My Boss Is Scary Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Chapter 12 It was her

Wang Yu thought he could handle seeing Li Xi Yun everyday even though he hated her but he couldn't. Every time he saw her he wanted to choke her to death with his own hands.

He attended to all the works that needed his immediate attention and left the company early. He had called Wu Qing, his friend to meet him earlier. Wu Qing, Wu Li Shu's elder brother was waiting for him. Wu Qing's father was still managing the company so Wu Qing was not busy like Wang Yu.

Wang Yu owned a club 'Luxury' and many girls used to visit the club just to try to meet with him. Wu Qing was waiting for him in the private room.

Wang Yu sat quietly for some time trying to organize his thoughts. Wu Qing looked at him but he did not utter a single word. He was waiting for Wang Yu to speak first.

At last Wang Yu opened his mouth. "Do you remember my sister?"

Wang Yu had a younger sister, but no one knew what happened to her because nothing was known about her after high school. Wu Qing remembered his sister Wu Li Shu telling him that Wang Yu's sister was no longer attending school. But that was a restricted topic so Wu Qing had never brought up that when he spoke to Wang Yu.

Seeing that at last Wang Yu was speaking about it after several years, Wu Qing nodded his head. "Yes I remember your sister Wang Yiran"

Wang Yu's eyes were looking elsewhere as he spoke. He continued,"Do you know what happened to her?"

Wu Qing shook his head no. Except the Wang family no outsiders had any idea what happened.

"Wang Yiran tried to commit suicide"

The Wang Yiran that Wu Qing knew was not a coward. She was the arrogant little girl who always had things done her way. She would rather kill somebody than commit suicide. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Wu Qing questioned him, "But Wang Yiran was not a weak hearted girl who will try to commit suicide. Where is she now? What happened to her?"

"Yes I know. That is why all these years I have been trying to find out what happened to her?"

Wang Yiran was a rude girl to everyone except her brother Wang Yu. He was the only one who kept her in line. She would never listen to anyone except him.

Wang Yu's face was too calm as he spoke about this.

"She has been in coma ever since that happened". Wu Qing now understood why no one knew about where she was.

"She is in a vegetative state for the past seven years. And no one knows when she will wake up or if she will ever wake up"

Wu Qing knew how much Wang Yu loved his sister, so he understood how much difficult it must be for him to even talk about it.

"Recently I found out the person who was responsible for what happened to my sister"

"Who is it?"

"My personal secretary"

Wu Qing asked him, "How long has she been your Personal secretary"

"One day"

Wu Qing couldn't understand.

Wang Yu told him, "I made her my personal secretary because of this."

"What are you still doing then without investigating her?"

"I couldn't get the clear image of her face from the video. But I am more than sure it is her. Do you think I will be able to take revenge for my sister?"

Wu Qing turned towards Wang Yu to face him. He told him in a serious tone, "You can't accuse people without proof. How are you so sure it's her?"

Wang Yu will never forget the first time he saw Li Zi Yun. When he went back to his sister Wang Yiran's school after his sister's suicide attempt he saw a girl with a pure smile and an innocent face. She was tall and thin and she looked a bit weak, she was walking slowly with a worried face. Then she sat under the tree reading a book. She had a very sad and melancholy look in her face as she was resting her head against a tree.

She was wearing a long zip up cashmere hoodie over her uniform. Her face looked so sorrowful but when someone came over to talk to her, her face changed and revealed none of her worries. She spoke cheerfully but again after that person left, her face changed back to the sad one. Wang Yu was watching all this from afar. He couldn't forget that girls face.

And now before a week a young girl had come over to the company and delivered a pen drive. She told him her father had given it to her before his death along with a note. He looked at the note while watching the video. It was the video of a young girl walking in the dark. In the notes the words were written that the girl in the video threatened him that if he ever hands over the video to Wang family he will be dead and so he left the city with his family. He thought it must be something important in the video and took a copy of the video but he had no idea what it meant. His daughter had brought this over after her father passed away.

As soon as he saw the video he remembered the girl whom he saw before wearing the same hoodie. The video was taken near the building where his sister committed suicide and he checked the date. It was the exact same date. When he asked Assistant Liu Guang to find details about the girl, it was none other than Li Xi Yun and it turned out she was working under him.

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