My Boss Is Scary Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Chapter 125

Li Xin Yi was the happiest woman on earth. She thought Li Zi Yun was done for and she only has to wait for her funeral. Her mother Fu Ming Zhu had told her that Li Zi Yun would be marrying the old pervert today and Li Xin Yi was well aware of what happened to the wives of Old Gao so she was delighted thinking about the torture Li Zi Yun will face.

Li Xin Yi asked her mother, "Mother is that old pervert investing in our company? Will Brother Chan Sheng come back to me?"

Fu Ming Zhu was in high spirits, she replied briskly "My beautiful daughter can have any man she wants."

Li Xin Yi had been dispirited for a couple of months but now she received good news continuously. She was unsure about Chan Sheng marrying her but now she started dreaming again about living happily with him. Though he ignored her, she loved him and wanted him.

Fu Ming Zhu's men were stationed outside the hotel the entire night but they had no idea that neither Old Gao nor Li Zi Yun were not inside the hotel. Li Shu Chen came to the hotel the first thing in the morning. He knocked on the room door where he had left Li Zi Yun last night. There was no response. Li Shu Chen looked at the time, it was 8 am; did he come here too early? He tapped on the door few times but there was no sound from inside. He tried calling Old Gao's mobile phone but he did not pick it up.

Li Shu Chen stomped his feet and left the hotel. He ordered some men to wait and see if Old Gao comes out and he thought of checking up in other places.

"Damn that Old pervert. Is he trying to play games with me? Let's see who wins"

Li Shu Chen called Fu Ming Zhu's men to check if they have seen either one of them leaving but the response was negative. Since everything happened in a very short time, he could not get any evidences of what happened, so he had nothing against Old Gao.

Li Shu Chen rushed to Old Gao's private office, he was no there either. Old Gao's secretary informed him that their boss had said that no one should disturb him today for any reason and the secretary was not ready to face his wrath by disturbing him. As time passed, Li Shu Chen was getting more and more impatient. He had a lot planned on the investments and now there was no sign of Old Gao. Li Shu Chen felt his entire world crash down when he heard the news of Old Gao going bankrupt.

In the torture chamber, Old Gao was tied to the chair, blindfolded. He knew he was at the hands of Wang Yu's men. He screamed, yelled, threatened and even tried to strike a deal with them, but it was of no use. They did not give him even a drop of water. As time went on, he started begging them for food and water. He was old and he was used to a luxurious life; and he had never had a day where he had to starve so this situation was making him go mad. Zhou Nan Xi was the one in charge of him since all these events happened when he was the one who had to be careful and he stood there in guard. He knew that Wang Yu wouldn't let him of easily.

The guards had been waiting for Wang Yu from the night, but there was no sign of him. Wang Yu came there in the afternoon. When he entered the room, he saw Zhou Nan Xi standing like a statue without moving an inch.

Wang Yu was staring at him, "I'll deal with you later"

Wang Yu's voice was no longer soft. It was authoritative and he spoke in a low voice that chilled their bones.

Looking at Old Gao, Wang Yu ordered, "Remove his blindfold. I don't want him to miss the fun"

After being in total darkness under the blindfold for several hours, the light blinded his eyes. He found it difficult to look straight and adjust his eyes to the surrounding brightness. Once his eyes were accustomed to the light he looked in the front and saw Wang Yu sitting before him.

Old Gao tried to beg to Wang Yu, "CEO Wang Yu, it was Li Shu Chen who suggested it. I would have never touched her if I knew she was yours. Please forgive me"

"But I heard different"

Wang Yu's eyes were devoid of humanity. Just looking Wang Yu made Old Gao sweat.

Wang Yu continued, "I heard it was you who asked Li Zi Yun in return for investing in the company"

Old Gao was shaking now.

"I also heard one more interesting information that you even said to Li Shu Chen you will double the investment if you can marry her. Am I wrong?"

Old Gao was shaking terribly, "CEO Wang... I was wrong... Please forgive me Please have mercy on me please"

"But your actions spoke differently last night"

"CEO Wang Please I want to live"

Wang Yu signaled the men. They immediately untied Old Gao.

Without taking his eyes off Gao, Wang Yu ordered his men, "Throw him on the wall or ground five times"

The bodyguards threw Old Gao around a few times. His heavy body hit the hard walls before falling flat on the ground.


Old Gao was lying on the ground. He did not know if his bones were cracked, but he had no strength to move his body. Wang Yu's men dragged him to the centre of the room before Wang Yu.

"Please" those were the only words he could moan in his pain.

Liu Guang entered the room and behind him, two men entered the room with a portable fire pit. They placed it in front of Old Gao. There was fear in his eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu nodded his head and the next second, two men held Old Gao tightly, while two of them, without a warning, pushed his hands into the fire. Old Gao's screams resonated the dungeon. He cried and screamed but they pulled out his completely burnt hands only when they got Wang Yu's signal.

"How dare you touch my girl with those filthy hands of yours?"

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