My Boss Is Scary Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Chapter 141

Li Zi Yun found a yacht docked in a slip at a marina and Wang Yu was walking in the direction towards the yacht. Li Zi Yun could not help but think 'Oh God! Why does everything in the vacation have to be about water!' Li Zi Yun had worn a scarf to hide the hickeys.

Li Zi Yun wouldn't say that she was not scared of staying in the water just because of their single encounter in the pool. The poll was not so deep and she could see the bottom, but here out in the ocean! She did not want to even think about it. Wang Yu had informed everyone they are going out somewhere but did not tell exactly. When Wu Li Shu saw the yacht, she was excited; then she looked at Li Zi Yun's face. Wu Li Shu saw that Li Zi Yun was trying hard to control her face expressions.

Wang Yu came to Li Zi Yun's side. He held her waist and walked with her.

"Just know that I would not let anything bad happen to you"

Li Zi Yun nodded her head. She was looking at the yacht without turning towards Wang Yu. As they went closer, she saw that it was a huge yacht, more than 100 feet long.

"OMG! That's one huge yacht! How much do you own?"

"You haven't even seen a part of it baby"

A white yacht was waiting for them in the marina and floating beautifully waiting to set sail.

"Hey I've got you" Li Zi Yun smiled nervously at Wang Yu trying to take deep breaths to calm her nerves. Li Zi Yun's nervousness increased as they walked closer to the yacht. Wu Qing climbed first, followed by Wang Yu. Both of them extended their hands to Li Zi Yun. She held both their hands and climbed on the back diving platform of the yacht.

Li Zi Yun couldn't believe her eyes. Just like Wang Yu's house and private jet, except the wood used every other interior was in either black or white. for visiting.

"What's with your black and white obsession?"

"You can change the interior if you want babe"

"That was not my question"

"But that's my answer. Everything that I own is yours babe, so you can do whatever you want if you don't like it"

Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun's hand to give her a tour of the yacht. In the main deck, she found a saloon, with a dining area opposite to it. The wooden flooring was shining brightly in the sunlight and Li Zi Yun had no idea what kind of wood it was. From the main deck, Wang Yu took Li Zi Yun to the master suite bedroom. The bedroom was bigger than Li Zi Yun's bedroom at her home. From the other side of the hall, no one could see what was happening in the bedroom, so that they could have total privacy and from the bedroom there was a door leading to exterior forward seating area. The after deck had a wet bar with barbecue. In the saloon, she found a wide screen television and the resting area was very comfortable.

The yacht set sail but Li Zi Yun did not leave Wang Yu's side. They were sitting in the saloon and relaxing. Except Li Zi Yun everyone else were sipping drinks but Li Zi Yun felt like she will throw up if she even drank a drop of water. A movie was playing in the television and Li Zi Yun's eyes were on the television but she had no idea what movie was being played. Her entire concentration was on her breathing and trying to look normal.

Even if she wanted to enjoy, just the thought of being in the middle of the ocean was making her stomach do somersaults. Li Zi Yun was taking deep breaths and trying to think about last evening at the pool. Wang Yu was watching Li Zi Yun from the corner of his eyes while conversing with Wu Qing. He did not want to put too much pressure on her. Li Zi Yun getting inside the yacht was a huge achievement from her part and she tried telling herself nothing will go wrong.

Wang Yu knew that getting over a trauma in a single day was not possible so he was keeping a watch on her without showing explicitly he was worried about her.

Li Zi Yun turned to Wang Yu and said, "Take me to the restroom" Li Zi Yun was scared walking alone.

Wang Yu waited for her outside in the bedroom while Li Zi Yun entered the bathroom. Li Zi Yun puked everything she ate in the morning and her stomach was aching very badly. Hearing the sounds from inside Wang Yu knocked at the door, "Are you okay? You want me to come inside?"

Li Zi Yun couldn't even answer. She washed her face and tried adjusting her makeup before coming out. She came out of the bathroom only when the pain in her stomach had reduced and it was bearable now.

Wang Yu was waiting outside the door, pacing back and forth in the room.

When Li Zi Yun came out, he asked her again, "Are you okay? You look pale. What's wrong?"

"A little seasick I guess." Li Zi Yun tried to smile at Wang Yu but it was more of a grimace. She made a mental note to herself that she must visit the doctor as soon as she returns home.

"Look at me" Wang Yu raised Li Zi Yun's chin to look at her face closely.

"We can return back right now if you want. Tell me if something is wrong only then I can find a solution for that"

"No I'm fine. I don't want to be a spoil sport"

"You're the one who is important right now" Li Zi Yun hugged Wang Yu without saying anything. All she wanted to do right now was be in his embrace.

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