My Boss Is Scary Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Chapter 13 Look at her

Never once did he expect the girl to be Li Xi Yun nor that she would be working in his company right under him. He could still remember her innocent face and smile.

But after seeing the video his mind was processing everything in a different way. He was convinced that she must have had something to do with the incident and that is why she was sad and did not want to show it to others.

He then told Wu Qing, "I saw her wearing the same dress she was wearing in the video when I went to my sister's school after the accident"

He continued, "It was a limited edition and her family name was in the list of buyers. One was bought by your sister and the other was bought by my sister which is at home. No one else had bought that from that school"

Wu Qing was convinced that Wang Yu was not blinded by revenge and he would have checked everything.

He asked him, "What do you plan on doing now?"

"I will torture her slowly, she should be waiting to die, but I won't let her die easily, she should suffer like my sister"

Wu Qing knew that he will never let go of that girl easily and she will soon be dead or coma. But if the girl had bullied Wang Yiran then she really must be a bigger devil.

Wu Qing could only say, "Ask me for any help if you want".

After drinking for some time they left the place. Wang Yu took him to Wang family residence.

The Wang Residence was an old building that was built with the traditional culture infused with the eastern culture. It was a complete antique design.

Only a few areas were modernized while the rest were same like that of the earlier times.

The house had secret passages and tunnels, underground rooms for torturing. Wang Yu led Wu Qing through a series of passages before reaching a door.

Only very few people had access to this room. The retina scanner let Wang Yu pass through and he took in Wu Qing with him.

Behind curtains he saw a bed in the room. They approached the bed.

Wu Qing was shocked to see Wang Yiran. The Wang Yiran who was lying on the bed peacefully was nothing like the arrogant bitch Wang Yiran he knew of. She was made to lie in bed neatly with her hair styled, wearing a dress from the latest fashion trend. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

Wang Yu told him she had a cardiac arrest when she fell, and also her hand and leg were fractured. Though the injured have healed she hasn't woken up yet. Wu Qing felt pity for the young girl who was lying there unconscious with no knowledge of what's happening around.

Wang Yu couldn't look at his sisters still form. Every time he saw Wang Yiran his rage towards Li Xi Yun was increasing ten folds. He could not bear to see his only loving sister in such a state but he couldn't bring himself to ask Li Xi Yun what exactly happened on the day of the accident.

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