My Boss Is Scary Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Chapter 128

The body wash smell from Wang Yu's body penetrated Li Zi Yun's nose. Though it was the same one she uses daily, combined with Wang Yu's body odor it smelled different. It was intoxicating. He shook her head, no she had to control herself.

Li Zi Yun moved away from Wang Yu and said, "CEO Wang, please get dressed and lets have food"

Li Zi Yun ran to the kitchen before Wang Yu could stop her. Wang Yu was making her feel hot. In a few minutes, Wang Yu came to the table, fully dressed. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Shu Chen's company was on the verge of bankruptcy. All his future ventures were based on the investment he would receive from Old Gao, but then he heard the news that Old Gao's company was declared bankrupted. Everyone had been searching Old Gao but they couldn't find him anywhere. Li Shu Chen found solace in the young girlfriend. He always forgot his sorrows and worries whenever he was with her.

Fu Ming Zhu had tried calling Li Shu Chen but she couldn't reach him. She had invited Chan Sheng to the Li family home with much difficulty. Fu Ming Zhu did not know why her daughter was stubborn and wanted this Chan Sheng when there were so many eligible bachelors. But since her daughter liked him, she couldn't say anything else. She had been calling her husband for a long time but he did not pick up her call. When she heard the news of Old Gao going bankrupt, she called Li Xin Yi in private. Fu Ming Zhu was panicking but she did not show it in front of Chan Sheng.

"Everything is lost. The company wouldn't survive; we will not have anything left"

"Mom what are you talking about? You said that old pervert is investing in our company. Of course everything will be alright"

"His company has gone bankrupt. He can't save himself, how will he save us?"

"Mom what are we going to do?"

"Be strong. You cannot let go of Chan Sheng now. Do you love him?"

"Yes I will only marry him"

"Good. Listen to me. Have his baby. There is no other way he will accept you in this condition"

"Mom but he wouldn't"

"I will take care of it"

Chan Sheng's family had already selected another bride for Chan Sheng and was waiting to announce the engagement. They had warned Chan Sheng to be careful and that they were only interested in Li family's investment in their company and not Li Xin Yi. So Chan Sheng sat in the Li Manor waiting for Li Shu Chen to arrive so that he can sign the deal and leave this place immediately.

Fu Ming Zhu ordered the servant to serve snacks to Chan Sheng with double dosage of aphrodisiac. She made sure that Chan Sheng no longer had his phone with him so that he wouldn't receive the news of Gao's bankruptcy. Li Xin Yi had already slept with him so many times and it was not something new to her. So she thought of using this chance to get pregnant.

Huang Nian was feeling tired and her entire body was aching. There was also a considerable increase in her body temperature. She asked her mother if these were the symptoms of pregnancy but her mother said it was too early to confirm and she should wait for some time. Huang Nian was praying she should be pregnant because this was her only shot.

Wang Yu was eating Li Zi Yun's food. The food was tasty and he did not expect Li Zi Yun to cook so well.

Wang Yu asked her, "Where did you learn to cook?"

"I worked part time and I had some time helped in the kitchen. I have seen them cooking and I try it at home"

Certainly this was not the answer Wang Yu was expecting.

"You food is tasty"

"I only know to make a few dishes. Since I make them often it tastes well"

Wang Yu nodded and ate his share. After Wang Yu finished eating Li Zi Yun cleaned the table. Wang Yu offered to help but Li Zi Yun refused. Wang Yu had helped her in many ways recently and the least she could do was not make him work at her house. Wang Yu sat in the living room and was looking at some files in his laptop while Li Zi Yun was busy washing the dishes in the kitchen. Li Zi Yun peeped at the living room every few minutes to check if Wang Yu was leaving the house but it did not look like Wang Yu will be leaving the house anytime soon.

Li Zi Yun came out of the kitchen and walked near Wang Yu.

"CEO Wang is there anything important?"

"Waiting for me to leave your house?"

Wang Yu had so much work that needed his attention but he wanted to relax first. He closed his laptop and turned his attention towards Li Zi Yun.

"Sit. I have something important to ask you" Wang Yu tapped at the seat next to him. Li Zi Yun sat down next to him.

Wang Yu started speaking, "Li Zi Yun, what do you think about your father, Li Shu Chen?"

"Why do you want to know that?" Li Zi Yun was puzzled. Why was Wang Yu suddenly interested in Li Shu Chen?

"I know what kind of person he is. But I want to know what you think about him"

"He is one among the few people whom I hate in this world"

"If anything happens to him, will you be worried?"

"I'm sorry if you think my answer is cruel but I will not bat an eye even if someone chops him to pieces in front of my eyes"

"Are you sure?"

"What did he do now?"

"He...He has been trying to kidnap you"


Wang Yu nodded his head, "He plans to sell you to an old pervert in exchange for investing in the company"

Li Zi Yun was not surprised, "Do you think this is the first time he is doing that? Why do you think I ran away from home?"

Wang Yu's eyes softened when he heard this. He understood how much Li Zi Yun her family has affected both physically and mentally.

"What do you want to do with him?"

"Will you do whatever it maybe I ask of you?"


"Leave him now. Let us wait for some time to see if Huang Nian gets pregnant, if not we can release the video Li Cheng Zhu sent to me. Just like how he hurt me I want to give back everything to him. If you torture him now, he will only suffer physically. You also said he has a new girlfriend now, the prostitute. If anything happens to Li Cheng Zhi, his son, then he will be devastated. He should watch his loving family suffer before his eyes before something happens to him. I want him to be completely broken inside"

Wang Yu was looking at Li Zi Yun. Just saying all these made Li Zi Yun's eyes shine brightly.

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