My Boss Is Scary Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Chapter 137

Li Zi Yun was wearing a long skirt and she lifted it up to her knee when she lowered her legs into the pool. Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun's hand into his and warmed the palm of her hand. Wang Yu was sitting at the highest stair and it was a few inches lower than the floor.

"Want to sit next to me?" Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun pointing to the stairs he was sitting which was under the water. Li Zi Yun was looking only at Wang Yu. Whenever she entered water that was of higher depth, she felt like something was pulling her deep inside. She tried to clear her head and concentrate only on Wang Yu. She was looking Wang Yu's wet body with droplets of water dripping down his chest. Wang Yu was the only anchor that was holding her tightly. She knew Wang Yu will not let anything happen to her yet she was scared.

Li Zi Yun slowly got down and sat next to Wang Yu in the water. From waist down, her clothes were wet. The skirt was floating around her as she sat down.

"When are you going to let me see you in bikini?"

"CEO Wang!"

Wang Yu pulled Li Zi Yun closer to him when the words slipped out of her mouth.

"How did I tell you to call me?"

"What if I call you like that in front of others unconsciously! So I'll better call you like how I used to"

"Not accepted. Remember the punishment?"

Li Zi Yun tried to move away from Wang Yu but he pulled her closer to him. Wang Yu started kissing Li Zi Yun from her neck to her chest. He was holding Li Zi Yun tightly against him and his face was bent over Li Zi Yun's neck. She could feel his hot breath over her neck. Wang Yu started slowly sucking the skin above her chest while Li Zi Yun's left hand was around Wang Yu's neck. The fingers of her right hand had dug into Wang Yu's hair. Wang Yu took this as a signal to continue and he did not stop.

Wang Yu was sucking her skin, she did not feel pain but instead there was an odd sensation in her body. Wang Yu had slowly lifted Li Zi Yun off the stairs and taken her a step deeper into the pool, but Li Zi Yun did not notice it. Her entire concentration was on Wang Yu sucking her neck. The room temperature was more or less equal to the water temperature that she did not notice the water level rising against her body.

When Wang Yu lifted his head, he was looking at Li Zi Yun deep into her eyes, his lips moved to her ears, and he started nibbling her ears. He did everything he could to make Li Zi Yun's concentration fall on him.

Li Zi Yun asked him, "Is this why you wanted me to come here?"

Wang Yu lifted his head and asked her "Do you prefer it in bed?"

"Stop it"

Wang Yu started kissing the other side of her neck and sucking on her tender skin. This time he wanted to give her a hickey on her neck. Li Zi Yun slightly bit Wang Yu's shoulders as he moved a step further into the pool. Now they were more than two and a half feet away from the edge of the pool.

When Wang Yu lifted his head, he said to Li Zi Yun, "Look around"

They were more than three feet away from the edges. Li Zi Yun could not believe she had come so far inside the pool. Her heart beat rate was increasing. Wang Yu could feel it against his chest. He turned Li Zi Yun's face to look at him and he wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Breathe. Just know that I will never let you down"

"Please take me out".

Li Zi Yun was looking at him trying to process the fact that she was deep in water. Wang Yu looked at Li Zi Yun and it looked like she would start panicking any moment.

"Are you sure you want to me to take you out like this?" Wang Yu asked Li Zi Yun and looked down. Li Zi Yun also looked down and saw that her clothes were wet and sitting to her body. Underneath her white dress, her bra was visible.


Wang Yu raised a box in front of her.

"Open it"

Li Zi Yun's hands were now wrapped around his neck and she did not want to let go of her only support.

"Trust me I will hold you (Wang Yu pressed her waist showing that he was still holding her) I will be holding you tight." Li Zi Yun trusted Wang Yu a lot but she was a bit hesitant now, yet she told herself it would be okay and slowly took one hand from Wang Yu's neck and took the box from his hand. With his free hand, he was holding Li Zi Yun's thigh now. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Li Zi Yun tried opening the box with one hand but she could not. She was not sure if she will be okay but she held onto Wang Yu's shoulders for support before taking her hands away. She looked around with her heart beating fast against her chest. She was steady in the water and Wang Yu was holding her firmly.

There was a ring inside the box. She took out the ring and saw there a heart similar to the pendant.

"Separate the rings"

Li Zi Yun pulled the ring and saw that it was two rings and the heart was formed perfectly when combined together. Inside the ring, she saw the same letters, "Zi Yun's Yu" in his ring and "Yu's Zi Yun" in her ring. Wang Yu had bought these rings to use when he proposes to her. He had been carrying it along with him for quite some time. He was not sure if this was the right time to propose, but he wanted Li Zi Yun to think about him whenever she saw any water source. He could not think of a better way to help her overcome her trauma.

Wang Yu lifted his left hand to her. Li Zi Yun took the bigger ring and put it in Wang Yu's ring finger. Wang Yu kissed Li Zi Yun's cheeks and said to her, "I will be always wearing this. Wear that when you accept me and wish to let me inside your life"

Li Zi Yun looked from Wang Yu to the ring, without any hesitation she placed it on her hand and extended it to Wang Yu, and showed her left hand. Wang Yu could not stop grinning. He had never planned to propose in such a way but this was more intimate than he had imagined. He put it on Li Zi Yun's finger and kissed the back of her hand.

When Wang Yu lifted his head, he looked into Li Zi Yun's eyes and said, "I love you the most". He kissed her forehead and held her close to him. Li Zi Yun had completely forgotten she was in water. She wanted this moment to last forever as she was hugging Wang Yu.

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