My Boss Is Scary Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Chapter 115

Though Wu Qing said this to Wang Yu, he couldn't stay quiet. He immediately called Xie Qiao. Xie Qiao was starting to lose his patience when his phone rang and saw Wu Qing's name flash on the screen.

Before picking up the call, Xie Qiao asked Li Zi Yun, "Do you know Wu Qing personally?"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head, "Hmm he is like a brother to me". Xie Qiao immediately understood that Wang Yu must be behind this. He picked up the call.

Wu Qing asked him, "Do you wanna meet up now?"

"I am in hospital now"

"But Wang Yu said you were at Li Zi Yun's house"

"So you called me out to check that?"

"No I just…"

Xie Qiao cut the call not waiting for Wu Qing to complete his sentence. Xie Qiao turned his complete attention to Li Zi Yun.

Xie Qiao asked her, "Did Wang Yu tell you he is interested in you or did he show that in anyway?"

Li Zi Yun thought for some time. Wang Yu had never once expressed to her that he liked her or showed that in anyway. He had taken care of her when she was drugged. The night's events flashed through Li Zi Yun's mind. Wang Yu was kissing her back and he did not try to push her away. Then another thought flashed through her mind, several girls would try to get into Wang Yu's bed and Wang Yu must have only thought of her like that, so she pushed away the thought that Wang Yu will be interested in her.

"No why do you ask?"

"Just to make sure that your boss won't trouble me for dating you"

"I never said yes to you"

"You never said no either. So there is still a chance for me." Xie Qiao's voice was neither dominating nor forcing her to date him. It was playful and Li Zi Yun did not feel pressured by his words.

"You are very optimistic. Please go home now."

"I won't leave until you agree to go on a date with me"

Xie Qiao lay down on the sofa without leaving. He settled himself comfortably in Li Zi Yun's house. He saw there was book in the stand and started reading it. Li Zi Yun was looking at Xie Qiao and saw that Xie Qiao stood by his words. He did not show any intention of moving from that place.

"I find your house very comfortable." Li Zi Yun was standing there stunned, 'What the hell is he trying to do in my house?'

There was silence in the room. Li Zi Yun's stomach was growling and it was clearly audible in the quiet room.

Xie Qiao asked Li Zi Yun, "Should I cook for you? My beauty shouldn't starve"

"Fine lets go on a date next week. Leave now"



"I will leave (Xie Qiao pushed the cake he had bought into Li Zi Yun's hands) Eat this first."

Xie Qiao immediately got up to leave her house. Before closing the door he said to her, "Don't let strangers into your house. Bye"

Li Zi Yun thought in her mind, 'Well then who are you?'

Assistant Liu Guang was near CEO Wang Yu and he could see that Wang Yu was burning with rage waiting to kill anyone who crossed paths with him. Liu Guang was not sure what would calm his Boss and he had seen Zhou Nan Xi and Huang Nian's message. Wang Yu tried calling Li Zi Yun once again and since she had switched on her mobile, she received Wang Yu's call and she immediately picked it up.

"CEO Wang…"

Wang Yu had not expected that the call would go through so he did not know what to say.

Li Zi Yun checked her phone, the call was still connected but she did not get any response from the other side, "Boss…"

"Li Zi Yun… Have you prepared the contract for Klink Company?"

"Yes. I have already sent it to Assistant Liu Guang" she had already sent the contract to Assistant Liu Guang for CEO Wang Yu to check up, this happened only before a couple of days and she was not sure why Wang Yu was asking it now.

Wang Yu tried to compose his tone and asked Li Zi Yun, "Has Xie Qiao left your house?"

"Yes he left before a few minutes" Li Zi Yun felt awkward speaking to Wang Yu over the phone. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"How can you let strangers into your house carelessly?"

"He forced his way inside"

"Do you want to stay at my place till I return?"

"No CEO Wang. I am totally fine staying here at my home."


"Can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"If it was Huang Nian who drugged me at Huang Nian's birthday party, then who did Li Cheng Zhi drug was it Huang Nian?"

Wang Yu thought for some time, Li Zi Yun had been in a daze after being drugged that she had not asked him about what happened in the party.

"I will tell you after I return"

"Is there anything else CEO Wang?" Li Zi Yun wanted to ask him when he would return but she was hesitant to ask him.

"You don't have anything else to ask me?"

"When… When will you be back?" even she felt awkward asking this.

"Missing me already?"

"Yes I mean no… I just…" she knew this is how he would react, that is why she was thinking twice before asking it.

"It may even take a month. Not sure"

"A month?" 'You've got to be kidding me. You want me to look after your company for a month?' Li Zi Yun's voice was screaming in her head.

"Can't bear the thought of not having to see me for a month?"

"I…I…" Li Zi Yun was not sure what to answer. She only knew one thing for sure; the next month would be hell of a life for her.

"Bye" Wang Yu chuckled after he cut the call. Assistant Liu Guang has been on his toes for some time now seeing Wang Yu ice faced. He knew that Wang Yu may turn his anger towards him any moment. At last, he felt relieved only after seeing the change in reaction in Wang Yu's face. Based on that he came to the conclusion, Li Zi Yun could easily control Wang Yu's mood.

Wang Yu himself was not sure when he could go back. Since the rules and law in X country were different from his, the legal procedure took a longer time than what he expected.

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