My Boss Is Scary Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Chapter 126

*Contains Disturbing or Upsetting or Gruesome Content. Read at your own risk*

Old Gao was howling in pain but Wang Yu was far from done. All the time Wang Yu was seated in the chair in the middle of the room. Seeing Gao's face reminded him of the scene in the hotel and Li Zi Yun breaking down. Wang Yu was not satisfied with what he had done to Old Gao so far.

"Please...Please.." Old Gao was wailing there, but no one paid any attention to him.

Wang Yu called Liu Guang near him and whispered in his ears. Liu Guang's eyes widened in fear when he heard Wang Yu's words. What Wang Yu said was something they had never done before to anyone, yet he nodded and left the room to follow Wang Yu's orders. Seeing Liu Guang's reactions, Old Gao started shaking severely. He knew he had made a mistake by touching Li Zi Yun.

Liu Guang returned in a few minutes with several pair of gloves and a grater. Wang Yu smiled coldly. His smile did not reach his eyes; instead, his cold smile was giving everyone goose bumps.

"Now things are going to get a bit bloody." Wang Yu's voice was the only sound in the room other than Old Gao's deep breaths. Old Gao's eyes shot up when he heard this, what is he going to do to him!

Liu Guang knew that Wang Yu was never soft on his enemies but what Wang Yu had planned for Old Gao chilled his bones, he thought he would be sick if he watched it.

Wang Yu continued, "Your old and I think it's time to reduce your libido. Since you're an old pervert and you wouldn't do it on your own, I am going to have my men do it for you."

"Wha What are you going to do?" Old Gao was so scared now.

"Relax Are you that curious to know?"

Wang Yu continued, "Since it's my girl's birthday I will also do one good deed. (He turned to Liu Guang and said) Get ready an ambulance. His eyes will be donated to someone who has been blind so long. After looking at her in that state did you think your eyes will be left in your eye socket?"

"Nooooooo.. Please.... Noooo.."

"Yes Boss." Liu Guang took this chance to leave the room to make necessary preparations.

"Now back to business" he ordered his men to hold Old Gao tightly. Two men wore gloves waiting for Wang Yu's next command.

"Strip him below his waist"

Old Gao was resisting and struggling to free himself from their hold but it was of no use. They stripped him and made him lie on the floor. Two men were holding his hands while two were holding his legs.

"My men will perform emasculation but in a harder way. Grate his manhood along with his balls without leaving an inch"

"Noooooooooooo" the loud screams of Old Gao echoed through the walls of the dungeon. Just hearing these words made everyone's skin crawl in fright.

But without any hesitation Wang Yu's orders were followed. Old Gao's screams and growls were filling the room. Every time Old Gao was losing consciousness, scrubbing the skin brought him back to reality. His flood and flesh were splashing around the dungeon. But Wang Yu sat there without moving an inch. He knew he was cruel, but if he were a second late, then Li Zi Yun's life would have shattered in this monster's hands, so he did not regret what he did to Old Gao.

The men did not stop until they have completely scrapped off everything. Old Gao was lying in a pool of blood. He was immediately taken to the ambulance and rushed to the hospital to have his eyes removed.

Zhou Nan Xi had not left Wang Yu's side from the moment Wang Yu entered the room. Wang Yu turned his attention towards Zhou Nan Xi.

"Do you know what you have done wrong?"

"Yes Boss"

"Do you understand what would have happened if I hadn't come at the right time?"

"Yes Boss"

"And you DISOBEYED ME" Wang Yu threw the chair he was sitting on against the wall shattering it into pieces.

Zhou Nan Xi did not know that Li Zi Yun held a high position in Wang Yu's heart. He wouldn't have been lethargic if he knew about Li Zi Yun. He knew that it was his fault that he was in this situation. Wang Yu's orders were clear and he did not follow them which complicated the situation.

"Get fifty whip lashes and don't come back until you have cleared your head"

Wang Yu wanted to return to Li Zi Yun's side as soon as possible. He left the torture room as soon he finished speaking to Zhou Nan Xi. Last night he was tired from travelling having come to meet Li Zi Yun straight from the airport, but he had slept well as soon his head hit the pillow. Wang Yu was no longer tired but he had so many things to take care of. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu wanted to bring Li Zi Yun's family here, but he wanted to ask Li Zi Yun first. Though her father was a monster, he wanted to confirm with Li Zi Yun that she had no objections in Li Shu Chen being hurt but there may be a very slight possibility that Li Zi Yun may forgive him. Blood is thicker than water so he wanted to check with Li Zi Yun before doing something that will make her hate him. He could have bankrupted the company in a second if he wanted, but in that issue also he wanted to know if Li Zi Yun wanted the company.

When Wang Yu came to the car, Liu Guang was waiting for ready with a file in his hand.

Liu Guang gave it to Wang Yu and said to him, "Boss, details about Li Shu Chen"

Wang Yu opened the file. Interesting information caught his eye. Li Shu Chen and Fu Ming Zhu were not married legally. Li Shu Chen's status was widower.

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