My Boss Is Scary Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Chapter 121

"Do you think I went in search of trouble? What did I do to my father that he sells me for money? How is that my fault?"

Wang Yu was still staring at Li Zi Yun.

"Yes I can't protect myself I am weak. I am just a normal person. I am not a super woman and neither can I protect myself nor stop others from hurting me. I can face situations if my enemy stands with a sword in front of me but how can I get ready for backstabbing? I can expect troubles if I hurt someone and if they want to get revenge. But what have I done to my father or my family for them to treat me like this? I even let go of all my wealth because I did not want any trouble. I don't want to live the rest of my life being paranoid and scared waiting for someone to attack me."

Before getting up Li Zi Yun said finally, "I don't expect you to save me. Whatever happens I will fight on my own as much as I can and if something happens beyond my control, I will accept that as my fate. I have been doing that for the past few years and I can do that in the future too"

A tear was flowing down Li Zi Yun's eye as she got up. Wang Yu's long coat that was covering her fell on the floor. Until now Wang Yu was kneeling down beside Li Zi Yun. When Li Zi Yun got up, he looked up to see Li Zi Yun. When the long coat fell down, he saw Li Zi Yun's body. Her back was covered with long scars and there were several of them. It looked like whip wounds and it was spread out from the top of her shoulders up to her waist. The back of her legs were also filled with scars and everything looked ages old.

Wang Yu was shocked to see Li Zi Yun's body. He had never expected her to be tortured like this. Li Zi Yun turned around to pick up the coat. When she turned to face him, he could the huge scar in her thighs, and there was a scar even on her stomach.

Wang Yu took the coat that fell on the ground and covered her with it. Without saying a word, he carried her in his arms.

"Let me go I can take care of myself" Li Zi Yun was hitting his chest trying to get down.

Wang Yu did not say a word until he reached the car. He laid her down on the seat before getting inside. Assistant Liu Guang had been waiting outside the car. Zhou Nan Xi had taken Old Gao for torture. Zhou Nan Xi knew that he would receive severe punishment for not following Wang Yu's instructions. He left with Old Gao, locked him up, and was dreading his punishment.

Li Zi Yun sat quietly. When she turned around to look at Wang Yu, she saw his bloodied hands. She knew that his hands were hurt because of her. Even though he said those words, she knew that he said those words because he cared for her. She did not know why maybe because she was drunk, she was feeling emotional. She slowly took his right hand once again. This time Wang Yu did not retreat his hands. She did not know how Wang Yu came at the right time or how he found out. Only then, she remembered Wang Yu had been out of the country and she was not expecting him for three more weeks. His tired face was the clear proof that he must have come straight from the airport.

"Does it hurt?" she blew lightly over the skin that was cut and bleeding.

Wang Yu adjusted the coat that was covering Li Zi Yun. Liu Guang had seen Wang Yu's hand so before leaving the hotel he asked whether they should go to hospital first. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun he was much calmer now but tired. Seeing Li Zi Yun's scars had triggered different emotions and he could not describe it. He asked Li Zi Yun in a gentle voice, "Are you hurt anywhere? Do you want to go to hospital?"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head.

"Where did that bastard hurt you?" Wang Yu was stroking Li Zi Yun's cheeks with the other free hand.

"Here" Li Zi Yun lifted up Wang Yu's hand and showed him the palm of his hand.

Wang Yu turned towards Liu Guang, "Drive straight to my house"

"No I want to go home"

"Be good and stay for "

Li Zi Yun cut off his sentence before he could finish it.

"I want to go to my house"

Wang Yu sighed and said to Liu Guang, "Drive to her house". Wang Yu had no idea how Li Zi Yun got caught in Old Gao's hands. With Li Zi Yun's earlier words, he guessed it must be her father Li Shu Chen.

Li Zi Yun took the first aid kit that Liu Guang placed in front of Wang Yu. Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun. She was looking at his hand and holding it softly in her hands. He knew he shouldn't have gotten angry with her. But he couldn't imagine what would have happened if he did not save her at the right moment. Gao was huge compared to Li Zi Yun and he could have overpowered Li Zi Yun easily even if she put up a fight. Just the thought sent chills down her body.

Li Zi Yun changed her mind, "Go to hospital. What if the cut is deep? What if there are shards inside the wound?"

The piece had cut his skin but it wasn't deep so Wang Yu did not want to go to hospital. Li Zi Yun took the first aid kit from Wang Yu's lap. She cleaned the cut on his palm, applied ointment and then wrapped a bandage around it.

While wrapping his hand with the bandage Li Zi Yun spoke without looking up, "Go to hospital tomorrow if you don't want a scar"

Wang Yu wanted to ask about her scars but he stayed quiet.

The memories flashed through Li Zi Yun's mind. Every time Fu Ming Zhu or Li Shu Chen beat her, there was always no one to take care of her and she had to take care of herself. Most of the times they did not provide her with even a bandage to wrap her wounds. Fu Ming Zhu, her stepmother had been waiting for the moment Li Zi Yun would die.

Wang Yu asked her once again.

"Did he hurt you physically?"

"He threw me all over the room but I don't feel much pain. I will survive"

The scars in Li Zi Yun's body were the only thing on Wang Yu's mind. He couldn't get the image off his mind. Wang Yu could remember the first time he poured tea over Li Zi Yun's hand. She had not even flinched. Li Zi Yun must been hurt and abused a lot physically in the past. He thought that must be the reason why Li Zi Yun never expressed herself to anybody. She had built a wall around herself.

Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun who was now leaning against the seat looking outside the window. Her face was pale and he had no idea what was running in her mind.

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