My Boss Is Scary Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Chapter 140

Wang Yu lay on Li Zi Yun's lap and her hands were patting his chest, while the other hand was on his hair, stroking it. She was leaning against the head post comfortably and the old memories were flashing through her eyes.

Wang Yu asked her, "Do you want to do plastic surgery to remove the scars?"

Li Zi Yun had thought about it several times, after she started earning. But she always let go of the idea the last moment.

"The scar is a constant reminder of how I suffered under their hands. I'm scared if I see that no more I may forgive them and let them go easily. Maybe after I watch them being crushed into pieces I will do that."

Wang Yu suddenly asked her, "Do you trust me?"

Li Zi Yun was looking at him with her eyebrows raised.

"What is it?"

Wang Yu sat up in the bed once again facing Li Zi Yun; he took her hands into his and said, "I have certain information that well can be useful in throwing the Li family away but your name will also be dragged into it(Wang Yu raised his right hand and cupped her left cheek, stroking it slightly). Will you be okay with it?"

"What did you find out?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Not now. I will tell you everything once we return home. Let's enjoy the peaceful days without any worry"

"Is it something I have to worry about?"

Wang Yu brought Li Zi Yun's hands to his lips.

"You need not worry about anything when I'm here for you"

Li Zi Yun bent forward and kissed Wang Yu's cheeks. She felt secure when she was with him and he started believing his words and knew that he would not let anything bad happen.

"Enough talking. Sleep now. I'm feeling sleepy"

Li Zi Yun was not feeling sleepy, the pain in her abdominal was increasing and she wanted to lie down. Her lips were slightly parted and she was sucking in air, trying to control the pain. She knew that if Wang Yu looked at her for some more time then he would find out something was wrong. She slipped under the blanket and waited for him to turn off the light.

Wang Yu turned off the light and got into the bed. He lay beside Li Zi Yun and pulled her closer to him. She felt dizzy once again. She laid there still, without moving waiting for sleep to take over her. Wang Yu slept within a minute but Li Zi Yun stayed awake for more than an hour until she slept.

When Li Zi Yun woke up, she saw that she was lying over Wang Yu with an arm and leg over him. When she looked down at her hands, the ring shone brightly.

"Good morning beautiful"

"Good morning"

Li Zi Yun got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom. She washed her face and took the brush and paste to brush her teeth. When she looked at her face in the mirror, she saw there were hickeys on her neck and chest. Now she understood Wu Li Shu's strange reaction yesterday. Li Zi Yun did not look at the mirror after coming back from the pool so she did know the bruise had changed shades.

Li Zi Yun walked back into the room and threw the pillow at Wang Yu.

She pointed to her neck and asked, "What is this?"

"Baby don't tell me you know what that is. You're already old enough to know such things"

"You" she threw another pillow at him.

"Trust me you look lovely with those. You don't know how many men were ogling you with their eyes"

"I hate you"

"No baby you love me" Li Zi Yun glared at Wang Yu and took large steps and reached the bathroom and shut the door with unnecessary force. How could she show her face outside! The neckline of all her clothes was either wide or deep or low cut. She had to wear a scarf to hide it now.

When he saw Li Zi Yun come out of the bathroom, she saw that Wang Yu was in the balcony speaking in a serious tone to someone. He lowered his voice when he saw her and in a few seconds, he cut the call.

Li Zi Yun asked him suspiciously, "Who were you talking to?"

"Liu Guang"

"Then what were you talking about so secretively?"

"Planning a surprise for you"

"Hmm?" Li Zi Yun did not trust his words, but she knew he would tell her if it was something she needed to know.

"Now get ready we are going somewhere"


Li Zi Yun selected a beige bare satin sandals and a polka dot cotton voile maxi dress. Wang Yu had told her they would be out in the sun for most of the day so she selected a hat and a pair of sunglasses before walking out of the room.

Li Zi Yun had no appetite but Wang Yu was compelling her to eat. She hadn't eaten anything since lunch the before day and Wang Yu was ready to feed her if she did not eat. So Li Zi Yun filled her stomach before walking out. Wu Qing and Wu Li Shu were waiting for them to come out so that they can leave.

Li Shu Chen had been searching for Li Zi Yun but he couldn't find her anywhere. As a last resort, he thought of selling all the properties in Li Zi Yun's mothers' name. He wanted to liquidate the properties so that he can have some free cash flow. He was spending so much on his new girlfriend nowadays that he was badly in need of cash.

The Li Company was in huge debts now and Li Shi Chen knew that the company might be announced bankrupt any moment now. But to his surprise nothing as such was announced. Li Shu Chen tried to sell off the properties but no one was ready to buy it from him. He even tried reducing the amount but still there were no buyers. Li Shu Chen had completely stopped going to the Li family house. It had been nearly a month, the last time he slept at home.

When nothing seemed to work well for him, Li Shu Chen returned to his girlfriend. Fu Ming Zhu had been torturing him for money, so he stopped contacting her often and asked his assistant to tell her he was busy if she contacted him. Wang Yu had asked Liu Guang to make sure that none of Li Zi Yun's mothers properties were touched by Li Shu Chen. Wang Yu wanted to ask Li Zi Yun if she wanted the Li Company before doing anything to it.

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