My Boss Is Scary Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Chapter 104

Huang Nian entered the company. She walked proudly and confidently. The employees were not sure what they should believe. In the morning, they had witnessed Li Zi Yun arriving with Wang Yu and Wang Yu was holding her. Huang Nian's low cut sleeveless blouse was revealing her neckline and hickeys were also seen clearly. Her dressings looked like she wanted to showcase that she had a passionate night with Wang Yu.

Huang Nian tried to enter the private elevator for going to the fiftieth floor, but access was not given to her. The women at the front desk stopped her saying that CEO Wang Yu has asked them not to allow anybody to enter without an appointment.

"Who do you think you are? I am the future Mrs. Wang. How dare you don't allow me enter? I will have you fired"

Only in the morning, they had seen Wang Yu holding Li Zi Yun and with Huang Nian yelling at them like this, they did not know what to do.

Huang Nian was looking at their dumbstruck faces and she sighed. She is to marry the boss of Wang Group of Industries and she thought she should conduct herself lady like here in the company.

Huang Nian spoke calmly, "I want to meet Brother Wang. Inform him I am waiting here for him"

"Do you have an appointment Ms. Huang?"

"Why do I need an appointment to meet my fiance?"

"Ms. Huang please speak to the CEO regarding this if you have any issues. We can only follow orders"

Huang Nian was adamant. She was not ready to leave the place before she met with Wang Yu. She was biting her teeth and trying to speak calmly with them.

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The employees at the front desk did not know what to do. They did not want to lose their jobs by allowing Huang Nian to go to CEO Wang Yu's office. CEO Wang Yu's Assistant Liu Guang had instructed them clearly after Huang Nian went to the fiftieth floor last week, only people with appointment should be let inside expect a list of few people. They hadn't said a word to Huang Nian when she came to the company last week, but they got an earful from Assistant Liu Guang. They were not ready to repeat their mistakes nor get fired. But with Huang Nian standing there and creating a commotion they found it difficult to resolve the situation. There were not ready to let in Huang Nian without getting permission from CEO Wang Yu or Assistant Liu Guang.

"Ms. Huang please let me clarify with CEO Wang Yu's Assistant Liu Guang before allowing you"

Huang Nian was staring at them but the woman at the front desk was adamant and gave a call to Assistant Liu Guang. The phone rang for a long time but he did not pick up the call.

"Why do you have to ask this to his assistant?"

"Ms. Huang please wait for a moment, I will try calling CEO Wang Yu's personal secretary Ms. Li Zi Yun" the woman was only interested in doing the job right so she did not listen to Huang Nian's words.

Li Zi Yun's phone was ringing. Li Zi Yun was holding it in her hand. When Wang Yu saw her phone ringing, he peeped and saw it was from the office. He took the mobile phone from her hands and answered it.

"Secretary Zi Yun, CEO Wang Yu's"

"What do you want?" hearing a male voice the woman at the front desk was feeling doubtful if she had really called Li Zi Yun or someone else.

"Who is this? Please can you pass the mobile to Secretary Zi Yun CEO Wang Yu?"


"CEO Wang Yu, your fiance Ms. Huang Nian is waiting downstairs for you. Can I ask her to come up?"

Wang Yu did not know what to do with Huang Nian. She has been bothering him a lot nowadays. He was feeling irritated with having to see her face today.

"Tell her I will call her later and ask her to leave now"

"Yes Sir" Wang Yu hanged the call.

Huang Nian's blood was boiling when she saw Wang Yu answer Li Zi Yun's phone.

The woman followed Wang Yu's orders and repeated the exact words that he told her, "Ms. Huang, CEO Wang Yu asked me to inform you that he will contact you later and you can leave now"

"Is Brother Wang with his secretary now?"

"Maybe. I am not sure"

"Can you please give me her contact details? I wish to speak to her"

"Ms. Huang but we can't"

"Don't worry I only want to talk to her about taking care of Brother Wang"

Huang Nian thought in her mind. She had to somehow chase away Li Zi Yun from Wang Yu's side. Otherwise, if not now later she may face troubles from her. She thought it was better if she took her position by the side of Wang Yu as soon as possible.

The employee gave Li Zi Yun's contact number to Huang Nian. When Huang Nian received Li Zi Yun's contact number, she waited for some time before sending her a message. This was not the right time to message Li Zi Yun, especially when she is with Wang Yu. Huang Nian knew that even if she gets pregnant because of last night, it would take a month to confirm, so before that she wanted to remove the obstacles in the way, especially Li Zi Yun. Huang Nian hadn't liked her from the moment she saw Li Zi Yun. When she saw Li Zi Yun for the first time, she was with Chu Yan, the son of the President of the country. She couldn't guess what Li Zi Yun did to get in touch with all the influential people of the country even though she had a mediocre face and came from a poor background.

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