My Boss Is Scary Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Chapter 130

Li Zi Yun was staring at the necklace for some time. It was the most beautiful personal gift anyone had given her. She liked the way the letters were carved as "Zi Yun's Yu" instead of "Yu's Zi Yun". It was more like giving himself to her.

"Do you like it?"

Wang Yu had it specifically made for Li Zi Yun when he went to X country.

"It's beautiful"

"Trust me a bit" saying that Wang Yu kissed her neck from behind her. Li Zi Yun's back was stiff and she did not lean against him. He was the one who was holding onto her.

"You hate me earlier and now you like me?" this was the only question that she wanted to ask Wang Yu right now. He did not show even an ounce of mercy on her when he wanted but now within a couple of months, the tables were turned. At least he had treated her well and taken care of her after that incident but she had done nothing to neither impress him nor make him like her. She liked him but she was not ready to jump in the abyss without knowing everything Wang Yu had in his mind.

Wang Yu's grip on Li Zi Yun hardened. This was one of his misdoings that he will regret his entire life. He knew he was guilty but Li Zi Yun asking him directly made him feel like needles were being inserted in his heart.

"I'm sorry." Wang Yu lay still with his face on the crook of Li Zi Yun's neck.

"I don't want a relationship where you can throw me away after you're bored of me. If you want just a toy to play with then don't get my hopes high. I can't bear it later on" Wang Yu turned Li Zi Yun to face him. He looked at Li Zi Yun her eyes looked rather sad but determined. He knew that no amount of words would make Li Zi Yun trust him again and he can only prove by actions.

"You will know the answer for your question soon enough" He kissed her cheeks and got up to leave the house.

After opening the door, he turned to Li Zi Yun and said, "Come to office tomorrow. We'll be working"

"But its Sunday!"

"Yes it's a Sunday and we are working"

"No" Li Zi Yun scowled behind him as Wang Yu left the house. Wang Yu had come back with the intention of staying in Li Zi Yun's house, but he thought it was not the right time.

This was the first time Wang Yu kissed her when she was in her senses. When Wang Yu was kissing her neck there were butterflies in her stomach. She was struggling hard to not give in to his touch. Wang Yu had indirectly told her that he likes her, but Li Zi Yun was not sure how to react. She knew that life with Wang Yu would not be easy. She walked towards the full length mirror in her bedroom. The pendant was gleaming in the light. Even when she decided to run away from home, she did not think so much.

Two weeks went by quickly. Since Wang Yu was away for so long, work had piled up. Li Zi Yun had come to office every single day for the past two weeks.

On the third week, Li Zi Yun came to office Friday morning. For the past twenty days she had spend almost the entire day with Wang Yu. From morning until late night, she was with Wang Yu. If Li Zi Yun returned home at night there was a car waiting for her to pick her up first thing in the morning. Wang Yu personally dropped her at home or most of the days she spent the night at Wang Yu's place. She really needed a break. With Wang Yu's lunch, lunch for Li Zi Yun was also delivered daily.

When they were having lunch, Li Zi Yun asked Wang Yu, "CEO Wang, do I have to work this weekend also?"

Wang Yu asked her, "When was your last trip?"

Li Zi Yun was thinking about the time she went on a trip with her mother when she was ten. Though she could only remember certain happy moments from the trip that was her last trip as far as she could remember. When she was in college Wu Li Shu and Chu Yan was always nagging her to come on trips with them but she had neither the time nor money to travel.

"I don't remember Maybe before sixteen years" Wang Yu's eyes shot up when he heard that. Wang Yu did not say a word after that. Li Zi Yun looked up at Wang Yu once in a few minutes but he was deep in thought. She was waiting for him to say something about working on the weekends but Wang Yu did not say anything.

In an hour, Wang Yu's personal stylist team was waiting outside Wang Yu's office. Based on Wang Yu's orders they took Li Zi Yun to the private room and started taking measurements.

Li Zi Yun asked them, "Why did CEO Wang Yu ask you to do this?"

Their smile was the only reply she got. They left quietly after taking the measurements. Li Zi Yun came out of the room and saw Wang Yu discussing something with them.

At last, they left the office at 8pm. After they got into the car, Wang Yu said to Li Zi Yun, "it will take more than an hour to reach the destination" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Where are we going?"

"Want to sleep till that?" Li Zi Yun shook her head no.

"But I'm sleepy" Wang Yu lied down on Li Zi Yun's lap.

"CEO Wang" Wang Yu lied comfortably on her lap and closed his eyes. Li Zi Yun tried to tell him to get up but Wang Yu was lying still without moving a muscle. Li Zi Yun observed Wang Yu for some time. His breathing was even so she assumed he must have slept. Her fingers traced his face once before moving to his hair.

Li Zi Yun was stroking his hair while she was looking outside the window. There was a smile in Wang Yu's face before he fell asleep. The last few weeks had been completely peaceful for her. She looked at the pendant once again. The words glistened from the light outside. Whenever she saw the words, a smile automatically formed in her lips.

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