My Boss Is Scary Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 Do you think I am bad?

"Get out" he yelled.

She took her leave immediately. She wanted time to think about it. She was thinking hard about him. All her enemies in school were her step sister Li Xin Yi's friend. Rather than saying enemies, they were people who hated her, and she was not bothered about them.

In college since her step sister was not studying with her, there were no people to form gangs against her and torment her. Even if they tried, her friends were there to protect her.

She was thinking if she knew anyone named Wang. The only Wang she knew was Wang Yiran, back from her school days. Wang Yiran was Li Xin Yi's friend and Li Xin Yi was in Wang Yiran's gang.

Wang Yiran left high school in the beginning of the year and nothing was heard about her afterwards. There were rumors she was continuing her studies abroad, she had a disease and was treated in some foreign country and some people even said she was dead. Though these rumors were circulating in the school, no one knew what happened to her. Even Li Xin Yi said she was not contacted by her after leaving school. After Wang Yiran left, Li Xin Yi became the leader of the gang and tried to create troubles for her as much as she can. She was starting to wonder if Wang Yiran related to CEO Wang Yu.

Inside the CEO's room Wang Yu was fuming. After doing terrible things she had the audacity to ask him whether she had done anything to make him hate her.

Assistant Liu Guang was standing still not sure if he should leave the room or not.

CEO Wang Yu looked at him. He asked him, "Does Li Xi Yun look like a soft spoken girl who wouldn't hurt an ant?'

"Yes Sir"

"Do you think I am being unreasonable to such a pure innocent girl?"

"Boss.." Liu Guang couldn't answer to his boss's question.

"Do you think I am a bad person who is giving her a hard time for no reason?"

"No Sir, I am sure you have must have your reasons for doing this"

"That was also the same what I thought about her when I saw her the first time, pure and innocent" he muttered under his breath, then he continued to Assistant Liu Guang, "Do detailed background check on her, I want to know about everything and everybody related to her" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Yes Sir"

"And do it discreetly, don't let anybody know about it"

"Yes Boss"

Assistant Liu Guang left the room. After coming out he looked at Li Zi Yun. When the five candidates were selected for the interview, he checked in detail about their work life. Li Xi Yun was just a normal girl and there hasn't been even a single complain about her. Unlike the girls who were trying different means to get into CEO Wang Yu's good books or bed she also did not seem like the scheming type to him.

Only today he came to know she was the eldest miss of Li family and they were one of the rich families in the society. He also wondered why she had to work in some other company if she hails from such a rich family. He was now more interested to know about her.

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