My Boss Is Scary Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Chapter 134

Li Zi Yun couldn't lift her head in embarrassment. She ran out of the room as soon as Wu Li Shu said the words. Wang Yu caught up with her and dragged her into the room. He pushed Li Zi Yun against the wall and he lowered his face to Li Zi Yun's height with his hands on either side of Li Zi Yun.

"What did you call me now?"

"i "

Seeing Wang Yu in such close proximity was making her lose concentration.

"What did you call me?"

Li Zi Yun thought for a moment. Did she say something wrong?

"CEO Wang"

"Is that how you will call your future husband?"

'What' Wang Yu was grinning at her.

"Call me Brother Wang or Hubby. I am not just your boss"

Li Zi Yun felt it was too cheesy and she was hesitant. She was biting her lips and standing in front of Wang Yu. His hands were on either side of her blocking her from escaping.

Seeing that Li Zi Yun was not opening her mouth, Wang Yu brought his face closer to hers.

"Do you know what the punishment for not obeying the boss is?"

Wang Yu was moving his face in slow motion to kiss her, Li Zi Yun quickly sat down and crawled away from Wang Yu letting his kiss fall on the wall.

Wang Yu called out to Li Zi Yun who ran to the bathroom, "You know you can't escape forever". After bathing, Li Zi Yun peeped out of the door. In her hurry to escape from Wang Yu's hands she had ran inside the bathroom without taking any clothes with her. Wang Yu had left the room and she saw that the door was closed. She quickly ran to the door and locked the door.

Li Zi Yun had no idea what kinds of clothes were available for her. She understood that the stylist must have come for selecting clothes of her size but she was not sure if it would be to her liking. When Li Zi Yun opened the wardrobe, she could not believe her eyes. There were several bikinis, short dresses even skimpy nightwears. There were so many clothes that even if she wore a couple of clothes daily without repetition, it would last more than a couple of months. At last, she found a long dress and she wore it. That was the longest one she could find in the wardrobe. Most of the clothes were transparent and Li Zi Yun was not sure what Wang Yu had in his mind when he asked the asked the stylist to select clothes for her.

When Li Zi Yun was inside the room, Wu Li Shu asked Wang Yu, "Brother Wang, why did you choose the beach for vacation?"

"Who doesn't like a beach?"

"Li Zi Yun" Wang Yu was looking at Wu Li Shu with his eyebrows raised.

"Does that mean" Wang Yu dragged the sentence. He saw that Li Zi Yun was not very excited when she saw the beach yet she smiled, because she did want him to feel disappointed.

"Brother Wang she never enters even a swimming pool" Wu Qing showed a thumbs down to Wang Yu. He knew that Wu Li Shu was the only one who knew about Li Zi Yun's likes and dislikes if she says Li Zi Yun does not like something he was sure Li Zi Yun must hate it.

Wang Yu asked Wu Li Shu, "Is it because of the accident?"

Wu Li Shu nodded. It had completely slipped Wang Yu's mind when he was planning this. He wanted to surprise her so he did not ask her whether she liked beaches or playing in water. Wang Yu got up and went to the room; he noticed that the door was locked. He knocked and Li Zi Yun opened the door after a minute. Li Zi Yun was wearing a midi dress up to the knees in the front and longer at the back.

Before Wang Yu could open his mouth, Li Zi Yun asked him, "Did you expect me to be in the beach 24*7? Why are all the clothes like this?" Li Zi Yun hair was wet and she hadn't dried it yet, her hair was still wrapped in a towel.

"Dry your hair and come eat breakfast"

Wang Yu was hoping that Li Zi Yun should have overcome her fear or he was going to help her overcome it. After having breakfast, four of them went to the beach. Li Zi Yun stayed back in the shore away from them while the other three entered the water. It was not very sunny and climate was pleasant. Li Zi Yun sat comfortably in a reclining beach chair under the sunshade watching them. Wang Yu called Li Zi Yun to join them but she refused. She felt safer sitting there. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wang Yu was wearing a shorts and low-neck sleeveless tee. Wu Qing was wearing only shorts, Wu Li Shu was in her bikini and she was swimming in the water.

Wang Yu came near Li Zi Yun and tossed a sunscreen lotion to her. Without saying a word, he removed his tee and sat in the same chair as Li Zi Yun with his back facing her. Li Zi Yun was sitting motionless not knowing what to do. Their interaction was so casual nowadays that Wang Yu was treating her more like his wife.

Wang Yu sat quietly waiting for Li Zi Yun to start but even her hands did not touch his back. Seeing no movement behind him Wang Yu turned around. Li Zi Yun was twirling the tube in her hand.

"Apply the cream" Wang Yu said pointing to his back.

Li Zi Yun was hesitating. Wang Yu asked again, "Don't tell me you don't how to do it."

Wang Yu winked at her, "I can apply on your body and teach you if you don't mind" Li Zi Yun very well knew how well Wang Yu will teach these, so without saying a word she squirted the cream in her hand. After being out in the sun for some time, Wang Yu's body was hot and Li Zi Yun applied the cool cream in his body. Everywhere Li Zi Yun touched his body Wang Yu felt like sparks were flying. Li Zi Yun's hands were cool against his body and he did not want her to stop.

"Oh My God! Get a room you two" Wu Li Shu yelled at them from a distance.

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