My Boss Is Scary Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Chapter 116

Li Zi Yun was extremely stressed dealing with the company. Neither was she experienced nor did she have proper guidance in dealing with the company. Wang Yu and Assistant Liu Guang were busy most of the time and she couldn't turn to anybody else for advice. Wang Yu has asked her to deal with all the minor and irrelevant issues by herself and send him only the important issues, which needed his attention or approval. Handling such a huge company was a nightmare for Li Zi Yun. She felt like Wang Yu has thrown her under the bus and she was always dead tired at the end of the day. Now she understood how much Assistant Liu Guang and Wang Yu had to deal with everyday.

Li Zi Yun came to know about Wang Company's involvement in various industries only after Wang Yu left her in charge of the company. There were so many people waiting for an appointment with Wang Yu and she did not want to meet anybody in place of Wang Yu. She knew that if she met them, it would easier for them to threaten her if the deal did not go their way, which they would not dare to do if it was Wang Yu. Even when Li Zi Yun returned home at night, she had to look at so many files and work was piled up. She was waiting eagerly for Wang Yu to return but he had informed her it would take a month. So Li Zi Yun tried to be as perfect as she could in her work and cope with it.

At last, it was Friday. Li Zi Yun's birthday was on Saturday, the next day and Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu had planned a surprise party for her. Li Zi Yun had completely forgotten it was her birthday the next day. She would have remembered her birthday normally but due to the hectic work schedule, she could think about nothing except working and sleeping.

On Friday, she left the office only at 9 pm. To her surprise, Chu Yan was waiting for her. She saw Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan waiting outside when she was about to enter the car Wang Yu assigned for her.

"What are you doing here?" Wu Li Shu was hugging Li Zi Yun one side and Li Zi Yun was leaning on Chu Yan's shoulder. Li Zi Yun hadn't eaten anything except a sandwich and now she both hungry and tired. So her head automatically inclined towards Chu Yan's shoulder. Since Chu Yan was over six feet, she felt comfortable.

Chu Yan said looking at her face, "You look tired"

"Trying being in charge of a company as huge as Wang Group of companies without firsthand experience, then you will know my struggle"

Li Zi Yun's legs felt like steel and she did not want to move.

Chu Yan looked at them both and asked, "How long do both of you plan on staying like this?" Chu Yan was holding both Wu Li Shu and Li Zi Yun's entire weight and he found it difficult.

With great difficulty Li Zi Yun got into the car with Wu Li Shu.

"Where are you taking me?" Li Zi Yun asked them. She wanted to go home and sleep.

"A restaurant" Wu Li Shu answered her. Li Zi Yun knew for sure that she would fall asleep before they reached their destination. She laid down on Wu Li Shu's lap comfortably and she slept the moment her head touched Wu Li Shu's lap.

Three groups were following them silently. Once was the mafia gang who followed her always to protect her, next was Zhou Nan Xi as per Wang Yu's order and the last was Fu Ming Zhu's men. They had been trying for some time now to kidnap Li Zi Yun but they had not succeeded yet.

Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan knew that Li Zi Yun never drinks. So they were thinking hard about how to take her to a nightclub, but now Li Zi Yun had slept and they need not even force her to come inside with them. They took her to the nightclub that was part of Wang Yu's hotel. Li Zi Yun was still dressed in her formal attire. She was wearing a formal shirt and a skirt that was below her knee complete with a blazer. Li Zi Yun had slept for very few hours every day throughout the week that she slept comfortably in Wu Li Shu's lap without waking up.

When they reached a nightclub, Wu Li Shu woke up Li Zi Yun. Li Zi Yun jerked awake from her sleep. When Chu Yan opened the door, she got up and came outside the car. She did not wake up fully so she did not look where they were. When Chu Yan led the way, she went inside with Wu Li Shu. Only when she walked some distance inside the club she realized where she was. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Where…? Why are we here?" Li Zi Yun asked them looking around.

Without answering her, they took her to a private room. When they entered the room, most of her friends were present there.

Everyone screamed 'Happy Birthday' and Chu Yan brought the cake. It took a moment for Li Zi Yun to realize that tomorrow was actually her birthday. She had completely forgotten about that in her work tension.

When Fu Ming Zhu's men noticed Li Zi Yun entering the nightclub, they immediately informed Fu Ming Zhu. She knew this was the perfect chance for her. She immediately informed old Gao to come to the hotel where Li Zi Yun was partying.

Fu Ming Zhu asked them to bribe whomever it takes to get Li Zi Yun drunk. Fu Ming Zhu had been thinking for the past few days about how to trap Li Zi Yun. Her men had said that Li Zi Yun always travelled in Wang Yu's car so she was not sure if Wang Yu was still supporting her and she did not want to take risks. That is why she had been hesitating for two weeks since Huang Nian's birthday party. All the messages Fu Ming Zhu had sent to Li Zi Yun asking her to meet up were unanswered. Fu Min Zhu had even sent texts to Li Zi Yun threatening that she will release the video but still there was no response. This was her chance to completely trap Li Zi Yun.

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