My Boss Is Scary Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Chapter 103

Meng Sen Xi did not want to work at Wang Yu's company any longer. He knew that resigning was not his choice to make. Therefore, he informed in the company that he was sick and left in the afternoon. When he was leaving the office, he saw Li Zi Yun with Wang Yu once again and Wang Yu did not let Li Zi Yun move an inch from his side. Meng Sen Xi quietly left the place without talking to Li Zi Yun.

Meng Sen Xi directly went to Uncle Meng Jian's office room. He had received reports last night that Wang Yu had taken Li Zi Yun to his private penthouse and both of them spent the night together. Even in the morning Li Zi Yun was speaking casually to Wang Yu which was something a very few people could do. The drama that took place at the party was also all over the news and he was going crazy.

Meng Sen Xi thought that Wang Yu was behaving like this only because Li Zi Yun had no one to take care of her. If she had someone then he definitely would not dare to touch her carelessly. When Meng Sen Xi entered his uncle's room, he saw his father Meng Feng was also present there. Meng Feng was the don of the mafia gang. It has been a few months since Meng Sen Xi last saw his father.

When Meng Jian saw Meng Sen Xi entering the office, he was surprised.

"What are you doing here? I never called for you"

"Shouldn't you be at Wang Group of industries now?" Meng Feng asked his son sternly. Meng Sen Xi had changed a lot and there was significant difference in his appearance now.

"Father, Uncle did you see this?" he showed the photos taken last night in front of Wang Yu's apartment. Wang Yu and Li Zi Yun were intimate and Li Zi Yun was seen kissing Wang Yu in some photos.

Meng Jian gave it back to Meng Sen Xi, "Did you think you were the only one who knew about this? They report directly to me"

"Then why are you staying quiet? Shouldn't you stop her?"

"She's no longer a kid. She is twenty-five now. Why should I stop her?"

Meng Sen Xi couldn't bear to see the girl that he loved so much kiss another man.

"Father you can't say that. Do you trust Wang Yu? He already has a fiance"

Uncle Meng Jian intervened, "Let me remind you once again. I only asked you to protect her not to interrupt her life in anyway. She has been alone for so many years and she knows what is good and bad for her. I will not leave Wang Yu alone if he hurts her physically, but don't you dare try to ruin anything for her."

Meng Feng said in a strict voice, "Do only what is asked of you. Don't forget that Uncle Meng Jian is a rank above you and you have to obey his orders"

"Yes Boss" Meng Sen Xi stomped his feet and left the room. Both his uncle and father were letting Li Zi Yun do whatever she wants but Meng Sen Xi did not agree to their views. If she was family, then family has to take care of her. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

When Wang Yu did not reply to Huang Nian's messages, she started feeling anxious. She thought that it was better if she constantly met with Wang Yu and familiarized herself with his likes and dislikes. After all, she was dreaming to become Wang Yu's wife and she was expecting their marriage to take place within a couple of months. She wanted to get closer to Wang Yu and stop Li Zi Yun from getting closer to him.

Though several news articles had ended with Wang Yu, leaving the party with Huang Nian, there was also other huge coverage about Wang Yu insulting the Huang family by arriving hand in hand with his secretary. In addition, there were photos and videos of Wang Yu ignoring Huang Nian but being too close with his personal secretary Li Zi Yun.

Huang Nian wanted Wang Yu only for herself. She was not ready to let another woman be in Wang Yu's life. There were several hickeys on her body and most of them were visible when she wore a knee length skirt with a low cut sleeveless blouse. Mrs. Huang prepared lots of food and told Huang Nian to take it to Wang Yu.

Mr. Huang advised to Huang Nian that by this time Wang Yu would have known he was drugged last night and must be very angry with Huang Nian and Huang Nian should be the one to cool him down. Huang Nian took her mother Mrs. Huang's advice and got ready to meet Wang Yu. She was anticipating meeting Wang Yu. Since Wang Yu was not ready to contact her, she thought it was better to go and meet him in office. Another main reason why she wanted to go to Wang Yu's company was to flaunt in front of everyone that she was the fiance and future wife of Wang Yu.

Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun to the office again. He had some work to do and he did not want to send her alone to Wang Residence, as it would take more than an hour to reach there. Li Zi Yun had to be alone if she went to his penthouse or her house, so he thought it was better if Li Zi Yun rested at the room adjacent to his office. It was a complete apartment with every facility needed to live comfortably.

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