blood.

"Can you walk?"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head and leaned against Wang Yu.

Wu Qing asked Wang Yu, "What's wrong with her? She was fine till now"

"Let's go to the car first" Wang Yu was holding Li Zi Yun's entire weight even though she was standing. They settled the bill and left quickly.

Wu Qing was holding a bottle of water to Li Zi Yun's mouth but Wang Yu stopped him, "So you know what's wrong with her?" Wu Qing asked him.

Li Zi Yun hadn't spoken a word since she came out so he called the woman bodyguard assigned for Li Zi Yun. She explained to him what happened. Wang Yu immediately called the doctor and told him what happened. The doctor told him these were the normal symptoms of drug overdose and he can only say anything after the test results arrive; and he did not want to make any other assumptions on his own.

Li Zi Yun was hyperactive in the morning and now she was very quiet. Li Zi Yun was sitting next to Wang Yu in the back seat and she was leaning against his chest. She sat in the same position how Wang Yu placed her and did not move an inch.

Wu Qing asked him, "What happened to her? If you don't give me an explanation I will"

"Huang Nian gave her an overdose of drugs"

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Wang Yu shook his head 'No', "She thought she was drugging me. That is why Li Zi Yun was with me last night"

"Then did you?" Wu Qing was pointing at Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu in doubt.

"Do you think I have no self control and would take advantage of a weak girl who was not in her senses?"

"Let me take her to my house. My mother and Li Shu can take care of her" Wu Qing looked at Li Zi Yun who was leaning against Wang Yu. She looked so weak.

"She is like this because of my fault. I will take her to my house. You need not worry about her"

"Why did you have to make her work in this condition?"

"Don't poke your nose into other people's business"

Wu Qing scoffed at him, "What? Other people" Wang Yu did not answer.

Wu Qing was in deep thought and after a minute, he asked Wang Yu, "With what drug did Huang Nian try to drug you?"

Wang Yu stared at Wu Qing, 'Why are you asking me even though you know the answer?'

'Why is Wu Qing asking too many questions today!' Wang Yu saw that Li Zi Yun was lying quietly in his chest but her face looked as if she was uncomfortable. Li Zi Yun's body was hot compared to his.

Wang Yu spoke quietly in Li Zi Yun's ears, "Are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you want to go home?"

"What are you whispering to her?"

"I told you stop poking your nose in other people's business"

Li Zi Yun couldn't stay quiet any longer, "Why are both of you talking so much? Stay quiet for some time"

Wang Yu placed his finger on his lips and signaled to Wu Qing to stay quiet.

Wu Qing whispered to Wang Yu, "I know you have work to do. I will take her home."

Wang Yu was staring at Wu Qing and he signaled him to be quiet. He looked at Li Zi Yun who was lying down quietly with her eyes closed. Wang Yu had noticed that a car was following his car for some time now, but he couldn't find them after some time. So he was not sure if they were really following him or he was being paranoid.

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