My Boss Is Scary Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Chapter 118

Old Gao eyes lit up when he saw Fu Ming Zhu's message. He had been waiting for a young prey for a very long time. When he saw Li Zi Yun's photos on the internet, he could not take his eyes of her. Hee wanted to have her by any means possible. The only reason why he hesitated was because of the person who was standing near Li Zi Yun in the photo, Wang Yu. He knew that if Li Zi Yun was with Wang Yu he could not even dream of getting her. The opportunity presented itself when he saw Li Shu Chen coming to visit him.

Old Gao was certain that Li Shu Chen wouldn't sell of his daughter when there is a high chance of him gaining Wang Yu's favor because of Li Zi Yun. To his surprise, Li Shu Chen agreed without a question. When Li Shu Chen agreed, Old Gao became greedy. He wanted her for himself; he wanted to crush her under his body whenever he wants. His joy knew no bounds when Li Shu Chen also agreed for Li Zi Yun's marriage with him. He had already had four wives and everyone one of them had died in his hands and now he was ready to marry Li Zi Yun as the fifth one. Old Gao was a brutal demon when it came to woman. He found joy in hurting them.

Fu Ming Zhu had sent him a message stating that tonight they can seal the deal and Li Zi Yun will be ready for him today in exchange for investing in Li Company. Though Old Gao was delighted when he saw Fu Ming Zhu's message to come to the hotel, he doubted if they were telling the truth or just cheating him to get his money. He trusted the Li Family a little only when he saw Li Shu Chen come to pick him up. He saw already in his sixties, he had so much wealth, and he thought it was worth it to have Li Zi Yun even at this age. He was no longer planning to invest in Li Company. Old Gao was a cunning man and he was laughing at Li Shu Chen's stupidity for trusting him.

Old Gao arrived at the hotel with Li Shu Chen and went directly to the room booked for him. He was getting ready to destroy Li Zi Yun. Li Shu Chen left Old Gao in the room and went to discuss about Li Zi Yun with Fu Ming Zhu's men. They had seen her drinking but they were not sure if she was fully drunk. Fu Ming Zhu had instructed her men that they need not drug Li Zi Yun and she wanted Li Zi Yun to feel the pain.

Li Zi Yun had no idea about the huge plot going on against her by the Li family. Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu had invited most of their friends from their friends' circle, so Li Zi Yun was happy to meet after a long time. The sweet drink did not taste like alcohol so Li Zi Yun was sipping it without being aware of its actual content. She was tipsy now and losing her balance but she assured to Chu Yan and Wu Li Shu that she was completely fine and not drunk at all.

Within an hour, Li Zi Yun had drunk three shots of tequila and two glasses of the sweet drink that Chu Yan got for her. She thought she must have been sweating because of lot of people being crowded in a small space. She wanted to use the restroom so she got up to leave the private room.

"I'm fine. You can stay back Li Zi Yun was trying to make Wu Li Shu sit.

"I want to use the restroom too" saying that Wu Li Shu hooked her hands into Li Zi Yun's and walked with her.

Li Zi Yun walked steadily without losing balance and Wu Li Shu thought that Li Zi Yun must have high alcohol tolerance. When Li Zi Yun went inside one of the stalls, Wu Li Shu was standing outside correcting her makeup and then she entered one of the stalls. When Li Zi Yun came out she looked around there was no one there. She washed her hands and waited for Wu Li Shu, but she was starting to lose her patience.

Li Zi Yun walked out. She saw the corridors were dimly lit and she did not know the direction. Li Zi Yun looked around trying to guess the way. She hadn't brought her mobile phone with her so she couldn't call Chu Yan or Wu Li Shu and ask for directions. Li Zi Yun asked a waiter for instructions and went along the way. She looked around but couldn't remember if this was where she was earlier or which way she had to take.

Li Zi Yun was walking around the place but still she couldn't find her friends. One of Fu Ming Zhu's men had informed Li Shu Chen that Li Zi Yun was drunk and was in front of their eyes. Li Shu Chen immediately rushed down to the place where Li Zi Yun was standing. He was not sure if Li Zi Yun would scream or do anything else if he approaches her yet he went near her.

Li Zi Yun saw a man approaching her. She squint her eyes and looked at the direction of the man who was walking towards her. She was one hundred percent sure that she knew this man very well but she could not remember who it was. She balanced herself against the wall trying to stand steady. Li Zi Yun closed her eyes trying to concentrate.

When Li Zi Yun opened her eyes she was on a bed. She looked around and then she saw that she was in the bed with some man. She raised the sheets covering her and saw that she was wearing only her inner garments. What the hell happened to her? She had no idea. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

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