My Boss Is Scary Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Chapter 122

Li Zi Yun felt disgusted thinking about what happened tonight. Though she had put up a strong front when facing Wang Yu, the incident had left a huge scar in her mind. She wanted to go home and scrub herself where the old perverts' filthy hands touched her. Li Zi Yun had never once expected her own father Li Shu Chen would drag her with his own hands and give her to another man to be destroyed. She felt numb inside. She would feel Wang Yu's eyes on her but she did not look at him. Her eyes were looking outside but it was not focused.

Li Zi Yun was struggling to control her tears from falling down. She took deep breaths trying to calm down. Wang Yu was looking at her concerned. Li Zi Yun deep breaths were more like sobs. Wang Yu's coat was simply laid over her shoulders, neither was it buttoned up fully nor was she wearing it. When a silent sob escaped her mouth, she covered her mouth trying to control herself from breaking down in front of Wang Yu.

The more Li Zi Yun thought about what happened in the room, she felt nauseated and felt like her skin was burning where he touched her body. She hugged herself tightly trying to erase that memory from her mind. When Li Zi Yun felt a hand on her shoulders, she nearly jumped out. Wang Yu's eyes were no longer trying to pierce her soul; his eyes were kind which she had never seen before. Wang Yu pulled her up against his chest and patted her shoulders in a soothing manner. Li Zi Yun started crying hard, all her pent up emotions rolling out.

Wang Yu kissed her forehead and held her in a protective manner waiting for her to let out all her emotions. Li Zi Yun was sobbing uncontrollably while Wang Yu was thinking about what he can do to Old Gao and Li Shu Chen. Every time he closed his eyes, the scene he saw when he opened the door flashed through his mind. Suddenly he remembered the message he received, so someone was trying to save Li Zi Yun. Who was it? When he had checked her background, he never found any links to influential people who could protect her like the shadow.

Though Wang Yu knew there was a group who was protecting her, he was not sure if their intentions were good or evil. If they had good intention, they will save her by all means, but if they have bad intentions then they may save her every time so that they can destroy her when they want. He wanted to keep a close watch on her. Wang Yu removed his suit jacket and removed his tie.

Li Zi Yun's eyes were red from bawling her eyes out while her face was pink in color. The car stopped in front of Li Zi Yun's apartment. Wang Yu got down, went to the opposite side, and opened the door for Li Zi Yun.

When he bent down to carry her, Li Zi Yun stopped him.

"I can walk"

However, without listening to her words Wang Yu carried her. He did not want anyone to see her in this state. Wang Yu carried her inside and paused in front of the door waiting for Li Zi Yun to punch the code in the door lock. This was his first time in Li Zi Yun's house. Though he owned the house, he had never entered her house.

Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun, "Where you want to go?"

Li Zi Yun pointed in the direction of the bathroom. She wanted a shower before everything else. Wang Yu took her inside the bathroom before lowering her down on the floor. The coat fell down when stood on the floor. Without waiting for Wang Yu to leave the bathroom, she got into the shower and started rubbing her body hard, trying to remove the old man's stench and touch from her body.

The hot water was falling on her body and combined with her harsh treatment of her body, the area where she rubbed turned red. Wang Yu caught her hand before she could hurt herself some more.

"Stop it"

Wang Yu held her hands tightly. Li Zi Yun was feeling dirty and she wanted to scrub each and every part of her body.

"Let go Please" seeing Li Zi Yun's actions Wang Yu understood how much she has been traumatized by the incident. He did not let go of her instead he held her hands tightly. Wang Yu reduced the temperature of the shower. It was scorching hot and was causing Li Zi Yun's skin to redden.

Wang Yu tried to pull Li Zi Yun away from the shower but she did not budge, so he got into the shower. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Look at me" Li Zi Yun was looking everywhere except Wang Yu. He pulled up her chin to look at him.

"I'm dirty please leave me alone"

"Hey you're not dirty. You're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You don't have to hurt yourself because of someone else. He hasn't touched you." Both Li Zi Yun and Wang Yu were completely wet now and water was dripping from their body. When Li Zi Yun relaxed a bit he took the opportunity to bring her out of the shower.

Wang Yu gave her a towel and turned around to leave the room but Li Zi Yun did not let go of his hand.

"I may regret this in the morning and I may not remember but I want to do this now"

Li Zi Yun tiptoed and captured his lips with hers. Wang Yu was shocked for a moment as he hadn't expected this but he gave in to her kiss. He held her waist tightly against his dripping wet shirt and kissed her back. The kiss was no longer gentle, he was kissing her wildly and Li Zi Yun parted her lips slightly giving Wang Yu's tongue access to her mouth. Wang Yu pushed her against the wall and Li Zi Yun took this opportunity to wrap her legs around his waist. Their tongues were exploring each other's mouth.

They parted for a second trying to catch breath. Wang Yu was nibbling her lower lip. Wang Yu's hands were roaming her body and Li Zi Yun's body was reacting to his touch. Now there was a huge bulge on his pants and Li Zi Yun was making Wang Yu lose control.

"Fuck" Wang Yu muttered under his breath. This was the second time already and he was a just step away from taking Li Zi Yun right there. He released Li Zi Yun from his hold. This was not right.

"I like you" saying so Li Zi Yun kissed his cheeks.

"Even after everything I did to you?"

"Even after everything you did to me" Wang Yu's lips crashed into hers and parted only when they were out of breath.

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