My Boss Is Scary Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Chapter 14

At last it was the weekend. Li Xi Yun could think of nothing other than sleeping the entire day. She did not feel like even getting out of bed to have breakfast.

She left the bed only when she heard the door bell. She dressed herself fully and let out a sigh as she opened the door.

"Chu Yan can't you let me sleep at least on weekends?"

He took a look at Li Xi Yun she was completely fine, except for her scalded which was healing now she was okay. Maybe Wang Yu did not hate her and it was all his imagination. He was relieved that Li Xi Yun was not in any danger.

"Chu Yan perhaps do you love me? And you can't bear to be away from me even for a second?"

"Li Xi Yun, I will never love an ugly duckling like you. Did you forget its Wu Li Shu's birthday this week?"

'OMG! How could she forget it was Li Shu's birthday in a few days!!!'

Chu Yan chuckled, "Wait you forget her birthday right? Don't worry I will never forget to tell this to Wu Li Shu"

She gave him a look like 'I dare you' and she went to change her clothes.

She got ready quickly because she always wore very light make up or no makeup at all. She wore a long sleeved shirt and a long pencil skirt. It looked plain and simple but it suited her.

No matter the time of the year, Li Xi Yun always wore clothes that covered her entire body. Chu Yan was curious why she dressed like this always, but even though he had asked her the question several times, he had never gotten a straight answer from her.

Chu Yan was driving the car. He asked her, "What do you want to get for Wu Li Shu?"

"No idea. What are you getting for her?"

Chu Yan replied, "How do you think I would have bought her something without consulting you? Don't you always select the gifts that I have to buy for her too?"

Li Xi Yun smiled, "You never change do you?"

They were speaking about irrelevant things till they reached.

When Li Xi Yun couldn't decide what to get for Wu Li Shu's birthday, Chu Yan told her to decide after looking at the new dress collection. Chu Yan's mother owned a famous fashion brand. It was the current trend and most girls were yearning to get a dress designed By Chu Yan's mother.

Chu Yan took Li Xi Yun to his mother's new store that was opened recently. Li Xi Yun was looking at the dresses. The look in Li Xi Yun's eyes showed Chu Yan how much she wanted to wear those dresses, but he had never seen her wearing such clothes in the seven years he had known her.

Though Li Xi Yun wanted to wear such clothes, then the scars in her body will be shown out. She was not worried about showing her scars out, but everyone who saw that was asking her questions and she was not comfortable with answering every one of them. She did not want anyone to feel sorry for her nor feel pity for her.

Chu Yan received a call and he went out to receive it. Li Xi Yun was looking at the clothes, unable to decide what to get for Wu Li Shu.

Wu Li Shu has been her best friend and the only constant that has stayed with her for the most part of her life. They had known each other from when they were kids. And Li Xi Yun was the only one Wu Li Shu trusted. After Li Xi Yun's mother and grandparents died, she spent most of her time only with Wu Li Shu. Wu Li Shu did not want to study abroad leaving Li Xi Yun here, so she even chose to do to her college with Li Xi Yun. Wu Li Shu's parents were ready to sent Li Xi Yun too abroad with her but Li Xi Yun refused.

She selected a long strapless red and silver peplum evening gown, with layered design. As soon as she saw it she knew it would look lovely on Wu Li Shu. Though her entire savings would go into buying this dress, as she knew it was the perfect gift for Wu Li Shu, so she did not hesitate. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

When we was about to pay for the dress, someone was talking behind her, "I want to buy that dress, you can't sell it to her".

Li Xi Yun turned around; it was none other than Li Xin Yi, her step sister.

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